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  1. hmm this is good point and i agree with lots of what you said does this mean hat final fantasy movie with cloud in advent children? does not count? I think rukaio and scholar both have good points and probably just easiest to include what people include in the lists! FOr me avatar is animation of course but not for everyone and it is fave list not anything else!
  2. Avatar should be allowed if we can include other ones that are also not so cgi my top 10 so far: 1. Spirited Away 2. Coco 3. Avatar 4. The Lion King 5. Wall-E 6. Up 7. Toy Story 8. Snow White 9. Monsters Inc 10. Neighbor Totoro
  3. Nolan beats Cameron in number of fans I think well maybe in the west but maybe no in china im not sure
  4. subreddits seem quite extreme though to one point or another I think they don't represent the public very well or the average normal fan
  5. Wizard of Oz I think is oldest I have seen.
  6. I am not even excited about Star Wars and none of my friends are (I am 19) but I do look forward to more Avatar movies and of course MCU Maybe Star Wars is for the older generation to remember the good times now? That is okay to me, but I do not understand why people think that it is a "special" franchise.
  7. This is hard for me. Some films I watch with subtitle since I find some american accent to difficult. I will try and think of my top 10 though. I do love "I'm King of the World!"
  8. That one for me is very hard to see what is going on and this list seems to put important on visiblity of fighters I am like the ones from The Raid and also from Bruce Lee! Enter the Dragon is so good.
  9. Oh gott, this is one of the biggest blow outs I yet to see here, almost painful to read this, it reminds me of yugioh when they get sent to shadow realms. @JamesCameronScholar made a good point I think after I had my first true love I understood Titanic much better than when I was younger and hadn't really been in love you know. Also @Auteur Panda you really good at this list I rerally enjoying it.
  10. It is obvious to me that Star Wars is boring now, no one really cares for it as much as Marvel. Disney should let Marvel take over Star Wars as they know what the people want far better than who ever is in charge right now. As for Avatar is is quite obvious that Iinfinity War will finally beat Avatar I think we will see 3 billion soon
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