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  1. Live action?! Do you think this means we will see Earth?
  2. Yes I hope this is true, however there are some directors I think get worse with time you know? Like Ridley Scott although he maeks good movies still they are not classics like gladiator alien and blade runner you knoww?
  3. I was doubtful of this because I coiuld not find any good sources on the claims. All the matters is the CGI to me hopefully JC can raise the bar again
  4. Wizard of Oz I think is oldest I have seen.
  5. When I see those shots of the planet I remember how good it will be to see Pandora again. It is one of the only films I have seen that makes me feel really on an alien world. Is it true that we will have glasses free 3D this time?
  6. I am not even excited about Star Wars and none of my friends are (I am 19) but I do look forward to more Avatar movies and of course MCU Maybe Star Wars is for the older generation to remember the good times now? That is okay to me, but I do not understand why people think that it is a "special" franchise.
  7. This is hard for me. Some films I watch with subtitle since I find some american accent to difficult. I will try and think of my top 10 though. I do love "I'm King of the World!"
  8. That one for me is very hard to see what is going on and this list seems to put important on visiblity of fighters I am like the ones from The Raid and also from Bruce Lee! Enter the Dragon is so good.
  9. Oh gott, this is one of the biggest blow outs I yet to see here, almost painful to read this, it reminds me of yugioh when they get sent to shadow realms. @JamesCameronScholar made a good point I think after I had my first true love I understood Titanic much better than when I was younger and hadn't really been in love you know. Also @Auteur Panda you really good at this list I rerally enjoying it.
  10. The CGI wasa so good for me I hope we will see it again at this level soon
  11. I think that we will see Avatar be beaten soon by Avengers Then maybe in 2020 we will see how good Avatar 2 is and see if can retake the crown!
  12. It is obvious to me that Star Wars is boring now, no one really cares for it as much as Marvel. Disney should let Marvel take over Star Wars as they know what the people want far better than who ever is in charge right now. As for Avatar is is quite obvious that Iinfinity War will finally beat Avatar I think we will see 3 billion soon
  13. Well we are selling more tickets than almost everything else and I think people will see IW A LOT!
  14. Wait and see! Well just because I am white and a teenager yes maybe that is why I love it. Avatar was amazing but only in the cinema and as visual you know? I think Marvel has built a big universe that we can all love. Maybe cameron can do this too but it will take time.
  15. Maybe but Marvel had this time now to really perfect a film. With IW they will overtake Avatar even if Cameron does think that it has become boring this is the final chapter of such an amazing universe!
  16. Ah yes I forgot. Well it does not matter even so, we will see some more strong women in Marvel in the future I am sure!
  17. I think it is not delusion it is just fair for someone new to be on the top after so long
  18. Avatar is the same the final battle is just Jake killing the Captain of the humans!
  19. I hope IW will get some oscar love as it is a shame we still have 0 even though there is nearly 20 films! Marvel should get some notice for the good movies they have made.
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