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  1. Data on medical staff infected in Italy has been updated for 28th April. 20.797 medical workers have been infected. 72 have died - Overall IFR: 0.34% Per age: 18-29: 0 / 2.107 (0%) 30-39: 1 / 3.584 (0.03%) 40-49: 4 / 5.857 (0.07%) 50-59: 17 / 6.935 (0.24%) 60-69: 37 / 2.209 (1.67%) 70-79: 13 / 105 (12.38%) Of course, there are no people over 80, yet there aren't any under 20 either. Real IFR will end up at around 0.3 - 0.5 % imo. https://www.epicentro.iss.it/coronavirus/bollettino/Bollettino-sorveglianza-integrata-COVID-19_28-aprile-2020
  2. You're right, thank you! I'm part german and I did understand that, but I guess I've missed it when I've read the article
  3. Just came across more data to support this. Italy's death rate among infected medical workers (no less than 14.032) is 0.3%. 0% for under 30 year-olds. 0.1% for 30-49 year-olds. 0.3% for 50-59 year-olds. 1.3% for 60-69 year-olds. 10.3% for 70+ year-olds. It would just make sense that a MUCH larger proportion of medical workers are getting tested than general population. https://www.epicentro.iss.it/coronavirus/bollettino/Bollettino-sorveglianza-integrata-COVID-19_9-aprile-2020.pdf (Page 13)
  4. +45.849 confirmed cases today in the US per worldometers, and that figure will go up... woah
  5. Why did Wisconsin vote today? I know that they don't have as many cases as other states, but this could put them in real danger.
  6. https://www.sueddeutsche.de/gesundheit/coronavirus-junge-menschen-gefahr-1.4863155 "Während in Deutschland bislang mehr als neun Prozent der über 80-Jährigen, bei denen das neue Coronavirus nachgewiesen wurde, gestorben sind, waren es unter den 60- bis 69-Jährigen nur gut zwei Prozent. Von den unter 30-jährigen positiv Getesteten mussten dagegen 98,8 Prozent nicht ins Krankenhaus, die allermeisten Jungen und Gesunden spüren nicht einmal etwas davon, wenn sie sich anstecken. Intensivstation, Todesgefahr, das Risiko dafür ist in dieser Altersgruppe so gering, dass es mit 0,03 Prozent statis
  7. ... is what a left-winger would probably say. He's the only one holding Trump accountable for poor management of the crisis and also acknowledging Richard Burr's coronavirus briefing-fiasco. Try watching the debate between him and Cenk Uygur. Even if you're against his beliefs, you'll see that this guy is really ok.
  8. Well, all of them are clearly biased, Fox in favor of Trump and the Republicans, while CNN and MSNBC in favor of Hillary, Biden and the DNC, yet sometimes it seemed Fox was more aware of actual issues (like immigration, terrorism etc.), while the left-wing media focused a bit too much on identity politics and other issues I don't really consider to be that important. I also like Tucker Carlson's show and I agree with many things he's pointing out, so I guess I am a conservative. But during this pandemic, Fox has turned into a complete clown-show imo
  9. I honestly thought FoxNews was somewhat better than CNN and MSNBC. God was I wrong. Please don't let these people get away with this
  10. The level of negligence coming from so many world-leaders went on to create a perfect storm. Starting with Xi, then Tedros and then all first-world leaders refusing to take measures..
  11. https://www.epicentro.iss.it/coronavirus/bollettino/Infografica_27marzo ENG.pdf Some data based on Italy's infection-and death rate (updated just now). Interesting to see that: - Out of all the deaths, not a single one occurred in under-30 year olds. - Just 4.7% of the deaths recorded in people under 60, while just 1.1% in 30-50. this data is based on around 85% of all reported deaths (7.590/9.134) Out of all clinically confirmed patients, only 17.5% show severe symptoms, while just 4.4% are in critical condition, meaning that almost 80% of all patients (
  12. And all those who had family members that got infected or even died. Same goes for close friends
  13. Lockdowns won't last forever. Imo, in order to save the economy, all countries will at some point "reopen", just like Trump wants to do for Easter. That's when all hell will break loose.. these current measures are temporary
  14. I believe you're right. To think both Lombardy and the region around Madrid have some of the best health care there is in Europe... it's gonna get bad
  15. Oh God the numbers coming from France are horrible. We now have the third Italy in Europe Romania is also looking worse and worse. The whole staff in Suceava's biggest hospital is infected, after the manager carelessly and stupidly told all of his employees to come to work (even the ones being positively confirmed). 9 new deaths occurred today in Romania, including a 45 and a 49-year old...
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