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  1. Presales Tracking Thread(Maoyan, Gewara etc)

    That's impressive. It's a bit early but we may see 2 $300M-plus runs for Hollywood movies in China this summer.
  2. IW should be able to make another $159M ww. Half of that number could come from the domestic revenue.
  3. Presales Tracking Thread(Maoyan, Gewara etc)

    How is IW looking today? How much will it gross from Mon to Thu in USD?
  4. It's a coin toss right now. $650M+ DOM and $350M+ China should/will happen, but the problem is that OS-China won't reach $1B.
  5. I'm a bit confused. Does that mean that IW will have a bigger or smaller Sunday than expected?
  6. Presales Tracking Thread(Maoyan, Gewara etc)

    Just like Post Malone.
  7. Guys.. I really think you all are going a little bit (more) ahead of yourselves. It is still a MCU movie, not a Star Wars movie. It doesn't appeal to everyone. I will give it no chance in hell of beating TFA on OW and a slight 20% chance of beating TLJ OW. Prediction: $210M.

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