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  1. Romania box office UPDATE: "Hobbs and Shaw" has a great opening, scoring $670K / 2.86M RON on its first weekend in Romanian theaters. It's not as good as F7 or F8, yet the movie should have solid legs and make it as far as it goes. $2M should be easy. "The Lion King" has shown great legs and made it to $1.28M, while "Spider-Man: Far From Home" made it to $1.21M, now $200K ahead of "Homecoming". Holdovers: Crawl $118K, Annabelle Comes Home $566K, Toy Story 4 $422K, Aladdin $1.157M.
  2. So you believe FFH will likely outgross CW? (1153)
  3. DOM WE est. at $38.24M, probably an underestimation. Really hope it can get past $1.2B with actuals.
  4. -42% for TLK. Good. Bigger increase on Tuesday and smaller decrease on Wednesday than last week.
  5. Opened in Hong Kong but underperformed
  6. UPDATE on Romania's box office: "The Lion King" opens at number 1 and scores a hefty $411K / 1.73M RON on OW. Comps: "Toy Story 4" $83K, "Incredibles 2" $210K, "The Jungle Book" $375K, "Beauty and the Beast" $518K. The movie is well-liked and should have very solid legs. After opening at number 1 and making $418K on its OW (comps AMATW $238K, SM:H $281K, Black Panther ~ $500K), "Spider-Man: Far From Home" passed the $1M-mark after this weekend, now having grossed $1.02M. Movie needs $9K more to outgross its predecessor. Holdovers: Toy Story 4 $334K, MIB $592K, Annabelle $409K, Stuber $97K.
  7. Very good hold for TLK. Beating the second Avengers movie on OW is no easy feat, even for the king. On a side note, I've watched the movie a second time around and enjoyed it just as much. Whole theater was more than pleased with it, to say the least. Really can't understand why some of you guys and generally critics hate on TLK, while loving TJB. They're on the same level. Aladdin as well.
  8. Pretty sure that India number is very inaccurate
  9. @Charlie Jatinder, did you mean 850-900M total with or without China? 'Cause if you mean with China, then you've added China's gross twice to the total haul.
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