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  1. Passing A:IW on Friday and BP on Monday, probably. Exceptional run, much deserving, probably would've given A:EG a run for its money during normal times. Seeing what a goliath the MCU has become, I wouldn't be surprised if a movie like DS:MOM, Love & Thunder or BP2 overperforms and makes $600M+ DOM.
  2. Does anyone know when we'll finally get official numbers on BOM? There are just estimates since Thursday. INT total is also just estimated.
  3. I don't know if anyone has said something about this. Deadline is calling $31.7M for Spidey's Sat, which means Sony is expecting a $30.15M Sun in order to get to ~$81.5M FSS Also, SAT>TUES!
  4. Japan & The Phillippines Norway and Slovakia are also on their way, but they aren't major ones Who knows about China...
  5. What do you think, will NWH's global BO beat TA's $1.52B when all is said and done? Considering no China release and maybe some Omicron lockdown-trouble.
  6. So close to beating HC's final global BO by tomorrow, but we'll probably have to wait for Friday's numbers
  7. I have a feeling this is going to be one of, if not my favorite MCU movie. The trailer looks absolutely gorgeous, "Things just got out of hand" still gives me goosebumps. Benedict's acting is spectacular, and the visuals are stunning. Can't wait!
  8. Still can't wrap my head around the fact that it passed IW's OW.... in a pandemic nonetheless! The MCU is Hollywood's biggest success story I guess
  9. 1. NWH 2. Loki 3. Shang-Chi 4. Hawkeye (Hope the finale doesn't disappoint) 5. WandaVision 6. Eternals 7. Black Widow 8. TF&TWS Haven't watched "What If?" yet
  10. Hi all, great to see you again after so much time I've watched NWH 2 days ago here in Romania, it's doing great numbers around here too (even though 50% capacity restrictions are still in place). I really liked the movie, definitely the most rewatchable of the MCU Spidey ones, but - in my opinion, it's no way near IW or EG. Box office-wise I fully expect it to go above IW when we get actuals, the reception is phenomenal everywhere.
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