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  1. Italy has 11 quarantined cities, after 100+ cases detected in the last 3 days. Japan, SK and especially Iran (with many deaths already) looking very bad. There are 1 million Romanians in Italy, since today, everyone coming home from Italy has to stay 14 days in quarantine.
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10937990/coronavirus-infect-60-percent-worlds-population/ This is probably the darkest prediction. 60% of the world's population to get infected. Let's say the death-rate remains low at 3%, gives us 3/100 * 60/100 * 7.8b = 140mn deaths. This should be the worst situation, we won't get there tho.
  3. A decent, satisfying, yet overly-exaggerated Star Wars movie, which had too many things to answer to and pay off. The good: Soundtrack, Visuals, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron & Zorii, Palps and his presence. The ok: Rey, Lando, Babu, Jannah, D-0, Leia, PO&R2, Chewie, the story, the major twists we've got and the action-scenes. The bad: The script, Finn, Finn & Rose, Hux, Palp's cult and army. Better movie than TLJ, worse than TFA. 7/10. B+ Also, OT>ST>PT. Here's my full ranking: Empire Strikes Back 10/10. A New Hope 9.5/10.
  4. Romania New Year's update: Local Youtuber-movie "5GANG: Un altfel de Craciun"/ "5GANG: Another Christmas" opens at no. 1, making $657K / 2.8M RON on OW. The movie is received very poorly, so legs should be pretty bad. Still, it's the biggest opening for a local movie. "Spies in Disguise" opens weak at no. 5, making just $92K / 398K RON on OW. "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" makes it to $1.36M after two weekends in cinemas, while "Frozen II" sits at $2.71M, becoming, by far, the highest grossing animated movie ever in Romania. "Jumanji: The Next Leve
  5. First time Disney is overestimating a weekend? If not -> TROS 2nd weekend > TLJ 2nd weekend -> I see this as an absolute win
  6. I think it's fairly simpler imo. There's two guilty people: Rian Johnson AND the guy at Disney who thought having 2 (or 3!) different directors for a trilogy is a good idea. JJ directed TFA and that was a huge success. After such an accomplishment, I find it extremely improbable for him NOT to tell RJ about his vision for the future. RJ decided to ignore JJ's plans and directed TLJ his way. He did so poorly. JJ had no choice but to spend the whole third movie giving answers and explanations for TLJ and try to reconnect the SW fans by making a very fan-service driven movie.
  7. Did I say that TROS' financial performance is a good one? Oh yeah, I probably did, or else you wouldn't assume, out of the blue, that I did, am I right? Scott thinking TROS might pass TLJ domestically is just as improbable as you thinking TROS won't pass $1B ww. $220M OW vs $177m OW. Should it though?
  8. BOT's overreacting is really out of this world. Smaller second weekend than expected, yet probably still bigger than TLJ's -> "iT wOn'T eVeN rEaCh oNe BiLlIoN"
  9. $350K up, yay So TLJ numbers were expected for TFA
  10. Well if it would continue to run 15% below TLJ, it would somehow make it to $600M, but barely.
  11. Those are poor numbers imo. Ofc, SK, PH and Vietnam are still to come but.. can TROS at least make $600M OS? What do you think @Jedi Jat?
  12. Scotty said that the ww gross would be $481M by Tue. That would mean that TROS made $27.5M OS on Tue, only slightly down from the Monday OS-gross ($28M).
  13. This would mean a $27.5M Tuesday OS. Not bad at all.
  14. Romania Box Office Update: "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" makes $684K / 2.938M RON on its OW. "The Last Jedi" made $767K / 3.01M RON on its OW. TROS' reception is better than TLJ's in Romania, so legs should be pretty solid. $1M+ guaranteed by next weekend. "Jumanji: The Next Level", the sequel to one of the most successful movies in Romania, opened to $512K and has made it to over $1.2M. Holdovers: Frozen II $2.43M (will become the highest grossing animation in Romania), Charlie's Angels $221K, Last Christmas $405K.
  15. Updated OS: $198.8M Updated DOM: $177.38M Updated WW opening: $376.15M
  16. It's $88.5-89M WITH thursday previews. So $48.5-49M Fri...
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