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  1. that site is the critics award association, very respected.. they are the people that run the critics choice awards kicking of award season. IW has to be rotten no movie that low has ever gotten a fresh on rt.
  2. then there is bias. that is the only logical explanation. because infinity war will be the first to get a poor score there but rank high on rt. that site is legit. I remember when suicide sqaud was at 45/100. it ended ip at 63. IW is at 60. by logic the movie should be in the 20-40s on rt. but hey marvel. so critics may still give it a pass in usa on rt.
  3. infinity war is going to be a ROTTEN on rt. some who mocked the critics choice score now you are the one punked. you should have taken it seriously. its 60/100. that is very poor. it translates to one star out of four stars. http://www.criticschoice.com/search/?s=avengers No movie with a 60 gets a fresh on rt, if infinity war does then there is a proven bias to marvel. xmen apocalypse, dawn of justice, justice league, suicide squad all have a higher score than 60 as well as all the mcu movies. look at all the metacritc scores vs critics choice right now. they are the same.

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