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  1. So it made $250 000 in a couple dozen theatres? That'd make sense if they were huge theatres like Empire 25, etc, but I doubt that's the case. What does it mean?!?
  2. And TS4 will be passing 400 million without much trouble, so it makes more sense to give the boost to Aladdin. I would to see love Aladdin finish in the 370-380 million range. Such an epic run! Really wondering what next weekend's hold looks like if it is indeed getting all the double features with Lion King (which makes sense)
  3. Am I missing something, it's only at 48m lc on Moayan and the day is almost over. What is the 66m estimate based on?
  4. I think it plays directly to those who enjoyed the first film, which let's not forget made 241 million domestic / 758 million worldwide. While I don't think it can match those numbers, I do think it can still pull some strong numbers, maybe 150m domestic and 500m worldwide. If Angelina Jolie does the promo rounds, that will really help as well.
  5. Guys, there is an ignore function on this site. Don't feed the trolls, just ignore them. Let's keep this thread positive. AEG will soon become the #1 movie of all time worldwide! They did it, whatever it takes. Let's celebrate!
  6. Gangnam Style was surpassed a long time ago on Youtube as the most watched video. Luis Fonsi "Despacito" has 6.3 billion views to "Gangan Style"'s 3.4 billion views. https://kworb.net/youtube/topvideos.html Just goes to show you, rarely do records stay unbroken for long. Something will eventually come along an obliterate it.
  7. To be fair, AMC themselves tweeted that they would have the re-release version until July 11th. Ofcourse, that's before it started pulling good PTA numbers. Clearly that plan was abandoned in favor of keeping the money rolling in. At this rate, wouldn't be surprised with a 855 million domestic finish.
  8. It should also be helped domestically on the weekend TLK releases. As we've seen all summer, double features seem to help out other Disney films quite a bit, and I'm sure a lot of double features will pair it with either Aladdin or TS4.
  9. According to Mojo, here is what the OS markets still to open grossed for TS3. Given that it's performed similarly in other markets, we can assume it should be in the same ballpark for these ones too; Hong Kong - 11.5 million Japan - 126.7 million (!!!!) Slovakia - 0.5 million Lithuania - 0.2 million Poland - 3.9 million Germany - 17.1 million Denmark - 5.3 million Sweden - 5.8 million Finland - 2.5 million Norway- 3.4 million Even figuring Japan sees a large decrease and giving it about 70 million there, that's still approx 120 million still to come from new markets. It's currently at 652 million global with plenty of gas left in the tank in both domestic and overseas markets. I don't see how it misses at this point unless Germany and Japan *really* underperform compared to past comps.
  10. Just throwing this out there... I wonder if the earthquake and aftershocks in California yesterday, one of the biggest states in the US, prevented people from going out to the movies b/c they didn't want to be in a movie theatres if a large aftershock hit... perhaps attendance will be up quite a bit in California today?
  11. Sorry! Just didn't want you to get in trouble. It's probably my favorite part of the movie, so I hope you put it back up after the DVD release and spoiler bans is lifted! EDIT: Oh wow, apparently Disney spoils it themselves in that clip. As you were
  12. Didn't quite a few OS markets open in the past couple of days for the re-release? I believe Hong Kong is July 5th. Indonesia is either this week or next, I can't quite remember off the top of my head. Either way, should soften the OS drops quite a bit throughout the month.
  13. Also, @raulbalarezo Just a word to the wise, the mods are clearly cracking down on any Endgame spoilers. The GIF you have as your Avatar could be considered a large spoiler b/c up until that point in the movie people didn't necessarily know that was even possible. You may want to change that.
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