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  1. I'm sorry, but I disagree completely as does the data itself. A $439 per theatre average for an entire weekend (Once Upon a Time) is not good, regardless of show count. Even if it only had one showing per day, per theatre (although many places had 2-3), that is still only $146 per showing. At an ATP of $9, that is approx. 16 people per show. So yes, it is due to a low occupancy rate any way you want to slice it. On the other hand, Jojo Rabbit and Parasite also had a limited number of showings in many theatres (I did an extensive search of this on Friday for AMC) and much higher averages. While I agree that movies are best seen on the big screen, when they have been out on DVD/Blu-Ray and Digital for months, it hardly makes sense to take 800+ theatres from current films to devote to something that is only going to draw 16 people per show. Especially on such a busy movie going long weekend. Even Cats had an average of $683 per theatre for the weekend. I think that says it all...
  2. Terrible PTA for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Also, Joker was released in 854 theatres and we dint have an estimate for it, so we can assume it’s also low. while I understand the want to try and make a little extra cash on these, those theatres could have gone to current releases. Both have full DVD releases already. parasite for instance hasn’t been released beyond 900 theatres so far. It deserves further expansion. Same for Jojo which is at its highest count so far this weekend. Even Bombshell which lost a bunch of theaters but has a solid PTA could have used some more theatres. Oh well. I guess they will both drop counts substantially next weekend.
  3. I don't see how it could win tbh. There are too many films more likely to get it for various different reasons. Taikai wasn't even nominated for Best Director, which signals it was not one of the stronger nominees. Having said that, I truly think the message of the film is so necessary in the world we are currently living in. Johannson's character pretty much sums up the good that is still in people, and the hope that never dies.
  4. I can see seat available for all my local Cineplex theatres here in Ottawa
  5. 1005 theatres for the weekend, it’s widest release so far. Very happy to see this. Hope it can pull in some decent numbers for the 4-day, though understandably it’s been out for months so that will limit its PTA
  6. Doing a search for weekend showtimes for AMC, it seems like Jojo is getting quite a good expansion this upcoming weekend comparable to Parasite's expansion. Most major US cities are getting it back in multiple theatres in various screen sizes from small to medium. I'd say 600-800 theatres seem likely for this weekend. I'm very happy to see the studio make a play for re-expansion after the 6 Oscar noms. It's a wonderful film. With digital release in early Feb, and DVD release not until end of February, I'm really hoping this one can ride the awards wave to a 30m+ total.
  7. Why did they release on digital so soon? Really feels like money left in the table, especially since it’s going to have so much exposure during the ceremony itself! Oh well. A Star is Born still made some decent cash in theatres even after digital release, so hopefully it can too
  8. Anything above what it’s already got is excellent, but I wouldn’t completely rule out a much larger gross. Again, it’s contingent on many factors, but not impossible. As you mentioned, it’s largest release was below 700 screens. There is so much room to grow the audience. Many critic circles had this as best film and director for the year. If Oscar swings the same way, that is game changing. Finally, the limits of foreign language films is well known, however Crouching Tiger is an example of how there are exceptions. It’s all about the zeitgeist. After seeing the film, it’s very much american audience friendly story wise. Again, 40-50 million is contingent in many factors, but it’s PTA after 2 months+ in release show that the audience appetite is still there.
  9. I hope so too. Having seen the film this weekend, it’s got the potential to connect with a wide audience so long as they can get over the subtitles. with an Oscar nominations boost and then an Oscar boost in February for what is a guaranteed Foreign Lang win at the very least, this can go 50m +. They just need to play their cards right.
  10. Considering Jojo Rabbit lost about 40% of its screens this weekend, that's a pretty great hold from an inflated Friday last week. If it gets some Oscar nomination love on Monday, I really hope it gets an expansion. It's a great film, and I would love to see it finish with 30 million+
  11. Charlie generally does not include preview numbers when he posts Friday numbers. He usually posts true Friday, so it can be assumed it's 14m + 3.25m
  12. Huh? If it doesn't include previews (which Charlie's Friday numbers usually don't), then Deadline was actually very accurate. 3.9 + 1 (previews) = 4.9 The Deadline article from early afternoon said 4.7 with previews. Where they were way off was 1917. They said 12-13 million including previews.
  13. While I would love to see that, I'm thinking more in the 30 million zone, especially since it's IMAX release isn't until January 24th. Some people (myself included) will be waiting for IMAX to see the film. https://www.imax.com/movies/1917
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