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  1. Or perhaps they are waiting on the most up to date and accurate data before addressing the whole nation. I think we all need to stop bashing the governments so much. Yes, their responses haven't been perfect (anywhere!), but it's also an unprecedented situation. And quite frankly, it's not helpful at all and is accomplishing nothing. How about we wait for what they have to say before bashing what we expect them to say....
  2. It was mentioned in a few articles I read (I've read so much lately I can't remember which to reference), that one of the reasons that in China it especially affected the older population is because a lot of older men in China still smoke heavily. If their younger population does not, that could account for some of the discrepancy. Not only do younger people smoke in Europe/North America, another risk factor is obesity which can already put a strain on a person's respiratory and immune systems. These two factors might be why we are seeing more cases in younger patients outside of China. I'm sure many more data points will become more clear as the weeks progress, but people under 60 shouldn't just be assuming they are immune to this.
  3. Theatres are already starting to close. More will follow suit over the next few days. Why pay the cost of staffing when no one is coming in. Likely most if not all will be closed by next weekend. Uncharted territory ahead....
  4. A virus called Corona... Seriously, might really screw up North American box office over the next few weeks. Trump is addressing the nation at 9pm with steps ahead... whether officially closing down theatres or not, people are not going to be in the mood to go sit in a theatre for two hours with a crowd.
  5. A complete stock market collapse is certainly not helping to ease fears. It's a vicious cycle at the moment in North America. More cases, more deaths, more stock selloffs. And Italy just put the entire country on lockdown, mirroring what China had to do, and up-ing the anti that other governments will eventually have to follow suit if there is any hope of containing at this point. I would not be surprised by theatre shutdowns in certain US states by the time Mulan comes out. I mean, if audiences are avoiding them anyways, why pay staff to keep them open with limited numbers of patrons attending... It's certainly evolving day by day at this point, so anything can happen really....
  6. Can we, um, not turn this into a Scientology thread... Good number for TIM, hopefully can hit 100 million. Sonic is going to take quite a hit next weekend, but it’s already way over performed so it’s all good
  7. Parasite is being re-released in a black and white only version in many markets. Interesting concept. Looks like it will have to wait a while though.... And Onward being delayed is interesting. Shows that Disney is indeed paying close attention to the situation:
  8. That’s a little disappointing given the IMAX release, but in the flip side it’s on DVD already so anything from here on out is just gravy really...
  9. To be quite honest, I decided to give BOP a chance, and while it is certainly better than Suicide Squad, it’s still not a great movie. The birds of prey were completely underutilized in my opinion, especially Huntress. Also, the gay undertones for Ewan’s character was just confusing. It’s 2020, if you want your Villain to be gay, just make him gay! Truly bizarre and distracting. And whomever made the decision to go R rated should be fired. It did nothing to add to the film, and a few cuts could have made it PG13 and opened it up to a bigger audience.
  10. I do think that everyone needs to realize we are quickly entering uncharted territory in just the last 2-3 days with the virus as it's rapidly spread far beyond the initial infection zones. Countries like South Korea, Italy and Iran have seen their infection numbers double or triple in just the last 24-48 hours. And this is almost a month since China basically shut down large parts of their country. Given the two week incubation period, many experts are worried now that the virus wasn't contained to a few areas as well as was thought even earlier this week. So yes, at this moment in time it looks like it would be foolish for Disney to make such a move. But in 3 weeks from now, things *could* look much, much different. It's a scary thought, but getting more realistic by the day.
  11. Director's response was even better... something to the effect of "of course Trump doesn't like it, he can't read"
  12. This happens to me all the time with Cineplex, and it drives me nuts!! I go into the App, it says "buy tickets now for X film", and then there are no showtimes available anywhere for it. The worst was in December when they started advertising "buy tickets now" for Bombshell *weeks* before the tickets were actually available to purchase. Don't know who is running the show there, but someone needs to get their shit together.
  13. This weekend is actually going to be a really fun experiment to watch Parasite. I can't recall a wide-spread IMAX release of a film that is already on streaming/DVD that wasn't some sort of special showing of a classic. I'm so intrigued to see how this performs. I'm sure the industry as a whole is as well, as it could have implications on future releases and how they are treated once released to streaming/DVD.
  14. Many Canadian provinces had a holiday on Monday. Ontario being one of them. That would account for the somewhat better holds Monday in Canada
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