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  1. There are a couple of differences here though. Firstly, people are already paying $8.99/month for Disney+, making an additional $30 fee a hard pill for many to swallow. Families are exactly the ones who are struggling most during this pandemic. I'm not sure I agree with the argument that they are going to find $30 a reasonable price, especially when Disney has already announced the film will be free come Dec 4th. The thing about streaming is, there are a million other options. Why not watch those options in the meantime and wait to watch Mulan for free? Finally, single viewers is not exactly a niche affair. I go see films with my other single friends in a group of 5-6 people depending who joins. The type of 4 quad Disney movies attract more than just a family audience, and that's what makes the difference between Dumbo numbers and Beauty and the Beast numbers. Families along would never have brought B&B to those heights.
  2. Yes, this is what the real problem is. The fact of the matter is that Tenet probably made 10-12 million over the Fri/Sat/Sun period this weekend. That is what is so concerning here.
  3. Oh wow. Having already seen the film, I did not realize that character was played by Aaron until you just said this! He looks so different from his Kick-Ass days!
  4. Counter-point - the competition here was fierce. It was competing with people's sense of safety and health.
  5. You can't just account for # of theatres/percentage, but also have to consider the location of those theatres. Not all theatres bring in remotely the same PTA. Those other 30% of theatres where it didn't open are in huge markets like NY/LA/San Fran, etc. The large city theatres also have a higher ticket price (as much as $20-25 per ticket in NY), which also increases those theatres PTAs. They probably would have accounted for more than 30% of total gross.
  6. more from Deadline. Your 5-6 million seems about right, which makes the US numbers + previews even weaker We heard that Tenet was No. 1 in Canada last weekend, some estimating that the movie made around $2.5M.
  7. 20.2 million with 3 days domestic + 3 days of previews, + last weekend in Canada is not very good at all. At to be clear, I do believe this has everything to do with the pandemic and not with the movie itself. I'd imagine there are some conversations about WW84 going on right about now...
  8. Deadline says 20.2 million, no specifics yet...
  9. To be fair, $30 to stream a movie at home is an outrageous price. I think it has more to do with that then demand for the movie itself. Someone like myself (single), who wanted to see it in theatres, is not going to pay $30 to watch it alone in my house, when seeing it in theatres would have cost me less than half that.
  10. I'm not sure they'd rush release it to digital, rather than try and see if they can work the long game. I'm way more interested to see what the numbers, if lower than expected, means for Wonder Woman 1984. It's release is now less than a month away (Oct 2nd), and a lower weekend for Tenet will really deflate hopes for massive B.O. for that one...
  11. Isn't it also the case that we can't really use any of our former approaches with extrapolation at this point, as many of these MTC's rely on LA/NY, and that could be skewing things quite a bit?
  12. Or perhaps they are waiting on the most up to date and accurate data before addressing the whole nation. I think we all need to stop bashing the governments so much. Yes, their responses haven't been perfect (anywhere!), but it's also an unprecedented situation. And quite frankly, it's not helpful at all and is accomplishing nothing. How about we wait for what they have to say before bashing what we expect them to say....
  13. It was mentioned in a few articles I read (I've read so much lately I can't remember which to reference), that one of the reasons that in China it especially affected the older population is because a lot of older men in China still smoke heavily. If their younger population does not, that could account for some of the discrepancy. Not only do younger people smoke in Europe/North America, another risk factor is obesity which can already put a strain on a person's respiratory and immune systems. These two factors might be why we are seeing more cases in younger patients outside of China. I'm sure many more data points will become more clear as the weeks progress, but people under 60 shouldn't just be assuming they are immune to this.
  14. Theatres are already starting to close. More will follow suit over the next few days. Why pay the cost of staffing when no one is coming in. Likely most if not all will be closed by next weekend. Uncharted territory ahead....
  15. A virus called Corona... Seriously, might really screw up North American box office over the next few weeks. Trump is addressing the nation at 9pm with steps ahead... whether officially closing down theatres or not, people are not going to be in the mood to go sit in a theatre for two hours with a crowd.
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