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  1. It is a shame because of how great the initial posters have been, the one of Spider-man lying down by the river is amazing and absolutely sells the tone of the film, and while the initial one for this with the spider-man mask with the different locations on it isn't the greatest thing I've ever seen, it is still such a simple and effective design that seems to fit the movie more. Idk why they have stuffed up the actual theatrical posters so much.
  2. People seem to confuse "critics didn't like it" with "if you are a critic, you didn't like it". The RT score of Aladdin means that if you talked to 10 critics, 6 would like it, if you talked to any critic, there is a greater chance that they liked it rather than didn't. Critics aren't a singular entity that can like or dislike a movie, sure there is a general consensus, but a general consensus doesn't mean that everyone agrees with it. Rotten tomatoes isn't a review site that gave Aladdin a 6/10, it is a site that informs that 6 out of every 10 critics liked aladdin, again, that is more than didn't like it. Sure, the critics' general consensus isn't as positive as the audience general consensus, i just think statements like "The critics were too harsh on this" don't really make much sense with how rotten tomatoes and a general consensus actually works.
  3. 90+% would still be more likely than 48%. It has had a higher saturday bump than Infinity War for every weekend (except its first) which makes sense because of the 3hr runtime. Obviously 90+% is ridiculous, but under 60% is even more far fetched.
  4. I think especially the time that Endgame took to make it makes it look a lot smaller than it is. Avatar may or may not end up with a higher gross, but I think Endgame made 2B look smaller out of the two by doing it in 11 days. I think Endgame's time to 2B will be its longest standing record.
  5. If they weren't snapped, then the writers of this film would have to use a new cast of characters along with Spider-man on the vacation. I don't think it is very fair to expect writers to just write completely new characters for a sequel because of events from another film. Especially when that event is pure chance therefore you can do whatever you want with it. The only way it would be "convenient" is if these characters had plot relevance. Like if Flash wasn't snapped, it would just be a new bully. How is it "convenient" for Flash to be snapped, the movie would still be the same if he weren't, it would just be a different character, thus not feel like much of a followup to the previous film.
  6. Also Homecoming is very much an American high school comedy for the majority of it, which doesn't translate too well as it is specific to a single culture, hence not being too well received in a lot of non Western markets. This film seems like it has much more broad appeal and is much more important to the overarching story of the mcu (also has much more spectacle it seems, and the action looks like it is directed really nicely).
  7. I am still just as excited, in fact probably more so, but this definitely feels like a sony trailer. Very weirdly edited and paced as a trailer, and has some things that don't seem like they should really be in the trailer (mysterio's suit looks gorgeous though). Also, for the record, I am a massive fan of Homecoming which is the main reason I am so excited for this.
  8. Endgame is a different type of impressive from the other number 1 spot holders (if it makes it). Every other number 1 spot holder has come out of nowhere, and was a completely original film that became a phenomenon, generally they've spawned franchises, but they were original films. If Endgame makes it, it will be the first that didn't really come out of nowhere, and I think that's equally impressive. To make a franchise big enough that it gets the first franchise film in history to be the top grosser of all time without it breaking out and having ridiculous staying power, just simply because of the franchise it was apart of, it certainly is a different type of impressive from the others, but it is just as impressive. People seem to be acting like, because Endgame is making this much because of its franchise, it is therefore less impressive. But I just think it is different, but equally as impressive. (of course it still is a chance to not beat avatar, but hopefully you get my point).
  9. Most of the time, especially when it only just passes a milestone with the estimate (Titanic being the milestone here). Endgame was estimated at 350 opening ended up being 357, Infinity War at 250, actuals at 257 and Avengers at 200, actuals at 207.
  10. That is what I was referring to. They are specifically underestimating enough that it still just beats titanic, and anything over with the actuals is gravy.
  11. Also one of those years where MCU topped domestically, it also had the second top film.
  12. It will be close/past titanic by Sunday, Titanic isn't "Threatened". Also China is heading for 625+. I don't know if you are talking about purely overseas numbers, but nothing has changed, it is still on track to beat Avatar worldwide, not certain, but on track.
  13. Seeing a film from 2019 in the top 10 adjusted list would be so surreal.
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