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  1. Aladdin's WoM is pretty damn good which is a lot more than what other studios can say about their films right now so I'm not sure what you are getting it. Being a Best Picture contender is irrelevant to whether the audience loves a movie or not
  2. It's because certain people will clutch to Raimi's Spider-Man movies and say no live action Spider-Man movie will be better. A decent amount of people liked SMH better, so they hate on it even more
  3. The Lion King is much much more iconic than Dumbo, Mary Poppins was a sequel to the original and didn't have Julie Andrews in it. Favreau is also directing TLK and the trailer views are way higher than Dumbo and/or Mary Poppins. Visuals in TLK look incredible too
  4. Raimi Spider-Man movies did not age well and SM 3 is terrible
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