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  1. I dont think it works that way? The total number reported from Disney is still the same and the individual numbers from different countries may varies.
  2. https://deadline.com/2019/09/james-camerons-reaction-to-avatar-losing-box-office-crown-relief-1202731591/ Nice article. One of the achievement of Endgame is to pull people to cinema nowadays.
  3. Feige made a ton of suggestion for Amazing Spider-man 2. They are all ignored.
  4. Sincere question here: do you have a link for these numbers or that's your private information? I would like to read more about them.
  5. Yeah this is also my thought. Awaiting for the announcement any minute now.
  6. I dont know why everybody must take a side. Why not sit back and enjoy the ride and the meme? We have no saying in this deal either way. The MCU does not need Spider-Man in the future, Sony does not need Spider-Man in the MCU to make more films.
  7. Are we sure this is not a PR move? I'm expecting something like: "From Homecoming to Far From Home and the next adventure of the young Peter Parker who just graduated from college, jobless and directionless; Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are proud to present: Spider-man: Homeless"
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