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  1. I'm thinking that China will explode for Endgame, at least on OW because Chinese don't get to see the movie at the same time as rest the world do. A week of waiting for THE movie of the year is gonna be hard
  2. nguyenkhoi282


    How will Sunday drop be like? In my country Vietnam, Sun is actually bigger than Sat.
  3. nguyenkhoi282

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Does Endgame have any chance to open in China on the same date as in the US?
  4. Any final presales info for BTS Love Yourself Tour in Seoul?
  5. Does anyone have info about presales of the upcoming BTS movie Love Yourself Tour in Seoul?
  6. nguyenkhoi282

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    What does that mean for the multi?
  7. Bring on 80M cause i'm in.
  8. I'm thinking 135M DOM 390M OS 525M WW
  9. I'm thinking 225M DOM 625M OS 850M WW
  10. 289.8m was till Tuesday. Wed and Thurs brought it over 300m.
  11. In Philippines, it doubled the previous record.
  12. It's going to be real close to TFA worldwide. Thinking 385M China/995M OS-China/690M Dom = 2.07B. At least 2.05B is locked

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