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  1. Most face mask production facilities are located in Asia so we have enough supply (shortage only recently, but China is back on track and is capable of producing 500 million to 1 billion masks per day). It is not recommended in Western countries because once the warning is out, their supply of face masks will vanish even quicker than toilet paper. They can't recommend it, doesn't mean that it's ineffective. It's just that they can't. In some of our most recent cases, there was one involving a group of 3 cashiers and two virus carrying British customers, the only cashier that got infected was one that pull her mask down while talking. Obviously the British guys didn't have any mask, but think about it, if all of them wore mask, we wouldn't have had any transmission, much less having to disinfect the whole area.
  2. The thing is that you wont know if you're having it until symptoms start to show up, and by then you have a high posibility of spreading it to other people already. In Vietnam, the gov just issued a mandatory requirements for everyone, citizens or foreigners, to wear a mask when appear in public places.
  3. Thought it would be interesting to share how my country (Vietnam) has been handling the virus. We have a long border with China btw.Taking advantage of the Lunar New Year holiday, all schools have been closed nationwide as an extension to that period since the situation was mainly within China. We had single-digit confirmed cases at the time, all imported from Wuhan. Since then, every cases, either suspected or confirmed, have been tracked down almost entirely and thoroughly. We took into account not only Patient Zero, but also their F1, F2 and even F3 if necessary and sent them into a 14-days quarantine.The infected number rose to 16 during Feb, then stopped there for 22-continuous-day, all cured, 4 days before meeting the free-of-epidemic declaration requirement. People were starting to get upset as business was affected and going around saying things like "overreactions, bla bla,..."Until number 17 showed up, on Mar 5. Returned from Europe since Mar 2, she had previously avoided quarantine by flying home from Britain as opposed to Italy after Milan Fashion Week. She then proceeded to self-isolate at home in Hanoi with symptoms getting more and more serious before heading out to a private clinic, then eventually being sent to a national hospital where she was tested positive for the virus. The whole country figuratively exploded, that night. Everyone was raging and furious. The local authority stayed up all night to track down every related individual: the flight crews and passengers, the private clinic, the family,... The whole district was on lockdown. The number of cases, unsurprisingly, have been on the rise since then. We then found other sources of infection, coming from places we didn't think of before. We thought we were safe. The current cases are 53, no death, and the number of people in quarantine are over 25,000. Talk about overdoing stuff. The government also just announced closure of all entertainment facilities, including cinemas, in the biggest city (Ho Chi Minh City) since Mar 15 as well as travel ban from infected countries, except people with Vietnamese nationality which will follow mandatory quarantine for 14 days.Green: ChinaYellow: BritainBrown: KoreaPurple: America*oh, and we don't stock up toilet paper either, thanks, bum gun.
  4. Normally movies don't jump 63% on Tuesday during this time of year. The bigger Tuesday, the smaller jump on Wednesday.
  5. Take it this way China: 150-200M Korea: 75-100M Japan: 150-200M Rest: idk but F1 did 517M, maybe 600-700M That's 975M-1.20B OS right there, and i think it will lean towards the higher end.
  6. Hoping for (seem like) China: 150M Japan: 175M Korea: 75M Others: 600M (F1 517M) OS Total: 1.00B Domestic: 500-550M WW: 1.50-1.55B
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