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  1. I know. It's just that i enjoy arbitrary data as such. 858M means 2.40x multi. Beautiful.
  2. At least 858M please to avoid having the worst legs in the Avengers franchise.
  3. I don't know why everyone still seems so pessimistic about EG passing Avatar. The IN/OUT percentage never dropped below 75% in my mind. Like, i can clearly see how it gets there.
  4. I did put the range for EG at 2.15-2.85B with personal expectation at 2.5B. But never thought that it would come close to that top-end.
  5. Good thing you put DOM at a more reasonable level. Still think OS-China should be a little bit higher, like 1.300-1.310B. Can it touch 2.8B i wonder? Just for the sake of a new milestone
  6. The problem is that i based it on Infinity War, and that movie had an unsually large 4th weekdays in OS-China. 32M on weekend and 18M on weekdays, followed by 14M 5th weekend. Doesn't quite make sense, but it is what it is.
  7. I think 2.7B will be passed on May 29th. After June 2nd should be close to 2.73B.
  8. It's not that BOVN data isn't accurate, simply incomplete. They have no access to local/provincial/independent cinemas all over the country. My rough calculations based on the OW reported by CGV and the BOVN equivalence and come up with around 15% more. That means 310B now. However, i'm unsure if the ratio between major chains and independent ones stay the same through out the run. Even so, 300B should be passed already. And that % will be different for each movie as showtimes distribution fluctuates.
  9. Charlie clearly mentioned his method. Personally, i see 1.300B+, maybe 1.315B as i'm betting on it starting to hold better than IW.
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