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  1. On 6/16/2018 at 2:44 AM, Barnack said:


    Last Jedi payout is not necessarily much smaller, specially if you consider that the 2B cash + 2B stock going to Lucas is kind of the same, a in advance buyout on the franchise profits and amortized that amount among the movies that will be made while projecting that 4B amount value over time using a regular Disney ROI.



    That would be stupid, i have no idea why people keep bringing that up. Marvel was bought for 4B when the highest grossing film they had was the first Iron Man, Pixar 7.4B and Fox is looking to be upwards of 50B, according your point Fox will never be profitable. Taking into account studio acquisitions when calculating box-office is pointless. Compared to the rest of the acquisitions getting Lucasfilm for 4B is an absolute steal.  


    Spielberg getting a big cut makes sense because he owns the rights. 

  2. 1 hour ago, a2k said:

    JW2 could do 330 dom + 200 china + 520 os-china = 1050 ww

    1050 would be 6.2x the 170 prod budget.  TLJ would have to do close to 1600 ww  to have the same multiplier.

    I know there are other forms of revenue streams and metrics, but just saying...


    Theatrical revenue could be approx,

    330*0.55 = 181.5 dom

    200*0.25 = 50 china

    520*0.33 = 171.6 os

    181.5 + 50 + 171.6 = 403.1 ... with all of non-theatrical revenue to follow.

    Disney doesn't have Spielberg taking 35% of the profits with him. Keep in mind the first one with a 650M gross and 1.6B total had 474M profit (surprisingly only a 57M difference between JW and TLJ) with an insane 200M for payouts to talent. This one's profit for the studio should be less than 300M. 

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