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  1. Universal’s holiday pic gave its heart to $8Mworth of new business this session. Across 40 markets, the Emilia Clarke-starrer has now grossed $36.2M for $67.9M global. There were 16 markets added this weekend, with good holds in already opened hubs. Comparatively, the film is running 6% above Yesterday, 21% over The Intern, 23% ahead of Crazy Rich Asians and almost double About Time. France was a No. 7 opener at $874K, but above comps and looking toward holiday business. Brazil debuted to No. 1 with $600K from 478 locations. The UK leads all play with a 27% dip this session for $12.8M to date. Germany shed 26% for $4M so far and Australia is at $5.3M after a 35% slide in weekend 4. Russia, Korea, Mexico and Japan will be unwrapped this coming session. Source: Deadline
  2. "There is plenty of overseas play to come with France, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Japan and Italy counterprogramming through late December". Deadline Article from last week but the movie hasn't opened in any of those markets yet. Hope it can crack 90-100M total at least.
  3. Last Christmas Universal’s holiday comedy romance added 11 markets this session for $8.6M from 21 so far. The like-for-like debuts are 11% above Me Before You and 25% ahead of Yesterday. The international cume is $13M to date for $35.5M global. The UK naturally led play with a $3.4M No. 1 start. This was director Paul Feig’s second best Friday bow, fractionally behind Bridesmaids. The Emilia Clarke-starrer also outpaced Ford V Ferrari which was a new opener. In the UK, Last Christmas is tracking in line with The Fault In Our Stars and ahead of other comps. Germany was a No. 2 bow with $1.58M on par with TFIOS, Yesterday and The Intern. Australia was the top hold with $3.2M to date and a solid 25% drop in weekend 3. There is plenty of overseas play to come with France, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Japan and Italy counterprogramming through late December. Source: Deadline
  4. Reviews seem OK. Imho this movie needed more than that - and much earlier. Mainly when we look at what people here have been posting about pre-sales regarding to this movie. Good for them the budget isn’t that high. Don’t see anything (yet) suggesting it could be a break-out tho.
  5. Yet to open in most big markets. Hopefully the movie does better (proportionally) in markets such UK, Germany, Mexico and France than it’s doing in the US. And let’s see how it holds in Australia in this week.
  6. Thanks for the update. First time I read something more encouraging about LC that you or perhaps all others have posted in the past days here. If things keep that way, tomorrow could be interesting for these too (DS and LC).
  7. Playing With Fire numbers yet to be released. If anything I want these out so I can, at the very least, also laugh at other movie’s disgrace.
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