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  1. Disney Springs had to scramble, on Tuesday night they only had one screen for Knives Out for this weekend, by early Wednesday they cleared out another screens worth of shows.
  2. Jumanji should have solid retention, the affection for the last one is there, saw the new Jumanji trailer in front of a decent sized crowd last week and there was legit applause when Jack Black becomes Bethany again.
  3. Things would be so much easier if I could add pictures from gallery instead of URL. love to be able to show some of these full theaters without having to upload to Flickr first
  4. How did this get a lower score than Maleficent 2 or Abominable? Just saw it, better than the original, the crowd was very into it, a LOT of laughter and at least one post song applause.
  5. Even Producers flopped at Christmas, I mean it didn’t help that Universal dumped it and spent all their ad money on Kong and Munich. But at least Bialystock recovered, because he must have produced this. meanwhile, all are welcome in my club.
  6. It’s really a shame about Angels, I quite enjoyed it, although there’s one meta joke early in the film that very nearly sinks the whole thing.
  7. Trouble is, FvF isn’t much of a stretch for Bale, especially compared to some of his previous Oscar nominated performances. I just saw it tonight, loved it, but I do worry that people won’t see it as much of an effort on his part.
  8. Looking at the showtimes this coming week, it looks like AMC is splitting the Dolbys between Doctor Sleep and Midway, except in theaters that also have an IMAX, in those cases Doctor Sleep talkers the IMAX and Midway shares the Dolby with Terminator. Disney Springs is actually splitting both the Dolby and the giant 550+ auditorium between Sleep and Midway, alternating them in both cases. Also Of note, they already cut Arctic Dogs down to two shows, but instead of giving those extra times to one of the new movies, they brought back Ad Astra instead.
  9. The reviews aren’t even bothering to pretend everybody hasn’t figured out the twist at this point.
  10. What’s crazy is that if that number holds, the Friday-Saturday is one of the best of the year, family films aside, pretty much every tentpole style movie either dropped or went up 1-2% the only exceptions I see this year are things like What Men Want, Little, Madea Family Funeral and Cold Pursuit, none of which would be considered a tentpole. Its not much, but it’s something.
  11. This one hurts. Dark Fate was very entertaining, it’s not T2, but it was miles (dyson) ahead of everything since. i loved the performances, I actually got a little choked up near the end.
  12. Yeah, they know they hit the jackpot. i have a feeling they’ll be getting a bunch of donations soon
  13. Nah, for starters, there’s Elton John’s song from Rocketman, which I can’t imagine not getting nominated, because the Oscars would love to get dueling Eltons performing at the show.
  14. Those Jay and Bob numbers are pretty decent, considering how few theaters in my area had it.
  15. I saw the 120fps 3D. hands down, the best looking 3D I’ve ever seen in my life, the depth of field was incredible, just a gorgeous film
  16. I saw it tonight while waiting for the late Gemini Man in 3D HFR. I found it rather charming and funny, and I didn’t want to punch Devine once.
  17. Okay, so Orlando IS underperforming, good, I’m not crazy. i honestly saw what was going on here and thought it was another SoaP situation.
  18. It was good but nothing spectacular, Phoenix was fine but I actually thought his performance kinda tailed off by the third act, I did really like the way it ties in the actual Batman related things. Really didn’t care for the score in parts, especially the sections that seemed to relpicate a ringing in the ears, I actually had to cover my ears at one point. 7.8/10
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