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  1. Has anyone noticed that, according to Box Office Mojo, Avatar’s number went up too? went up 1.7 million.
  2. Her song isn’t bad, but Elton’s new song is terrific. He’s gonna have a tough choice come Oscar season, though I suspect he’ll lean towards the Rocketman song, since it’s more personal. The man still has it.
  3. Week 2 it had to deal with Power Rangers (40m) week 3, Boss Baby (50m) week 5, Fate of the Furious (98m)
  4. I was really surprised we didn’t get a Jumanji trailer with Spidey. we had Crawl (a little one) 21 Bridges Blinded By The Light Ford v Ferrari Terminator Dark Fate Hobbs and Shaw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Charlie’s Angels
  5. Well, at least in Florida, that could be because it’s so damned HOT, heat indexes over 100, people wanting that sweet AC.
  6. The second weekend drop should be much better this time, between the extended opening and the lesser competition (SMH had to deal with the end of the new Apes trilogy)
  7. Saw Endgame for the fourth time, theater almost full, still getting cheers. I also asked if Annabelle got shoved into the new 50 seaters because they were underperforming, and they confirmed, they added a show or two of Yesterday. And, on the AMC app, they have labeled Rocketman, Yesterday, Late Night and The Dead Don’t Die as Artisan
  8. Over at Disney Springs, they’ve cancelled a late Toy Story and added a sixth showing of Endgame, the 7:30 has been sold out since yesterday. Bear in mind that as late as Thursday, there were only two showtimes scheduled a day this weekend.
  9. Four of their 24 auditoriums are being remodeled
  10. Endgame will have 2 shows a day at Disney Springs in Orlando. Here’s Friday so far. 4:40 82/123 sold 9:00 79/123 sold also of note, the appear to have added a second screen for Yesterday on Thursday night
  11. @CJohn The Hustle is almost at 4x it’s reported budget WW. who would have guessed it would turn out to have been a better financial investment than the majority of the tent poles thus far?
  12. Has anyone confirmed those rumors about Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves and Kevin Hart all having roles in Hobbs and Shaw?
  13. $67,905,602 This is the remaining gap between Endgame and Avatar when you count the original releases and exclude the Avatar Special Edition Rerelease.
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