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  1. What are you trying to say? Mrs. Doubtfire and The Fugitive were huge blockbusters in their time. Jurassic Park was simply on a different level. You'll understand when you're older and the industry is dominated by live-action-anime and you're explaining to kids that "no, actually superhero movies were really big in the 2010s!"
  2. I don’t think JJ saying “fuck it” cares much about the point of the ST. Me too. Hell why not send them to Earth? Now we’re cooking with gas.
  3. Crazy Predictions form Rich and Mike and my brief thoughts (I agree with some of their predictions). What do ya'll think? All this speculation is based on the teaser and things we know about JJ Abrams, so it could be WAYYY off.
  4. @JamesCameronScholar One Punch Man (season 1 only) is another option. It doesn't tell a very good story, but season 1 is amusing as parody of shoenen, even if deep down it's just another shoenen but worse.
  5. The Fate series is great, but probably a step down from the best mangas/animes. They also lean a bit heavier on anime/manga conventions and aren't as good for people who are more casual fans or non-fans. I'm saying this because some time ago someone tried recommending me Fate and it was a complete dud at getting me (back) into anime. FMA:B is the show that finally pulled me into modern anime and made me want more. EDIT: PS @Nero you should check out Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  6. Try Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood or Steins;gate. Clean, tight stories that don't drag and have satisfying endings. If you only have time for one, go with Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, it's my overall go-to recommendation.
  7. It’s an acquired taste like a fine wine and gets better as it ages, it’s not “bad” where the artist just lacks drawing skill (like AoT manga) or gets lazy (like Bleach). The art also has some of the best facial expressions of any comic, ever, and the panels are creative and just get better over time. The anime has some weak outsourced art but not the Manga. I’d power through it, by the Alabaster Kingdom arc I’d grown to love the art, there’s nothing quite like it and you’re rewarded because the art just gets better and better (Oda has spent the majority of his career on OP).
  8. People who are fans of different things aren't trolls. Avatar is the #1 unadjusted movie of all time and is bound to have a fanbase on a box office tracking site.
  9. To me, Code Geass is like a parody of anime, I will never understand the absolute acclaim it gets, it’s like they threw everything that attracts people to anime in a blender and Code Geass is the result. It had some things that worked and many things that didn’t, especially the odd characterization and confusing fights. Most of the stuff that did work was a direct ripoff of Death Note. More power to you if you liked it, I’ll say at least it finished and tried to say something meaningful, and it has some good moments. It’s not the worst anime you could put as your favorite and I won’t hold it against you. You seem to watch anime for different reasons than me, the fights in One Piece aren’t the main reason I enjoy it, couldn’t care less about 5th gear, as far as action goes I’m more excited to see Sanji+Raid suit and Zoro do his thing. As much as I like rubber boy, Luffy is often less like a character and more like a narrative device or even just the physical embodiment of faith and determination and dreams to drive the adventure forward. For example, the real story of Luffy vs Katakuri was Katakuri’s growth, not Luffy’s “snake man.” Additionally, for me, One Piece is about the worldbuilding, the intricate mechanics of each arc that tie everything together, and huge cast of wholly enjoyable and unique characters being thrown into mystery and chaos, in a world that feels real. Based on your list I’m surprised AoT isn’t there. my top 5 is something like: one piece death note attack on titan fma:b hunter x hunter (not in any particular order although FMA:B is probably the best episode for episode, cramming so much awesomeness into a relatively short series)
  10. I’m just mad that HxH kind of disappeared. Episode for episode I’d agree it punches above One Piece in world building but unfortunately it’s way shorter. I wanted more so badly. Should I pick up the manga? I plan on watching Naruto-kai at some point which is only 74 episodes or something. Basically all the fat edited out. @Nerfy you could try onepace.net which is basically One Piece minus all the fat/filler/flashbacks. The biggest barrier to entry IMO is the long Usopp introduction arc which is one of the show’s weakest arcs overall and introduces a wacky looking character who isn’t very likeable (at first). I almost gave up the show right there, but I’m glad I didn’t. Finish the Arlong Park arc before judging the style of the show. Finish Alabaster Kingdom before judging the world building aspects. I can’t wait to start watching JoJo. @IronJimbo what’s the best place to stream it? Are there any fan edits you’d recommend? Should I start with the 1987 beginning? Dub or sub? (Edit: nevermind I see you said sub) I wish I knew about onepace.net before starting One Piece. Although there is one excellent filler arc which was so good I thought it was canon, try to fit that arc in if you can, it’s called the G8 arc... it was so good that Oda unofficially made it canon. Totally agree on the MCU=Heroes Academy. Both soooo generic even if they’re done competently and have a lot of fans. I would’ve said Code Geass but as sloppy a mess as that is, it at least has its own style. EDIT: sorry, long posts from my phone are hard
  11. One Piece and Heroes Academy are not on the same level at all, One Piece is waaaaay better (and I like Heroes Academy). One Piece is a lot more like a Hunter x Hunter that just keeps going and going instead of disappearing after bugland. The anime actually has very little filler compared to stuff like Naruto (11% or so?), the real problem is it's a weekly anime that's not allowed to catch up to the manga so sometimes they overly stretch out panels from the manga or do long reaction shots (or long episode recaps but fortunately you can skip those). The weakest arcs are mostly near the beginning and they are more on the level of stuff like Heroes Academy so it's not like they're awful, they just aren't to the level of the rest of the series. One Piece does keep switching it up btw, except for its very weakest arcs it always does something fresh for each new arc. It's better than it ever has been. It's done horror, it's done murder mystery, it's done Alice in Wonderland, it's done a prison breakout, it's done all out war, and now it looks to be doing a "samurai" arc. Each arc is pretty well-contained, they don't have the same characters for each arc, usually more than half the characters are swapped out for each arc, some arcs only have a single individual from the original crew, there have even been fantastic mini-arcs that don't have any of the straw hat characters at all but exist solely for the villain.
  12. Obviously the MCU as a whole is totally dominant but Endgame as a world #1 is kind of a weak champ comparatively speaking. It makes sense it would only just barely get there considering it’s part of a long running franchise which slowly aggregates more fans. Maybe another Marvel movie breaks $3B if they keep things up and then the chart doesn’t look so lopsided.
  13. You didn’t need to say it twice. It’s my opinion based on facts. Maybe you have some alternative facts? Right, Endgame is missing about $30-40M from its total. Won’t change much though. It’s #1 versus that year’s top ten to see the level of dominance on display. Classic technique used in sports when fans get into an argument about which player from which era was more dominant. Use the stats from their era and see how they fared vs contemporary competition. I’m seeing exactly the results I expected although I expect Endgame to land closer to Jurassic Park after the year is done (it used up a lot of BO receipts and depressed other summer movies).
  14. Jim Gang has retreated into our 4K HDR rerender re-release bunker a long time ago, let the chips fall where they may on this trifling difference between the #1 and #2
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