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  1. I'm glad they're staying consistent with the precedent "Spider-Man: Far From Home" started and giving it a really bland and uninspired title.
  2. Just because other people are assholes, doesn't really give you permission to be one. Also, if you choose to criticise someone's appearance because you don't like their acting, it's probably time for some serious introspection. Sorry, I don't usually like to get involved, but your post just really rubbed me the wrong way.
  3. I still maintain that the fights scenes in Winter Soldier are really poorly directed. Just a bunch of quick cuts and shaky cam. The action has always been the weakest aspect of any of the Russo's films for me. Especially the opening scene in Civil War. Those other two examples are neat though.
  4. Yeah, I'm a bigger fan of Doctor Strange as a movie than most, but the misuse of Mads is an absolute cardinal sin. It's hard to believe that Disney put Mads in two huge tentpole movies in 2016 with this and Rogue One, and didn't give him a single interesting thing to do in either movie. I'd say he's a little less wasted than Christopher Eccleston was in the Dark World, but that's really not saying much.
  5. Most definitely. I'm almost 100% sure if they'd given Emilia Clarke's part to the Rock instead and not changed a single line of dialogue, it would have made the film 10x more interesting.
  6. Grace is irritating, but she does serve a purpose. If someone you know links you to one of her videos unironically, you know to reevaluate your relationship with that person.
  7. Drew Goddard just has the worst luck with the MCU. He dropped out of showrunning duties on Daredevil to direct the Sinister Six movie, which got summarily canned, to the surprise of absolutely no one. Feige then basically blacklisted the guy and blocked him out of working on Spider-Man Homecoming. Now the poor guy's X-Force movie is probably gonna get cancelled the moment Disney buys them out.
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