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  1. I'm FAR more interested in the Dumbledore/Grindelwald storyline than Newt and Co but from what I've seen Newt is more popular in the core HP fanbase (the HP fansites etc). They like characters that are more 'innocent and precious' and less complicated and real. Its the darkness that appeals to me when it comes to Harry Potter. The war. The death. The grounding to the real world in how it depicts misery and the world's flaws and how people can overcome these extreme experiences and horrible histories still retaining some aspect of morality. But I think for many fans its the childlike magic and fun that gets them. I think that's where Fantastic beasts and Newt comes in. He will help attract those HP fans and the children. However, considering what I've heard about what choices they make in the film, I wonder how those 'fans' will react. 😉
  2. No it doesn't but what i hate is that this has become his only or his biggest trait for far too many people. He is far more complicated than that. One chapter (The prince's Tale) doesn't erase the man we've known for 6 books. Just as Snape is still a "vindictive bully" even if he proved himself to be equally brave and heroic, Dumbledore is still the wise, witty, kind man we know while also being secretive and manipulative when required during times of war. People are complicated. I just wish people stopped downplaying Snape's faults and Dumbledore's virtues; just because we found out about their other traits at the end of the series. That pig for slaughter accusation everyone throws at him is also exaggerated. What Snape didn't know when he said that is that Harry had to be killed by voldemort in a particular way for Harry to survive but the horcrux to be destroyed. The irony is that before he died, Dumbledore prepared a path for Harry to defeat Voldemort by telling Snape when and how Harry should die to ensure Harry survives. He is actually a very tragic character IMO. Everyone he has loved as a child either died, hates him or left him when he needed them the most. His one experience of being in love ended in horrible guilt, shame and tragedy for him. He spends the rest of his life believing he is not worthy of love. He detaches himself from others to protect them from himself which leads to intense loneliness and is made worse by his genus level intellect further isolating him from others. He fears his greatest temptation is power and fears what he is capable of but he still uses his skills and experience to fight for a better world even if he knew he might never live to see it and fought for those that society deemed inferior. His secretive side stems from his mother's teachings, his family's secretive past and the betrayals he has endured throughout his life. He identifies with outcasts as his father's actions when he was a child made him a pariah and his teenage ambition was in part a means to break out from his father's malicious shadow. He is such a complex, remarkable character and I'm saddened when people simplify him to merely a master manipulator when he is so much more than that.
  3. Snape's a fascinating character i agree but I have to admit movie Snape is VERY different to book Snape. I love Alan but he portrayed Snape as a mature emotionally restrained man who was kind of mean sometimes to the children but book Snape was a emotionally volatile young man who was quite cruel to the children; especially around and to Harry. (The occlumency lessons. He lost his temper and let his emotions get the better of him all the time with Harry around) Snape's feelings for Harry stems from his jealousy and to an extent understandable hatred of his Harry's father as much as his protection of Harry was because of Harry's mother. He made Harry's life a living hell to exact revenge on James but protected Harry from danger for Lily. He's a contradiction actually and quite a petty and vindictive man but what I admire is the bravery he showed during the last year of his life. Man that would have been so hard. i agree about his loneliness. He continued to protect people who hated him against Voldemort without knowing that Harry will most likely live. That took guts. Rowling said it the best: "Snape is all grey. You can't make him a saint: he was vindictive & bullying. You can't make him a devil: he died to save the wizarding world" "Snape was a bully who loved the goodness he sensed in Lily without being able to emulate her. That was his tragedy."
  4. Hopefully 😉 It's box office theory mate. You're kinda meant to talk about your theories as to what might impact the box office. No one actually knows what will happen and most of us turn out to be very wrong anyway. It's better to underestimate a film than overestimate though. Helps the film in the long run when it does better than people predict.
  5. that the media has the ability to impact the box office? well nothing's impossible mate. I kind of meant they may not advertise the film as much as they would have or write as positive a review as they might have not really that audiences will start caring about Depp's personal life. But I do think this won't impact foreign non-english speaking countries at all and I think the HP community is loyal enough to come out regardless domestically but I don't think its impossible to presume people's dislike of Depp will turn some off the movie. I agree it prob wont be enough to impact the movie at all if this movie's marketing and the movie itself is really very good. Depp's performance has to be VERY good too or the media will massacre them. There is little good will as it is and they can't afford further issues or controversies this close to the movie release. Any mistakes/imperfections may be amplified/overblown by the media. Fingers Crossed!
  6. Well I think the media is doing everything in their power to make sure audiences care. One of Depp's small films have been pulled from release and the media seems almost gleeful and are pining his career on FB2. I'm concerned they might do everything to derail this film no matter how good it is to ensure Depp's career is over. Let's hope audiences really don't care about what the media says and it won't impact the box office.
  7. Am I the only one who likes both Newt and the Dumbledore/Grindelwald storyline? I probably prefer the Dumbledore and Grindelwald story mainly because I find Dumbledore's character rich, mature, complicated and therefore fascinating but I enjoy Newt and his more simple issues. Newt's first love is engaged to his brother and that hurts and he's not too comfortable around people. That's probably more relatable than a super powerful genius who can't confront his dark wizard ex because he doesn't trust himself around power and the man he probably still loves because he is terrified he might be tempted to join him and turn into a monster which he believes he is anyway, since there's a chance he accidentally killed someone he loved and is consumed by regret, guilt and shame over his past flirtations with Grindelwald's dangerous ideology and its tragic repercussions. lol Its precisely this heaviness that I love about Dumbledore but I recognize that for a general audience that might be a little too much. Also loads of Harry Potter fansites/podcasts etc love Newt and tend to simplify Dumbledore to someone they dislike so I think Newt is important to bring those people in because they have a lot of influence in the fanbase. Dumbledore might be too complicated for many (especially the young) to relate to and understand. I think its admirable of Rowling that she hasn't simplified him to make him more appealing to GA and the type of HP fan I mentioned above. Newt/Beasts also makes it more than just a prequel.
  8. The Mirror of Erised: It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts. This scene definitely reminds me of this famous Dumbledore quote: "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" Why do I get the feeling the guy was speaking from experience.......... *sigh* Oh Albus. The real Crimes of Grindelwald: breaking Albus Dumbledore's heart.
  9. Completely agree. Regarding Queenie and Jacob I am 90% sure Queenie
  10. Goldstein and even Kowalski sound like Jewish names and it would fit better considering the WWII backdrop for them to be Jewish characters. Andrew Goldstein in canon is Jewish, for example. Also Claudia Kim, Zoe Kravitz, William Nadylam and Jessica Williams are all Asian or Black and are playing major characters in this movie and franchise in general. Mate if you insist on hating everything in this movie before even giving it a chance, I don't think this franchise is for you. lol Sorry.
  11. To be fair she was asked if Dumbledore fell in love in 2007 and she simply answered it. She didn't tweet out Dumbledore is gay now thank me. But yeah I get where you're coming from. By making Dumbledore gay instead of a less complicated character she has to either endure the accusation of covering it up by people who don't understand his character or storyline or she has to ignore canon and his character and shoehorn it in before it fits the storyline in the series. (i.e People are annoyed Albus/Gellert dont meet in the movie. She established that in HP canon. They don't meet until later) It is for this reason that I disagree that she did it for 'progressive brownie points'. If she wanted that, she would have chosen a less complex character to be gay and that would have made it easier to just address in one scene and make people happy. I think she just thought Dumbledore's sexuality went with her creative vision and story at the time. I don't think she thought this character is the best character to make gay. She realised that it makes sense that Albus' relationship with Gellert (considering he was a dark wizard in the early 1900s it would make more sense if he were a guy) and what happened to his family would have produced the remarkably complex character he became.
  12. What's stupid is criticising a movie before even seeing it. How about everyone on this forum see the movie first and then criticise it if you think it should have been addressed in a more explicit way? That is the point of this whole discussion. Jude Law and Rowling have openly said the relationship will openly be shown and be a major plot point in the series but due to canon and Dumbledore's character it will be developed organically as the series goes on. Jude Law finished filming in Sept when filming wrapped in December, it could just be that Dumbledore is hardly in this movie and they wanted to do this romantic relationship justice over time. We don't know until we see the movie.
  13. This is Dumbledore. Not Newt or Harry. Dumbledore fell in love with a boy who turned into a dark wizard hell bent on taking over the world and promoting his violent ideology. If you fell in love with Hitler or Bin Laden during your teenage years and was briefly swept up in their violent extremism, would you admit it to anyone post-911 or during WWII? I sure as hell won't. Grindelwald doesn't want Dumbledore coming after him so it is in his best interests to keep their past secret to not make Dumbledore's life unstable and to ensure he stays at Hogwarts. Rowling never said their relationship was physical either so please let us know how you want his sexuality to be explicitly shown 20 years before he is emotionally ready to face the man he loved? Do you want him to act camp and become a stereotype? How do you think his sexuality can be explicitly shown without it being shoehorned in? Jacob's clearly depicted relationships make sense within the story and his open/inviting character. Forgive me if I am more interested in this story remaining within the limits of canon and Dumbledore's private character being depicted accurately.
  14. Ezra Miller talking about the Dumbledore/Grindelwald relationship, Credence/Grindelwald relationship, what it was like working with Claudia Kim and Credence's inability to trust others. Really interesting. :)
  15. Oh yeah it is interesting but it seems like that line was not the Producer's as the sentence wasn't in quotation marks? Having said that I seriously doubt they ever intended Dumbledore to stay in the closet. That controversy was a misinterpretation of the director's words IMO. Rowling has pushed back on that narrative pretty strongly and has openly said to 'watch this space' regarding his sexuality previously. On a potentially related note, what do you guys think about this theory re: Dragons, Phoenixes and Feng Shui?

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