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  1. Never heard about this today and while I don't care at aaalll about Fox News drama this a good ass teaser and great cast. Color me intrigued. If they can make the full trailer just as good I might see it.
  2. Other than ISTV, an animation, Sony Spidey movies have gotten mixed reception (and progressively lesser BO) since 2004. 15 whole years ago. Where is this optimism coming from beyond just general MCU hate? The way people talk about Spider-verse you'd think they don't realize it's an animation and many elements of it that work won't and couldn't be translated successfully to live action (not to mention the fact that, Oscar aside, it didn't make as much bank as Twitter/nerd hype suggested it would and I loved it). Nostalgia lenses are why anyone would want to see Tobey in a Spider-Man movie in 2019 (even as a kid I wasn't a fan, sue me). Personally haven't cared for the franchise since SM2 and the MCU connection is why a lot of people, myself included began to care again. Tom Holland's version has made more appearances than Tobey/Andrew did, and a lot of kids have grown up loving this version that grown men won't stop whining about because it doesn't match up exactly to comics they read years ago. In the MCU we got to see Spidey holding on to an Infinity gauntlet while being webbed to Thor's hammer, thrown by Captain America. That's the kind of fun stuff we won't see again, but sure let's go for more reincarnations of the same characters we've already seen a la Batman and random spinoffs like an Aunt May movie. Ugh.
  3. Can't tell if sarcasm but...its numbers are a big deal for a character that's 7 movies into its solo franchise in less than 20 years and has been other MCU movies every year since 2016. The fact people still care this much at this point is impressive.
  4. Anyway, I've been seeing this thread was super active and my gut was telling me to ignore it, that it couldn't be for a good reason, and sure enough...
  5. I see it this way, Avengers #7 may probably end up being better than Infinity War, but it's still the 7th Avengers movie, the concept has been done to death.
  6. It's a little... odd, yes but the Leo jokes are entering weird territory for me tbh, because people are blurring the line between early-mid 20s women with teens and it's getting disturbing.
  7. To be fair, she hasn't had a #1 album in a while. Her last few releases have not done great. In what is becoming typical, the noise people make for her on social media doesn't reflect on the charts.
  8. There's technically nothing Marvel can't do that Disney does. They can create new characters, they can have cartoons (and have), they can have TV shows (without the Disney PG restriction, see Netflix). Merchandising is a lock. If Marvel had been able to stick it out financially for a few more years I would say they won't have needed Disney at all. Disney has 50 years of goodwill and cash though so maybe they'll win out in the end but Marvel could definitely have eventually stood on their own if they'd had had more money in the bank to start their universe.
  9. Yeah I've been thinking this since Saturday, but wondered if it was just my own bias against TLK (the associated soundtrack albums are also performing poorly). Agree with your points. Especially wrt Marvel. Honestly Disney is lucky it owns Marvel because they're the most interesting thing that company's got going on lately. Without the MCU they're mostly just a bunch of remakes, spinoffs and unwanted sequels these days. Marvel's the one trying to take risks and try new things. Times like this I wish they were their own entity.
  10. I don't mind 2022, but I hope this means the next film is him graduating because he'll be 26 by then and it'll just be entering Tobey/Andrew way-too-old-for-high-school territory.
  11. These days Beyonce is more popular for being Beyonce than her actual hits. She gets lot of hype and good reviews but her songs haven't done that well on the charts in years. I don't think younger people listen to her like that at all. Social media is never a good gauge for that kind of thing.
  12. Better than expected trailer considering the cast (esp and including Cardi B). Turnover on this feels fast though. Could have sworn they were filming just a few weeks ago.
  13. I'm black as well. Not American, though, so maybe I can't relate because I know there are enough African historical tales that fighting to be cast in a historically white one feels weird. I've been back and forth on this issue. I personally only believe roles should limited on race (like say painting someone black, which is stupid or man taking an obvious woman's role in say, a biopic). Everything else feels like fair game. It's acting. If everyone matched up on every characteristic for a character, then where's the fun in that? Instead, work on getting more out gay, trans, disabled, minority actors into diverse roles. Let them play straight, or bi or non-stereotypes. Give them more opportunities that isn't them playing themselves in real life. The race-bending of popular characters has never done much for me, because it's not giving minority actors their own stories, it's just allowing them to remix beloved ones e.g MCU Spider-man is towing the line with MJ. They should have just called her something else and kept everything else the same. Let her be her own character the same way Miles Morales is. Black Panther is an amazing example of giving fantasy work to black actors and letting them form their own artistic legacies with their own stories that celebrates their ancestory. Disney spending 60 years pushing 90% white heroines and then instead of creating new ones based on African/American folktales, just recasting a black one to tell some dead white man's story is lazy. You're championing diversity? Prove it. Give me more Moanas, Mulans, Shuris. If you want to do an African-based 'mermaid' story, there's plenty of mythology there, most popularly 'Mami Water', which is a spirit/witch believed to kidnap people and drag them into the water in many African tribes. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Mami_Wata. If you want to talk about Gods of Thunder and Lightning, there's Sango. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Shango. And that's just the most popular of hundreds of African gods. If you want to talk real historical figures, female war heroines like Mulan, there's the Hausa woman, Amina of Zazzau https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Amina. There are tons of sources and scholars who you could talk to for new, refreshing tales. Look at how much people went out to see Black Panther. There's clearly a market there for more non-European stories but why do more of that when you can just take what was already successful and slap a black actor in one of the roles for the extra sentimental dollars I guess.
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