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  1. I think it looks silly but I honestly feel like it might do better than we're expecting. RDJ is gambling some serious goodwill here tho.
  2. I want to say he's handling it well but that's two posts about it so idk.
  3. Finally saw this. It was fun but the article/journalist end could have been done better and it ended a bit abruptly.
  4. There are those films that really make you understand the word 'tedious'. Watched in IMAX with a friend without knowing anything about it beyond it being a sci fi film with Brad Pitt. We both tried our best honestly but by the last 45 minutes we were over it and I felt tired and lost. It was gorgeous though, and had elements of what could be a more interesting film with some cool world building. I would have liked to see more of the Moon politics/pirates or the stuff with researchers or even just a realistic take of Earth in a time period where commercial space-trips were a thing but I didn't care about Brad Pitt's xter at all. It also made me realize that I can't think of more than a couple of movies Brad Pitt's led that I have cared for. He works better working off others.
  5. After seeing the initial 7m+ estimate for FFH, 5.4m over 4 days feels disappointing. Then again the extended bits were on Twitter by Friday night so I'm not surprised.
  6. I think this is the wrong thing to use as a gauge tbh. And there's nothing to say what it would have done if this news hadn't happened. The movie's already been made and seen by most people. The best temperature is the air leading up to the next one (assuming it doesn't return to the MCU) and after the trailers for that. Spider-man always makes some money though, even the worst ones. Question is, what would they have done financially if people loved the bad ones more?
  7. Spider-man 3 was the first time I walked out of a cinema. And i didn't watch a single SM after that till Far From Home, so I'm especially annoyed because I needed multiple MCU team up movies to care about him again.
  8. He's too old to be this insufferable about comic book movies, 'sarcasm' or not.
  9. Everytime someone uses 77MCU, MCU_Direct or any of these random twitter accounts/blogs as a source I die inside. People got mad at someone for pointing that it if it's not in any of the trusted trades (like THR or Variety) it's not official and got flamed to death because apparently having 100k followers is more important than being an industry resource for years. Then again, even semi-trusted sites like IGN engaged in shameful clickbait this past week (Tom UNFOLLOWS Sony!!! - okay, prove he followed them before) so who even knows.
  10. Never heard about this today and while I don't care at aaalll about Fox News drama this a good ass teaser and great cast. Color me intrigued. If they can make the full trailer just as good I might see it.
  11. Other than ISTV, an animation, Sony Spidey movies have gotten mixed reception (and progressively lesser BO) since 2004. 15 whole years ago. Where is this optimism coming from beyond just general MCU hate? The way people talk about Spider-verse you'd think they don't realize it's an animation and many elements of it that work won't and couldn't be translated successfully to live action (not to mention the fact that, Oscar aside, it didn't make as much bank as Twitter/nerd hype suggested it would and I loved it). Nostalgia lenses are why anyone would want to see Tobey in a Spider-Man movie in 2019 (even as a kid I wasn't a fan, sue me). Personally haven't cared for the franchise since SM2 and the MCU connection is why a lot of people, myself included began to care again. Tom Holland's version has made more appearances than Tobey/Andrew did, and a lot of kids have grown up loving this version that grown men won't stop whining about because it doesn't match up exactly to comics they read years ago. In the MCU we got to see Spidey holding on to an Infinity gauntlet while being webbed to Thor's hammer, thrown by Captain America. That's the kind of fun stuff we won't see again, but sure let's go for more reincarnations of the same characters we've already seen a la Batman and random spinoffs like an Aunt May movie. Ugh.
  12. Can't tell if sarcasm but...its numbers are a big deal for a character that's 7 movies into its solo franchise in less than 20 years and has been other MCU movies every year since 2016. The fact people still care this much at this point is impressive.
  13. Anyway, I've been seeing this thread was super active and my gut was telling me to ignore it, that it couldn't be for a good reason, and sure enough...
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