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  1. Still think Kraven will be the main villain. This isn't the first time Mando has tweeted that emoji. Also I can't think of a scenario when a unconfirmed returning MCU actor tweets like this but what do I know. If Tom has had a pitch meeting with Sony and Marvel already I can imagine everyone else that's involved has gotten a heads' up also. Filming starts in less than 4 months.
  2. Agree. The biggest buzz points right now will be the actors, who just started physical promotion yesterday. Saw them on Kimmel last night. Personally I've never considered Pixar stuff as must-see viewing? Idk I feel meh about all their trailers and never see them in cinemas despite good reviews, and only saw Inside Out because it was on TV. Credit to it though, it did make me cry, and I'm hearing the same for Onward. But... between this and Soul, Soul may do better just because that one's premise is a bit more unusual.
  3. I agree. When I heard they were doing a Harley movie, this isn't what I pictured. People were saying they didn't want to see a Joker/Harley movie because of Leto, but to non comic book nerds the most interesting thing about her is her connection to the Joker. Clown faced psycho couple engaging in bad behaviour while dealing with their demons is more unusual and arresting than 'girl squad take down random bad guy' which we've done to death. Deadpool's hook was unusual for the time because OMG VIOLENT BUT COMDIC SUPERHERO IN TIGHTS but I see the novelty wearing out after the 3rd. Joker was a psy
  4. Take it down a notch. He just made a couple of decent comic book movie 15 years ago. And they were cheesy even for their time.
  5. I believe this movie was always seen as a Harley/Robbie vehicle, but WB/Robbie added the BOP to get some extra points (some of her stans made it out like she was doing them a favor by sharing her spotlight), and it showed in the Harley-centered marketing. This is unappealing, if you're like me, and can't handle that character for long periods of time. The R-rating also locked out a lot of young female fans. Still, the numbers are decent.
  6. Wow that's ... random. I wish they were doing the God Butcher story, I could kinda see him doing Gorr, but I have no idea what he'd be right now. Haven't read much with BRBill so I'm not that attached to the character.
  7. Spies in Disguise trying its best after being dumped to compete on all quadrants with bigger movies.
  8. Sony CLEARLY wants to use Tom Holland in multiple properties in a short window of time and I think it's holding him a bit hostage really. This new delay means he now has a block of time where he could have filmed something else. I like him as an actor and he ought to be in more non-franchise fare. Was unhappy to hear he missed out on 1917 (among other things) due to his Spider-man schedule. (Though Uncharted not happening doesn't hurt my feelings, let's stop making video game movies HW). Don't see the NEED to put out a Spider-man movie every two years, and they want him in their SUMC as well.
  9. So many theories about what China 'likes' and why it couldn't possibly love SW–like it's this inherently lovable thing–but it's most likely as simple as: SW is not that great if you don't have that childhood lens. Not just a 'China' problem too. The markets that missed out on its initial hype likely don't 'get' it now, because they probably saw a lot of better sci-fi movies first. Like you know 'SW' is a 'thing' and at first you bought into the hype, but then after a couple it's like, this is just... fine. While the internet diehards debate the intricacies of each character and wax about lega
  10. Ehh, except the Mandalorian is on an American-only streaming service. Once again, shutting out the OS markets they need to get on board. Sure there are ways to see it if you're really dedicated, but the most popular thing about it is a baby version of an already well-known OT character. People keep citing Knights of the Old Republic as the way to go, but... it's a video game. If OS doesn't care about the movies, why would a movie based on a spin off video game increase interest? And forgetting OS markets for a second, someone posted the demographic breakdown of the last few SW movies and it's
  11. Saw this today and as someone who's never seen the stage show I feel like this probably worked more as a stage show. And the effects were indeed dodgy at some parts. Other than the tails the rest of it might have been less weird if done with more practical costuming.
  12. Kinda OT but there's been some weird revisionist history with Thor since Ragnarok. I don't remembere Thor 1 being a dud at all, it was better received (see also: Loki) and made more noise/money than Captain America.
  13. There's always this 'if MCU could do it sentiment' and as we have all seen countless times this decade, it's never the same thing. GOTG mostly stands on its own (the power stone could literally be any old MacGuffin) and was different enough from other MCU properties to feel fresh. Same with Black Panther, you could say T'Chaka was killed by a random terrorist and it still works. Ant-Man is a low-level goofy comedy about a thief. Thor is a god with his own realm. I don't know, the way the characters are introduced (a post-credit easter egg or glorified cameo that makes you curious)
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