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  1. They could do that, or they could just make the next one a complete stand alone story with minimal ties to the whole grindelwald thing. I think it would be best if these movies just switched to telling little mini adventures in the wizarding world similar in some vein to what the first movie did. Point is, if the story direction doesn't change quickly things wont bode well for these movies.
  2. Filming was originally supposed to begin later this fall, but then about a month ago WB announced that filming wont begin until spring of next year. There seems to be some attempt of trying to get their shit together after the disappointment of the 2nd movie, we might hear some casting announcements later this year but no major movements will be made for now.
  3. I surely hope Warner Brothers has realized their mistake of having Rowling directly writing scripts for these movies, they should have known better. They got marginally lucky with the first FB movie but that luck ran out a bit with the sequel. They gladly put "written by JK Rowling" on all the prior movies posters but now that seal of approval/involvement wont be enough to ease worries and secure sizable profits, and so changes are being made and we'll probably hear about those soon enough. I'm very curious to see things will go from here on.
  4. It never ceases to amuse me to see how so many people on the internet feel the need to proclaim how much they don't care about something. It truly boggles my mind.
  5. Does anybody else on the internet understand that "Fantastic Beasts" is one of those double meaning titles that refers to both people and the creatures? This whole series is revolving around the Dumbledore v Grindelwald conflict, but like somebody said above both of these characters (mostly) work through other people to achieve their goals. It seems to me that Rowling has/is setting Newt up to be the reluctant hero who gets swept up into a grander plot. I think Newt is a decent character and Eddie Redmayne is a good actor, but nothing of consequence really happens to him and he has experienced little character growth in these two movies thus far. We know that Dumbledore is the one to defeat Grindelwald in the end so Newt will certainly get sidelined in one of these upcoming films, something definitely needs to happen for sure.
  6. I'll just leave this here https://variety.com/2017/film/news/rotten-tomatoes-scores-dont-impact-box-office-study-finds-1202554546/
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