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  1. I do find it weird how they decided to have this little mini event in Tokyo instead of having it in the UK or US, from what I understand the movie doesn't even take place in Japan at all so not sure why there's a fan event over there of all places. I'd say there's about a 50/50 chance the/a trailer is released, I wont be all to surprised if this is just a very exclusive fan event for just that small group of people to see some footage from the movie and nothing else.
  2. He knows people who went to test screenings, dont know if he himself actually saw a test screening of it. Like I said in my previous post there's no way he has or has seen the actual official script for the film, just compiled together plot details from what people have told him and put it into a document to make it look like an actual script.
  3. Can someone even get sued for something like this? This isn't like those Spider Man leaks a few weeks ago with actual pictures, it's just a document with bullet points assembled to make it look like a script, but it's not like he found the actual script and posted it online. Plus unlike John Campea he's not what I'd call a public persona with his real name out there and a considerable following, he just a random small time insider who gets told behind the scenes stuff occasionally and shares it.
  4. I have to imagine the budget went slightly down on this. I feel like getting rid of Depp reduced the budget ever so slightly by a few million, and covid/pandemic filming also might have caused them to reduce the amount of CGI heavy or otherwise extravagant scenes they likely would have done in the before times.
  5. We likely wont see a trailer for this until late October or mid November. Although in retrospect I'm surprised they didn't just release the title when a trailer/teaser was ready, knock two birds out with one stone. Warner Brothers. They've shown multiple times now that they have difficulty creating movies that are a part of a grander story, and get better results when they do more standalone things that are allowed to breathe and be their own thing like Shazam, Aquaman, The Suicide Squad (2021), Birds of Prey, etc.
  6. The synopsis from The Crimes of Grindelwald The synopsis for The Secrets of Dumbledore With comparing the two synopsis, at least the new one is a bit more specific about the plot of the movie; Dumbledore is sending Newton on a mission with other wizards and will be fighting against Grindelwald followers. Okay, an improvement over the previous movie synopsis which as you can see was rather vague and didn't have much specifics beyond Dumbledore is asking Newt for help. If nothing else this third movie needs to have a better and more discernible throughline. If the mov
  7. Tbh even if they did scrap this and start of something I'm not sure I would be interested unless they brought in some new creative talents. I think one of the issues these movies have been having is that they've used pretty much the exact creative team the Potter movies had, and I can understand why Warner Brothers initially would've seen that as a benefit but now to me it feels like a detriment. David Yates has been directing in the HP franchise for 10 years now, that's crazy when you think about. He did the last four Potter movies and now three Fantastic Beasts movies and it's st
  8. If any of this is true it sounds like they're still trying to do two things at once instead of just picking one story and overall tone and sticking with it. I'd love for these to be pure adventure movies about catching a/multiple magical creatures but the cutting back and fourth between that and grimdark urban fantasy political drama is part of what bogged down the last movie and to some extent the first one.
  9. They've done a few test screenings within the past month and I read somewhere that some reshoots are happening in August. There's a small amount of hope in me that believes that this movie will be an improvement over the previous one, because, maybe unpopular opinion here, I don't want to see this fail utterly. Warner Brothers needs to bust their ass for this one and spend as much time in that editing room as possible, it aint gonna be amazing but it needs to be better than the last one for sure.
  10. It's definitely possible, if the box office isn't fully recovered by next year they may decide to do it. The current release date for this is terrible; sandwiched between movies like Black Panther 2, Indiana Jones 5, and Black Adam, they would be wise to push it further back into 2022. All those scenes cut and yet the movie was still messy, the problem ultimately traces back to where it started: the script. There was a lot that ended up in the final product that should've been cut too tbh, to improve the pacing and streamline the plot a bit better.
  11. Yeah, I agree the plot is not all that enticing, seems like a plot more interesting to Rowling than to a general audience. I'm sure there will be some magical fights and small bits of humor but this series is taking itself way too damn seriously. With a title like "Fantastic Beasts" I would expect things to be a bit more....fantastical? I get this is supposed to be urban fantasy and some political/social commentary is to be expected but they're focusing too much on the urban aspect instead of embracing the fantasy angle more. Any blockbuster needs to have a good balance of seriousn
  12. TBH regardless what story they want to tell the writing has to be solid, and thus far it's ranged from okay to bad. Too much going on and a lack of good characterization has put this series thus far at a disadvantage.
  13. By all accounts thus far it doesn't seem like this movie is gonna serve as any sort of finale. If the movie severely under preforms they'll either cancel the remaining two or make serious creative changes and steer it in a new direction akin to doing a soft reboot of sorts like Bumblebee or the new Suicide Squad movie.
  14. Eh, even if the script is better this time around I'm just not jiving with what story they're trying to tell. Sure there's potential but right now it's buried under a fair amount of baggage. Ideally I would like them to pull a soft-reboot like WB is doing with the next suicide squad movie and just something fun and low stakes for once. If she wasn't still involved with the brand then maybe, but she is (for now) and the post-HP content she's been involved with has not been super well received. So whether it's for disagreement regarding her personal beliefs or disappointment with
  15. This franchise is seemingly running the same course as the past few terminator movies; messy and not learning from their mistakes. And look I like Newton and Redmayne as an actor, but he had fuck all to do in the last movie and got no character development whatsoever. Not the actors fault, but mixing in his character with Dumbledore and Grindelwald never made any sense to me and I know many others feel the same way. Stuff like this is why the writing advice of "kill your darlings" is still prevalent. You gotta let some things go, no matter how badly you try to hamfist t
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