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  1. I'm willing to bet the budget for the next movie will be reduced by a lot compared for the first two, which ranged from 180-200 million. I'd say $150 million is a safe enough choice, maybe even go lower than that if they want to be extra safe. I imagine the delayed release date for FB3 is just the beginning of the studios more hands-on involvement in the production of these movies, changes are coming for sure.
  2. It never ceases to amuse me to see how so many people on the internet feel the need to proclaim how much they don't care about something. It truly boggles my mind.
  3. I usually don’t watch movies/tv for the characters or actors, story is the main reason I tune into anything. I have noticed that it’s mostly men that have disliked the Newt Scamander character thus far, quite a few female potter fans find him adorable though. For me he’s just another person to provide some neat magic tricks and levity.
  4. To answer the FAQ of "Why is this series titled Fantastic beasts?" Q: What kinds of ‘beasts’ are we dealing with here – human or animal? A: The idea of beasts works on several different levels within the movies. There’s the literal sense of non-human creatures: some of them cute, some of them terrifying, some simply strange. Then there is the metaphorical sense of the beast inside a man, the crude emotions that a manipulative genius like Grindelwald knows how to stoke and use. We’re also dealing with the idea of beastly people: that some humans are something less than human. Even where there is great charisma and intelligence, there may be an utter lack of conscience. Finally, I’m exploring the idea of creating beasts, which is to say, othering or dehumanising our fellow people, as the first step towards cruelty or extermination. https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/latest-answers-to-frequently-asked-questions/
  5. The success of the third movie seems partially dependent on how reactionary WB really is, because completely ignoring any complaints people had with this second movie would be foolish imo. At the same time they don't need to do a complete creative overhaul, just some tweaks here and there, something has to change though.
  6. One thing for sure is that something/someone new has to be introduced into the production process in order to spark some renewed interest in these movies. This situation isn't unsalvageable despite what some people may believe, it all depends on how much WB really cares about these Fantastic Beasts franchise and if they're willing to adapt and make changes to ensure it's continuation/survival.
  7. Its kinda funny that a while ago people thought Depp would be the worst part of this movie and as it turned out that he was the least of this movies problems (for me). I'm not sure how the third film should be done but I do think like it needs to be lighter, not in regards to humor but simply cutting back on the subplots. Stop cutting away to different characters all the time, keep things tight and focused.
  8. I feel like the next movie will definitely need to be a breather episode of sorts, because this one was information overload and if the 3rd movie continues with that trend then this series will flop.
  9. Does anybody else on the internet understand that "Fantastic Beasts" is one of those double meaning titles that refers to both people and the creatures? This whole series is revolving around the Dumbledore v Grindelwald conflict, but like somebody said above both of these characters (mostly) work through other people to achieve their goals. It seems to me that Rowling has/is setting Newt up to be the reluctant hero who gets swept up into a grander plot. I think Newt is a decent character and Eddie Redmayne is a good actor, but nothing of consequence really happens to him and he has experienced little character growth in these two movies thus far. We know that Dumbledore is the one to defeat Grindelwald in the end so Newt will certainly get sidelined in one of these upcoming films, something definitely needs to happen for sure.
  10. I have to agree with you here. That escape/chase scene works on a conceptual level for me, but it's hampered so much by the quick cuts and bright lightning flashes that it's kinda disorienting to watch. Honestly just a few small tweaks and this sequence could've been really cool. I think it's time to get a new editor, or hire an additional one to help Mark Day out.
  11. I was never fond of this movie series following the same protagonist all the way through, we just had that with Harry Potter. When you have a villain trying to take over the entire world then there should be multiple and diverse protagonists all trying to take him down, not just two dudes from Hogwarts.
  12. I guess I'm in the minority in that I actually enjoyed this movie, didn't love it but I had a good time. This series is never going to be like Harry Potter and I accept and don't/won't hold that against these movies. I just enjoy this world so much that I'm game for any chance to explore it. Maybe I just have simple tastes but so be it, I'm still gonna see the remainder of these movies.
  13. I think some people at WB knew the final cut of this movie wasn't the best but they had to deal with what they got. Those fan screenings that were held two weeks ago were an attempt to get some positive buzz for this movie before the critics saw it. I don't recall the first movie having any "fans first" screenings, and then add to that a bumped up China release date. These to me smell like attempts to mitigate lackluster reception and profits. It remains to be seen whether these attempts will prove successful or not, but Warner brothers needs to course correct asap.
  14. Surprisingly his performance is not getting as much flak as I thought it would. Most of the critics just thought he was just kinda "there" in this movie, a few still don't like him of course, and then a couple have said they actually enjoyed his acting here. The fan response across social media for now seems to indicate that most people actually liked him or at least thought he was okay.
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