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  1. yeah They're hiding her, there must be some surprise involving her in the movie. I'm very curious to see what they're going to do with her.
  2. Wright's script was just an assault movie with a old and disturbed Hank Pym as Scott's mentor ... and that's all. Nobody from Marvel Studios liked his script,that's why he had to rewrite it 5 times, Ant-Man was supposed to came before Iron Man, because of him that Ant-Man and Wasp were left out of The Avengers. All the best things in the first movie were added after he left,such as: The Quantum Realm, Hope, Wasp, Shield, Falcon, Luis with more prominence. In Wright's script Evangeline Lilly would play a totally different character that would not have much prominence,after he left Payton changed the role and gave Hope to Evangeline Lilly and they constructed the character and wrote her dialogues together. Payton always wanted to highlight Wasp, which wasn't possible in the first film,since they still used some things from Edgar Wright's script as a base (the part of the assault plot), but he added Wasp at the last minute in the film and gave what the fans wanted.
  3. nah All the best things in the first movie were added after he left.
  4. They should anticipate the film in the UK. It will be impossible to escape from the piracy being released 1 month later there.

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