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  1. So much hypocrisy lmao, people who i bet doesn't even care for the LGBT community started caring now just because can't handle seeing a woman saying what she thinks.
  2. Of course, it was a man on the role, while succesful women always cause pain in certain people.
  3. After being nominated for an oscar for the second time taking a minority role , he really must be really ''sorry''.
  4. Anyway, the internet always chases women for saying what they think but always turns a blind eye when it's men, nothing new here.
  5. Why nobody said anything about Jared Leto or Eddie Redmayne and only praised them? oh yeah, the sexism jumped out once again
  6. Scarlett just said the truth, she can play everything she wants and i'm here for it. Funny how nobody said anything when JARED LETO and EDDIE REDMAYNE both played trans characters, but when it's a woman, oh well...
  7. Idk but it seems they were filming There are people thinking it could be before Iron Man 2, so if the iphone is on the scene it's not.
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