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  1. So FFH just over took CM ww total. By the time it closes it will represent a 28% increase over SM:HC while reducing production budget. And I believe some people thought this would decrease or stay stagnant but the post Endgame boost helped this more than it helped Ant-Man. I wonder how spider-man removal from the MCU will hurt his next movie as I don't think there were Avengers movie he could be in prior to th next solo release but not being able to reference Marvel things could be limiting but depending how they approach it I think it can work.
  2. In Civil War, Vision was supposed to hit Falcon with a blast but Falcon dodged and it hit Rhodey's suit instead and knocked out his systems and Rhodey crashed to Earth.
  3. I agree. I think the way he has handled this has been great. Going the Bautista route may have been what fans wanted to see but Tom is just starting his career and managing to handle this battle between two major studios without disparaging either studio and praising them both was professional. Also, whatever his true feelings he seemed genuine in his gratefulness towards Marvel and enthusiasm about the future. I would assume he is getting a raise by virtue of the fact his movie have made so much money but that is naive of me considering I don't know what type of contract he signed with Sony upfront so he may be locked in to a set amount for the next film.
  4. Jacob Batalon (Ned) tweeted about the situation, just a cpuple of overall comments:
  5. Family members always think they're being helpful and they rarely are actually helping the situation. He should know better as he is somewhat in the business but he should let the multi-billion dollar companies hash it out without the possibility of articles being written about what Tom Holland's dad said on the situation. Especially if a deal is not reached and people will impart his comments on to his son.
  6. The way I see it, Sony probably was willing to negotiate but Disney is coming from a position of power wrt public impressions. So they laid down their offer and then leaked this whole thing. Disney is not getting 5% of the profits they seem to be getting 5% of the first day sales which may be significantly less than 5% of the profits. However, that is more than I thought they were getting in the first place and it seems like Sony gets nothing from Spider-Man being used in the MCU other than Holland making money. I do think the merger has always been weird and I actually do not know what the relationship between Sony and Tom Holland is, from the beginning it has always seemed to Toms understand he was only SM within the MCU and considering that Kevin is the one that called to offer him the role after it was leaked on IG I have always questioned who is running the show wrt Spider-Man. Additionally, now that Amy Pascal is out of Sony and she was the main link between the two parties I wonder what has been going on behind the scenes. I know that the article said that two movies with Jon Watts and Tom Holland were in development but I question what that even means wrt actual contracts being signed. Tom is in a weird space because he has so many links with both of the companies and he has to play this carefully so he doesn't get screwed because billionaires are going to remain rich and pissing either party off is not a good career move. I don't think the social media "unfollows" mean anything because I am not sure if or when any of the cast were following Sony Pictures on instagram and Tom still follows them on Twitter while not following Marvel Studios on Twitter. Smartest play for Tom right now is to keep his head down and hope they can come to a resolution.
  7. Disney is shit for their copyright games. It has strong protections because it is supposed to be a limited time frame but everytime Mickey is up for public domain here comes Disney and their bullshit to push out the copyright date. 70 years + life of author is some bullshit and strains the word limited.
  8. And even if one could argue that the movie was made a while ago they just tweeted out the Labor Day expansion on Marvel Entertainment's twitter feed yesterday and wouldn't they at least know the state of things. Especially since they make nothing from the further box office profit of these movies.
  9. Woof those theater drops for Spidey and TS4 are brutal. Homecoming didn't drop that low for another 4 weeks at a similar point in it's run. Definitely don't think it will have any last legs and it may not reach CM at this rate. The TS3 was roughly at same theater count but the drops hadn't been so harsh.
  10. Looks like a 15% drop for FFH and OUATIH Movie Gross % Change Theaters Total Gross Days - (3) Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood $1,975,000 -15% 3,659 $88,732,188 14 - (4) Spider-Man: Far From Home $1,020,000 -15% 3,446 $365,667,101 38 - (11) Annabelle Comes Home $70,000 -50% 919 $72,126,890 44 FFH falls slightly behind HC, interested what it can do this week-end considering the loss of theaters and new options.
  11. Some of the other numbers: Movie Distributor Gross Change Thtrs. Per Thtr. Total Gross Days - (3) Once Upon a Time…in Holly… Sony Pictures $3,125,000 +26% 3,659 $854 $84,433,511 12 - (4) Spider-Man: Far From Home Sony Pictures $1,735,000 +42% 3,446 $503 $363,438,221 36 - (11) Annabelle Comes Home Warner Bros. $180,000 +15% 919 $196 $71,914,537 42 - (-) The Fighting Preacher Purdie Distribution $30,451 +66% 37 $823 $313,746 14 - (-) The Art of Self-Defense Bleecker Street $11,486 -1% 110 $104 $2,391,873 26
  12. That's a great jump for SM:FFH and Toy Story and Aladdin it seems.
  13. Not that big of a difference but it started playing at 9:45 am in the DMV area. Not sure how data to extrapolate from that but shows have started in this area of the east coast.
  14. I thought Tom Holland mentioned this before when talking about appearing with Tom Hardy and he made it seem that it was not possible because he was in the MCU world and Tom Hardy was not. https://comicbook.com/marvel/2017/06/25/spider-man-tom-holland-venom/ As he said things can change like the Iron Man 2 retcon to include Spider-Man in the MCU previously.
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