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  1. Day/month/year is the widely-used format outside the US. And opening Wed/Thu is also quite common for international markets.
  2. I try to stay away from as many of the twitter/YouTube movie channels as possible, as very few are actually informative or well-versed in what they're talking about. But even so... I have seen a few takes from this movie bob fellow and yikes. As for the chair thing itself. Just lol
  3. An impulse buy by Nolan's standards - i.e. they originally thought they wouldn't do it that way but ran the numbers and turned out to be cheaper. Remember, it was a real 747, but a decommissioned one...
  4. The Irish one has a leprechaun doing sign language translation.
  5. One man's mediocre is another man's best superhero movie and most restrained, perfectly executed, master of his craft... In other words, Interstellar is his weakest effort (TDKR is his weakest movie, but the effort's not there compared to everything else) See how that works? Amazing how your interpretation doesn't match mine.
  6. Don't worry, once/if Tenet and Mulan get pushed, WW84 will, we're in for another domino effect. Marvel slate also shifting.
  7. Re-release Shazam for December this year - it's a Christmas kind of movie anyway. WW84 to Valentine's Day next year, since it's clearly a rom-com. Tenet July 2021. Dune Jan 2021.
  8. Which is why it's not a feasible option for a 150M+ production to not have a theatrical window, because of the revenue that generates, and the aura a theatrical blockbuster then has once it hits digital and home video. A family of 5, maybe with 4 relatives visiting, are paying 20 bucks instead of 120... The occasional huge budget streaming service movie works to drive buzz and help subscriptions, but it's not a good long term strategy for all blockbusters. Also, they can't just turn VOD into a viable option overnight. It just isn't something people are used to in 95% of markets. Changing consumer habits will take longer efforts and if VOD is to truly replace theatrical or at least be a viable supplement when shortening the theatrical window, it's not going to happen that easily.
  9. Lol. So many of these kinds of articles mention Tenet as the movie every cinema is gearing towards. Mulan will save us!
  10. They're not. It's not their job. Their job is to critique a movie and recommend it or advise against seeing it based on its merits as a film. It's for the public to decide when and how to then see it.
  11. I would, ya. For a movie like TENET, WW84, an MCU flick... I'd go for a movie that is better seen on a big screen.
  12. Ugh. Fucking literally just woke up after falling asleep 30 minutes intoo Artemis Fowl.
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