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  1. In all seriousness... DC is WB's biggest brand - the one with the most potential. But the WB back catalogue is tremendous. So would DC be sold off separately from the studio? Doubtful. And I don't see how Disney or Comcast would get the green light from regulators to buy WB. If AT&T sells, it's probably the whole studio, and it will be to a tech company or media conglomerate not currently holding a studio. Which isn't a bad thing in itself. Nor is a pivot to streaming. But, again, it had to be done smartly and not overnight. Completely new management is needed, with a proper s
  2. Undoubtedly things are moving in that direction, but the reason this is such a poor move now is because it wasn't well thought-out and the logistics for the move just aren't there yet. Small steps in that direction must be made, but this is akin to jumping into a pool from a 30 foot board, without knowing how to swim, and discovering the pool is empty halfway down the fall... In order for streaming to properly cover the costs of massive movies (forget 200 million budgets, even the 100-150 range) in a volume people are accustomed to and in order to deliver on the spectacle an
  3. No, they won't. Not for 20-30 USD. When will you people stop making this argument? For PVOD to work outside the US, you need a whole cultural shift from consumers that not even COVID can accomplish. People will pay 10 dollars for a streaming service with a decent catalogue. In Central and Eastern Europe (hell, even most of Western), Asia, South America, they will NOT pay double or more of that to just watch one movie when they can just torrent it.
  4. Netflix and now Disney+ have worldwide distribution. And the very vast majority of their catalogue is not composed of brand new, first run movies. Max does not have a presence outside the US and this IS about first run movies. It will open the floodgates to piracy outside the US and if you can't see that, you're just short-sighted.
  5. Nolan's gonna end up directing the MCU X-Men or something at this rate. Jesus, this is a masterclass in how to burn bridges.
  6. Agreed. The second FB was before the big backlash anyway - it was just a mess of a script. If the script is good, with Depp gone (not because of any personal issue, but because he was just soooo wrong in the role - he was listless compared to the charming menace of Farrell), there is potential for the rest of the series.
  7. Haha. Wow. Been a while since I posted, but this is just... Wow. I've always been a fan of WB for their fairly open approach to riskier projects, and allowing more control to their auteurs (sometimes to their detriment, thus resulting in huge over-compensating a la the DCEU). But Jesus Christ are the people running the place incompetent. Regardless of whether it's a good idea or not, this was sooooo poorly handled.
  8. Don't see Aquaman making 2022 either. It's going to be a massive production again, with loads of post as well. I doubt they want to go head-to-head with Avatar 2 especially with that having the underwater setting and if they wanted to get the jump on it then it would have to be a summer release and I don't see how they'd get it done. Let's be honest - everything is in flux right now, but especially these massive productions, that don't even completed scripts and proper start dates? Nah... not happening any time soon.
  9. Netflix and even Disney+ are pretty much standard apps on smart tvs, as well as game consoles - Apple TV+ doesn't have the same wide availability. I don't have any up-to-date data, and I am sure there would have been more shift in 2019, before the pandemic again changed habits, but I do believe there was a report 2-3 years ago that showed over 2/3 of Netflix viewing is on TVs. Even with a substantial drop from that high, Apple TV + would be nowhere near that.
  10. Again, Apple's the only one I can see going for this. And considering how most people watching Apple TV+ are doing it on their phones... Ouch, what a shame that would be. Like, seriously, it could have been done for a third of the money when people watching on a 7 inch screen, but with Craig and the Bond name slapped on it, the same numbers would be bandied about.
  11. Amount who would watch... Sure. But how many of those would actually be new? For a 600 million one-off purchase? The answer is simply not anywhere near enough.
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