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  1. Push it back... That second weekend in August is perfect. Hobbs and Shaw will open fairly big, but it wouldn't be a juggernaut in its second weekend. With additional marketing, Shazam could easily open above 70 million and ride the rest of August to a 250 million total. If nothing else, it would just amuse me to no end to see 13 billion click-bait articles and videos about "DC in crisis, panicking!"
  2. No China, no 3D, and before this age of overwhelming superhero movie domination. Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and TDK still blow my mind in terms of box office accomplishments.
  3. I've rarely seen a movie that is, at the same time, so much, and yet so little. So overstuffed, and yet not sharing any information. Pitiful in every way, except for the entertainment value - the action really is good, and the visuals are impressive for the most part. Personally, I think it's missing a hook in terms of a properly likable main character, or arc, or even an interesting love story (a lot of it is due to the absolutely terrible acting on the male half of the couple - why couldn't they just CG a well-acted boyfriend character? 😛 ), but aside a few moments where it drags, it is filled with the kind of action you want to see on the big screen, so it does have that working in its favor. If asked, I would recommend people see it in cinema - even if I wouldn't go out of my way to praise it unprompted - and I suppose that's a solid enough response so that, if replicated on a bigger scale, and adding to those people that will ACTIVELY recommend it, then WOM will build... With a tame opening, I do think it will have decent-to-good legs, though nothing mind-blowing (Captain Mavel is too close behind) I do hope it's successful enough for at least one sequel. I don't necessarily CRAVE said sequel, but I would like to better explore that world in another movie or two, so... Fingers crossed.
  4. Meh... This, like Aquaman, will live or die on the Asian/expanding markets, not the traditional ones. SK looking good. If China also delivers, it will end up with solid WW numbers.
  5. What with the Ninjago numbers, it did seem like the Lego franchise had cratered in terms of interest. So a drop from the first isn't shocking, but still, the size of the drop is big, especially given recent expectations... I do hope HTTYD3 makes up for this with families. Love that movie and want it to do great.
  6. Dafuq? Around 1% of the population is black or of black descent. Sure, it's hardly a huge number, but "a couple hundred black people" being all there is and you justifying his words as "chances are if it WAS a black guy, he was the guilty one" is all kinds of fucked up. Christ... Even if there were 2 black people in the whole country, that's still a 50% chance it's the wrong person - even acknowledging vigilantism as an acceptable option, that is still fucking wrong. Christ. I can see this is gonna go well, so I'll bow out now, but fuck, this comment really annoyed me.
  7. I mean...are we sure that wasn't a script he read while drunk and he confused it for reality? It certainly sounds like a movie he could make (i.e. a revenge action pic that pays him money)...
  8. reddevil19

    Weekend Thread: Miss Bala $650K preview

    I mean, looking at the legs some musicals have achieved in Japan is mind-blowing, but...that's kid of a shitty start, no?
  9. Except the MCU brand built over the first few movies, which instilled loyalty has meant all their movies, even the weak ones, had a better reception than similar movies in standalone or competing universes. Brand is EXTREMELY important. You think the success derives from quality, and I agree with that to an extent, but once the MCU brand became too big to fail, those lines have blurred and it's more a case of everyone equating MCU with quality (whether that's valid or not is besides the point - they got there first and are dominating the market, so well done for them) and with box office success, before the movie is even released. That comes from them building the brand and gaining the audiences' trust. DC don't necessarily have the brand recognition, but they have the far more recognizable frontline characters (even with the success of the MCU) - they just fell behind with the universe building and the mishandling of their movies caused derision, while the competitor was going form strength to strength. So the overall brand did suffer because of that and they will need a string of well-received movies (even 200 million earners, if well received, with smaller budgets, will be doing what needs to be done for them).
  10. Is there anything anywhere that contradicts the idea that all of the non-Batman movies are set in the same Nolan Cinematic Universe? Sequel to Interstellar, I say. But this time, Melissa McCarthy is the lead, as Cooper and Brand's granddaughter, teaming up with TARS for a comedic space adventure.
  11. Well, it would fit his pattern of going for freshly Oscar-nominated actors...
  12. It would have had a VERY good chance, I reckon. If nothing else, he would have won for directing... Ah, well, I'm sure he'll have a few more turns in his career. He'll win it when he does that female-led comedy we all know he has up his sleeve.
  13. If WB ever coerce him into doing another superhero movie...Will it be UNTITLED CHRISTOPHER NOLAN/DC CROSSOVER EVENT?
  14. reddevil19

    Romania Box Office

    Reckon Alita will do very well. Hobbs and Shaw Maybe MIB International Probably a couple of animated movies too

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