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  1. The legs on an R-rated horror movie that opened as if it were a superhero movie is still mind-boggling for me, in this day and age. I mean, just look at the multipliers on the next four movies on that list. IT 2 getting near a 2.6 would surprise me far more than an opening within ten million of the first one.
  2. Half those people have zero chance, mate. As in, non-existent. Now you're just throwing out names to prove that it's a packed field. Anyone can do that for any year, and it would be equally ridiculous as your post. You vehemently screaming that the movie has no business being talked about in relation to awards is no more head-scratching than the people you dismiss for insisting it DOES have its chances...
  3. On the other hand, this seems like the kind of movie that would be an early contender for the high end techs - cinematography, editing, and if reviews ARE good, I can see sound and costumes (as the more contemporary "period" choice). It could very well end up with nothing, but at this moment, both options (7+ nods or none) are on the table. Far too early to properly tell and even after Venice it will be too early. Festival darlings have fizzled once they've gone wide and this needs wide acclaim. Equally, a cold festival reception might be spun online as the "elite" once more rejecting a comic book movie, after TDK, Logan and even BP (despite the big number of noms, a further rejection of a comic book movie seen as "deserving" by fans would simply add to the idea that that was racial pandering and nothing to do with the quality of the movie) and that can easily snowball into support by a majority of online critics and the public, thus once more creating pressure on the Academy, if WB plays its campaign right. TBH, the scenarios for this movie are equally wild either way, but I think the most common thread throughout the conversations about this movie is that there is no middle ground. It will either be fantastic or an outright disaster.
  4. There have been some misfires with these remakes, but the hits have truly been gigantic. Which reminds me... Are there any updates regarding their Hunchback of Notre Dame remake? Remember reading early this year that it was in planning stages and I can see that one doing well (i.e. better as a live action project than the original animated).
  5. Call me dead. Fairly flat and uninspired, with maybe a couple of highlight scenes (I'll admit I laughed hard at the Tory parents dinner scene) and utterly forgettable for me. Still, inoffensive, so it's not like I would be completely shocked that people liked it as a way to kill a couple of hours. Just not my cup of tea.
  6. It was me and like 4 or 5 other guys in the cinema when I saw it last year. But I loved it. One of my favorites of 2018. Such a perfectly-paced movie...
  7. I think it 100% is on him if it flops. It's not an easy source material to adapt and none of his movies - good as they may be - are crowd pleasers. As such, if Dune is more akin to BR49 (i.e. beautiful cinematography, great effects, but overlong, plodding, with unmemorable characters) it may very well be a better movie than a more action-heavy loose adaptation, but I can easily see it flopping. Marketing might be able to cut a good trailer to attract more people OW than BR49, but if the movie doesn't connect with audiences beyond that it will flop and, again, that's 100% on Villeneuve.
  8. I can actually see this being more walk-up heavy. Friday afternoon and evening will be interesting, seeing how WOM goes...
  9. You mean the certain type of vehicle in the garage? Also...H&S is quite possibly the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen. It doesn't quite embrace the insanity to go full comedy like Deadpool does, so it sort of has some weird tonal shifts at time, but... yeah, it's quite possibly even more over the top than I was expecting from the trailers. More insane than the 7th and 8th Furious movies. I think if audiences embrace its tongue-in-cheek, OTT nature, it will have good legs. I definitely enjoyed it more than F8. Considering this is a movie that actually exists, I am going to step up my campaign for Universal to do Fast World: Furious Jurassic, as the third entry in the JW franchise. Who better to track down all those escaped dinosaurs being weaponized than THE BEST TRACKERS IN THE WORLD? Hell, have most of the dinosaurs being controlled by Eteon. All works.
  10. He only just discovered black actors as potential leads. And since it doesn't count till Nolan does it, I suppose, in a way... he did.
  11. It was clever of them to build it into the movie, though... I forgot everything about it by the time I walked to my car.
  12. It's getting the MiB treatment. Playing excursively in cinemas, then people get neuralyzed, so they forget the details, and only retain the fact that they MUST watch Tenet opening day.
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