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  1. He's getting lost in the big scale and missing character or, at least, narrative clarity (Dunkirk wasn't a huge movie by his standards and benefited from that narrower focus). And his contemporary setting ends up with his movies looking the same and having fairly bland characters that even look alike. For me, his strongest movies are The Prestige (small scale, period piece, an adaptation) and Dunkirk (again, period piece, smaller than his 170-200 million productions, narrower scope). Then Interstellar - though it goes into melodrama at times - has some strong emotion and characters as well. Obviously, TDK and Inception are fantastic examples of huge blockbusters executed almost flawlessly, but there is a clear tendency for him now to focus too much on the concept/theme and the unlimited budgets aren't helping him in that regard, as he will continue to try and go big. He needs something new in order to recharge, I feel.
  2. He's done a Bond-style film this year, and had Bond elements with Inception. He won't be able to resist NOT writing the script, so he should be kept away for the time being. Nolan needs to do a small movie next and reset or do something NOT contemporary, with all his actors seeming to have stepped out of his own wardrobe. If he does something big, hopefully it's a period piece epic. Nolan should not be approached for the next Bond, both for his sake and the franchise's.
  3. He's got the pedigree - wonder if he'd be interested though. Hell, I wouldn't mind writer-directors being in charge and enacting their own vision, but I do think if they want a successful transition to a new actor (and potentially one that will stay with the franchise for a minimum 3-4 movies over a 10-15 year span), they need to hit it out of the park with that movie so I just hope they put in the effort on that side, not just the casting.
  4. Colbert had a bit on his show a few days ago, with a focus group of Trump supporters reacting to fake political ads by him. One was "Let's just re-do 2020 in 2021. Everyone stays the same age, we can then have much lower cases of the virus, we can have the elections, etc". Studios are certainly taking that on-board. Come on, guys - let's literally shift EVERYTHING by a full 12 months, keep the 2020 dates for 2021. There's one mid-July prime spot open now though, thanks to Tenet jumping on the sword.
  5. There's also the possibility that Spidey also moves. At this point, nothing is set.
  6. Cavill definitely has the charisma, he just needs the right material. Hell, same for Craig. He's dour in most of his Bond films, but that doesn't mean he's void of personality. So don't judge based on that - or physical aspect. he doesn't LOOK like a spy? I mean...seriously? We're talking about fuckin James Bond here, not real life. But all that aside, I don't think it will be him. Now, I am inclined to believe they'll go for someone fairly new on the scene, as it will make contract negotiations easier, cheaper, etc. But I do think one must consider that there might be a worry for producers regarding potential diminishing returns for the franchise. They might worry that a fresh UNKNOWN face will not be enough to bring Bond back up to Skyfall levels, especially if No Time To Die doesn't perform the way it needs to (even taking COVID into consideration). So they might want to go with someone recognizable, that will drum up interest beyond "I want to see the new Bond", and bring in a decent fanbase that "want to see X as the new Bond". Mind you, that could very well turn into a Battfleck situation if, again, the material ain't right. Personally, I would have taken this time to seriously plan ahead who I would want to try and lure to the writing and directing slots, not just acting.
  7. A simultaneous release helps no one. Maybe Mulan is not an outright disaster, but it's proven that for a huge movie, unless you can reach 200 million subscribers with a $5 cost instead of 4 million subscribers with a $30 cost, streaming is not profitable. They DO need the huge global release for big tentpole blockbusters, both for the theatrical revenue and the buzz that then builds for digital (people purchasing digital most likely watched it in cinemas int he first place - you skip cinemas or give the streaming alternative, then you're literally cutting your potential earnings by half or more). And for cinemas, it's a losing proposition anyway, since people just aren't going to the movies and it would set a bad precedent for when things do eventually get back to a semblance of normality. I can't see Bond sticking around either. I expect chains will start shutting down locations indefinitely (can't see the December releases actually opening either) and come spring, should there be a vaccine, there will be restructurings, mergers, purchases, etc.
  8. If only he'd worked out more, the virus would not have been able to get through his defenses. 😐
  9. This. In early August, in the Tenet thread, this is what I said: Firstly, I did believe Mulan COULD reach 30% of subscribers, but obviously the WOM and handling of the release fucked that. But my point stands that, if Disney fucked up, then other studios, with far smaller reach on streaming are fucked unless they go proper wide, as they would with theatrical - hit every platform or, yes, I would love to see someone approach Netflix. Netflix may not play ball, sure, but it's the only way to replicate a global release as you would with a cinema distribution model. PVOD platforms just aren't a thing in most of the world, whereas Netflix is everywhere. And the potential increase in subscribers that Netflix would get might make them interested. The key for me though remains having a much lower price point, but for a rental, not purchase.
  10. Pfeffel can just pull for cinemas like he did pubs - IT'S OUR PATRIOTIC DUTY TO GO SUPPORT BOND! Free Union Jacks upon entrance. Wait... there's a black woman 00? SHUT 'EM DOWN!
  11. One estimate has that, and its 2-3 times more than any others, hence unlikely to be true based on it being the anomaly. Not to mention Disney themselves would have mentioned something. It's not impossible, but unlikely. Perhaps we will eventually find out more. I mean, there's a big difference between 260 and 130 million. Don't get me wrong, it's still a big number and a studio would badly need that money right about now, but still, a big difference. And when you have a 200 million production, that obviously plays a large factor in whether they delay for theatrical or not. There's also the fact that Europe might become a doubt for theatrical - anything can happen in terms of lockdowns and shuttering of venues/further reducing capacity (or, at the very least, consumer confidence likely decreasing even more) so if a theatrical revenue is impossible for a lot of major markets, then it's performance on D+ would need to be extraordinary to make up for it. Personally, I would want to see it on the big screen, but I'll settle for D+ since I just want a superhero fix...
  12. I'd pay 20 quid on top of the subscription fee for Black Widow. Hopefully if they go down the D+ route they don't to greedy, keep a lower price, even if that comes with a limited 72 hrs or smth rental, rather than ownership... But Soul? I would be content to wait.
  13. The first one was so heavily dependent on domestic, I just can't see them counting on international to such an extent that it will make up for lost revenue in North America. Not to mention, there's not necessarily encouraging signs throughout the rest of the world either. Just go to 2021 and stop the constant hoping around (Tenet did that and see how that well worked out). Delaying only a few weeks will mean either you're burning ad money or you're not promoting enough to avoid spending that cash (which, in turn, will hurt the release hype). May 2021, GvK isn't that huge a headliner right now anyway.
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