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  1. reddevil19

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    Wow. This was terrible. Trying to think of some redeemable qualities, but struggling to find any. I went in expecting schlock, a potential guilty pleasure, but this was sooo much worse than that. Terrible acting, horrid editing, uninspired or downright bad cinematography which made the crap action seem boring at best and unintelligible at worst (they had the one sequence with the giants that might have been interesting, had they actually had enough of a budget to make it look good), absolutely atrocious CG (there was the one scene at night, with loads of creatures, where they honestly looked like out of a PS2 game - I know that line is used superfluously on the internet, but GODDAMN!), the over-the-top and unnecessary gore and disgusting images (Del Toro's movies had some amazing creature design, without resorting to this kind of shit), the jokes that didn't land 95% of the time... And on and on and on. I honestly think that I might have been able to look at it as some crappy, cheesy movie if they cut some of that gratuitous shock factor out. It was so OTT it went beyond shock and awe and just became tiring to watch. I personally think the Fant4stic disaster was far less of a dumpster fire than this.
  2. He's a white guy in the past. Hence solving Nolan's non-diversity issue. To be played by Tom Hardy...
  3. reddevil19

    The Lion Roars: King over 200 mil OW Club

    Yeah, I'm in on this. Looking at the OW for BATB, Incredibles 2... Don't see why not. Thinking it opens over The Last Jedi.
  4. Seems well received so far. Might give The Joker a run for its money this year...
  5. Good increase in a vacuum, but let's see the rest of the top 10 as well.
  6. WB to run with "Untitled Chris Nolan Event Movie" posters and cinema standees. Just a shadowy profile pic of Nolan.
  7. I can barely claim to understand box office patterns as most of the true experts on this board. But still, that's why I read the board, so I can get insight. As such... How in the holy fuck are some people so puzzled at the Monday numbers? It's so far displaying a family movie behaviour. If the Tue drop is small, then sure, we can start being worried. But for now... What's so shocking?
  8. Neither of them had trailers at that stage... Would be hilarious if it's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood or something. But more likely, it's all bullshit. Fucking hate those kind of tweets.
  9. I agree with the essence with your post, but the point is that the DC brand and the character itself ARE there and ARE the selling points. The usual Scorsese-like crime drama won't be a huge blockbuster by modern (and especially superhero) movie standards, but if you put one of the most popular comic book characters (and arguably the #1 villain) front-and-centre, it does change the equation a bit. I do think it won't have good legs - except maybe traditional markets that embrace this as an award movie, should it actually be that quality. But the curiosity factor is huge and will lead to some big openings pretty much everywhere except Asia (though I wouldn't be shocked if Indonesia surprised us with some insane numbers). I feel like there are so many variables here, which could take the movie into the SS-type numbers or keep it around Shazam. I honestly can't decide one way or another, and likely won't be able to until late summer, when we've had more footage and likely more insight into its supposed quality and worldwide release pattern (including China).
  10. That would be so amazing, and I would be sooo curious to see its performance. It could easily be a huge opening day and then it will crater...
  11. This definitely seems like it would do well in some western markets, but its appeal (beyond initial release curiosity factor) in Asian markets might be the obstacle that keeps this from being TRULY huge. Will be interesting in any case.
  12. Meh. Wouldn't say best, but it would be among the top ones and definitely occupy a unique spot. It's very baffling. You have an Oscar-winning director, just give him the money and time to finish it off. This reboot does nothing but further bury the character and reduce chances of him making it back on screen in the near future...
  13. So... 40 OS-C, 40 China, 50 domestic as an OW for Shazam? Haven't been able to go through all the details... If so, 300 WW should be the target. Ouch. Not a disaster, given the budget, but still... Would have hoped for Ant Man numbers - though if it develops good domestic legs, the studio's revenue retention compared to other markets might mitigate the OS results...

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