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  1. I already miss going to the cinema. For me, there's little that can compare in terms of experiencing a movie to being in a packed cinema for the opening weekend of a massive blockbuster. It's just far more entertaining than watching at home. And I'm willing to bet I'm not alone in this. Not to mention that after weeks and weeks of social isolation (and no, it won't be 18 months - the world economy cannot handle everything being shut down for 18 months, not when so much of it is based on services), people will want to socialize - that includes cinemas. There will be reticence immediately after things reopen, but then there will be huge demand. Studios would be stupid not to see the opportunity in keeping some huge movies like Black Widow, WW84 or Mulan in reserve, ready to go ultra-wide once things settle.
  2. One model, so far without peer review. However, if proven accurate, my main takeaway from that is it could become a regular seasonal occurrence. If that's the case and all models point to that by summer, worldwide policy will change and this will no longer be treated as the fucking plague, but rather the flu. A few more strict measures for the season for the elderly, before an effective vaccine is developed for large scale distribution before 2021 season, but otherwise business as usual - including leisure activities.
  3. Exactly - there's time; they can observe Disney with BW, and go from there
  4. What? Disney's strategy is to sabotage an MCU movie and a live-action remake? And replace them with their "usual" blockbusters? Which is...what, exactly?
  5. Meh, this didn't help, sure, but if Flybe were in a healthy position, they would have survived with reducing frequency, cutting routes, some unpaid leave, etc. Which is what the likes of Virgin, Cathay, Lufthansa and numerous other huge carriers are doing. Flybe was on borrowed time, so don't think that's such a valid point. Having said that, as someone that works in travel - yeah, demand has tanked and numerous other companies will fold because of this. I think it's impossible for numerous other industries to remain unscathed the longer this goes on, and cinemas will become exposed soon enough. Either with people voluntarily skipping cinema-going (and that potentially starting a vicious circle of studio delays due to lack of people in cinemas, and people less likely to take the risk with nothing to see, due to delays) or with mandated closures - there will be a downturn.
  6. I honestly think that might be a mistake. I think Catwoman will be judged even more harshly than Batman and his gadgets if it doesn't look "right" from a still (even due to something like her size). I think they should save Catwoman for an action clip/interaction with Batman, with both in their costumes. Might be hard to keep it under wraps, but that's how I'd do it.
  7. TBH, I hate the idea of this coming out a year later than originally scheduled, especially since the delay to June was specifically due to them wanting a better schedule, and Gal is like the only woman I have a crush on, and want to see her in the role sooner rather than later. But, on the other hand... why the hell not? Worked for Aquaman and this could SERIOUSLY rule the holiday season. Move Dune forward. Late Oct!
  8. I think it's more likely that by late spring this peaks to the point where there's nowhere further to spread, death rates plateau and start declining, it becomes the new normal and things move on. I think too many people forget just how many people were infected and died of the swine flu and just how easily people got used to it (especially as that was affecting younger populations, whereas this isn't).
  9. I mean... yeah, I get it. That whole "starting off" vibe means more tactical gear/realistic car mod rather than a tank, but... Fuck, I miss the Tumbler.
  10. I think this will set off the domino effect. F9 to follow. Curious if WB blinks with WW84. If they leave it too late, they might find it difficult to get a decent release date due to other movies moving. On the other hand, if they stick to June and things settle by then, they might be the first huge movie to hit after a big drought in cinemas...
  11. If by the time this is close to release things are looking bad, considering the worldwide launch of Disney+, as crap as it would be, maybe they can use this new platform and combine a pay-per-view option for existing subscribers with a discounted sub for new ones during the "launch weekend". Of course, they could all decide to push everything back - if current production schedules get affected, then holding tent poles back for 6-12 months will allow studios to fill those slots. One way or another, studios will weather the storm. Cinemas - particularly small chains or independent ones - are a bigger question mark, if this is a prolonged situation.
  12. Definitely growth needed OS, but let's not use CM as some kind of example of a movie "connecting" OS. That did what is now the standard MCU numbers, especially given its placement in-between IW and EG. and the character's prominence post-IW, pre-EG...
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