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  1. That would require much better Fri and Sat increases than we've seen so far from Joker. Let's see, hopefully they're right, but I'm looking at two milion less right now.
  2. I don't think it's necessarily the idea of that itself, but how it's executed. There's that scene in the plane that is just eye-rolling for me. But otherwise I didn't mind it. I had far bigger issues with the plot, especially everything to do with the new future.
  3. Dark Fate releasing in some markets. Even if it's not big, it's taking away screens. Reckon a 45% drop or so.
  4. I mean... There were a lot of cringe-worthy scenes, some terrible cgi at times, some bad acting, but also some good moments from Hamilton, a couple decent jokes from Arnie and the action had its moments. Overall watchable, though it's not miles better than Genysis, IMO. I think I preferred that movie's plot to this one (lol, plot...) but that was tragically hamstrung by such charisma voids playing the leads. 6/10 for some entertaining action.
  5. Errr...ok? Extra Bruce Lee scenes, to piss of China?
  6. Haha, Would be funny, but don't think so. Still think TROS does 700+ OS.
  7. Thinking: $2.41 (-36%) $2.21 (-8%) $4.75 (+115%) $6.79 (+43%) $4.48 (-34%) $16.02M weekend (roughly 45% drop - I'm expecting mid-to-high 40's drops for the next couple of weekends, domestically and internationally)
  8. The Untouchables steps, in Union Station... Homage to Potemkin, of course, but I imagine that scene is far more known to general audiences than the original.
  9. Except it's not. Monday's figure ended up matching close to actual by accident - he's either been too high or too low on his drops on every day, and it all pretty much stems from his screwing up Columbus Day. Good chance his Tue/Wed will be off as well, with too low an increase/decrease respectively.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/oct/21/joker-mental-illness-joaquin-phoenix-dangerous-misinformed Lol. Glad to see The Guardian's not giving up on this.
  11. Actual went up each time, so hoping we see 740+ with finals.
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