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  1. My local Cineworld has a LieMax, and it tends to be quite good, presentation-wise, so unless it's filmed in IMAX (in which case I endure the horrible seats at the BFI), I'm ok with that. Even the rest of the 2D and 4DX screens are ok for the most part. As I said, I think I'm just too cheap. hahaha
  2. In what universe is Joker the most acclaimed CBM of all time? Oscar nods aren't everything in terms of acclaim. Aquaman as a Christmas release, with no competition and over a year after JL isn't as relevant as you make it out to be. I really don't understand why you'd be so dismissive of a comment that I think is balanced. It's like people jumping up with "TROS is still a huge success", ignoring all the movie's issues and how that might impact the greater brand. I'm simply saying that the movie will be closer to Shazam than all the other huge DC movies so, in that context, it being well-received is very important for the brand, to continue building its reputation. And, yes, that reputation is not strong enough for the brand to put anything out and turn out huge results (as Shazam itself proved - and BoP most likely will). At this point in time, DC's results are still very much tied to the characters' popularity, unlike Marvel, and a big stinker is enough to harm the buzz for their next project, even if it's along the lines of "BoP is bad, gives credence to rumors/reports that WW84 is a mess, months of negative buzz, a deflated OW for it and lower legs than the first". Yes, WW84 will still be a success in that situation, but it would still mean wasted potential if 20-30-50 million are left on the table as a result.
  3. Ok, that's fine - I'm just talking abut what DC needs, not what I want personally. This isn't going to make SS money, in order to be profitable enough that no one gives a shit about the reception. As such, with Shazam-level box office, if it's not well-received, the ink will pour, about DC's demise once more, and they don't need that press before WW84 this summer. They need the brand confidence to keep growing, leading to WW84 opening around Captain Marvel numbers or better.
  4. Similar to Shazam, it's more important for this to have good reviews and be well-received than for it to make huge amounts, in order to maintain DC on a positive roll, quality-wise.
  5. I have an Everyman literally a three minute walk down the road from work. However, I just can't bring myself to go. For any truly cinematic event, I want a huge screen - both in terms of actual screen and auditorium (I enjoy large crowds during OW for blockbusters, it's part of the experience for me) and for anything smaller, I have my Cineworld card anyway, so I can't justify paying for it. Hell, even when I go with someone without a card, we tend to compromise on Vue and do like Xtreme, for 8 quid... Long story short... I'm cheap.
  6. Ah, but it's due for an expansion, now that it was nominated for Best Score!
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/10/03/police-theaters-brace-violence-warner-bros-joker-opens-controversy/ https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-10-05/joker-opens-heavy-police-presence-theaters https://www.reuters.com/article/us-film-joker-opening/security-stepped-up-as-joker-opens-in-u-s-movie-theaters-idUSKBN1WI2I4 https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1183403/joker-movie-release-date-incel-terror-plot-aurora-2012-batman-shooting-spt https://www.thewrap.com/us-army-base-issues-warning-over-potential-shooting-threat-related-to-joker/
  8. Wait... there's a dragon in this?! I mean, a guy speaking to animals (most likely as a result of narcotics-fueled hallucinations) is fine, but why are there dragons?
  10. Knives Out didn't have broad support. It was always a long shot. The Actress categories - both lead and supporting - are INCREDIBLY weak. Like, pathetic, really... No issue with Endgame's sole nomination. Shame TROS had more than that, but there you are.
  11. I'm a bit disappointed. This looks just as much a straight-up early-2000's origin story, with little imagination as Venom, but seems to be missing the insanity of that movie (mostly down to Hardy). Not bad, just...meh. Hoping the next trailer is better.
  12. The fact that he got in over Taika, Baumbach and Greta, regardless of precursors - given the potential backlash - IS a huge surprise. Banderas showing here, given his precursors, is also a big surprise. Also no editing for OUATIH is a surprise - first real sign of weakness. Was thinking OUATIH/Mendes split, but after this... Parasite might just grab the BP.
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