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  1. Quake

    Annabelle 3 | July 3, 2019 | Warner Bros

    just keep on bringing these movies in the Conjurinng universe and i am a happy camper. The Nun is what i am so damn stoked to see and i want a release date for Conjuring 3 and another case for the Warrens with new creepy demons they can build on in this universe.
  2. This guy always been a loon and so far up Disneys ass. By everything he tweets i am 95% sure he is getting payed by them.
  3. Quake

    Aquaman - Over $354,000,000 Domestic

    Why are they like that.
  4. Quake

    Aquaman - Over $354,000,000 Domestic

    Your contribution here in this thread and other DCU threads does not sound very neutral to me.
  5. Quake

    Aquaman - Over $354,000,000 Domestic

    Of course an MCU Troll would say that.
  6. Quake

    Aquaman - Over $354,000,000 Domestic

    Are you a troll ? The hype is building more and more. Its already in top movies on IMDb and its 5 months from its release.
  7. Why is the Joker movie an issue. It opens a MONTH before WW2 seriously the people thinking this is an issue need to get a grip.
  8. Quake

    Annabelle 3 | July 3, 2019 | Warner Bros

    Does that mean Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson will be in this one ? I also hope we soon hear about Conjuring 3. I heard The Nun looked creepy as hell. Can’t wait
  9. Star Wars was a monster hit without comic book geeks with such a poster.

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