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  1. I knew that The Good Title of the film referenced that both were liars. I knew she knew and thought she didn't tell her grandson she knew. The film boasts the best acting this year, but that convoluted ending adding an entire event shown in flashbacks after the big reveal in order to explain it was overboard, overkill, and overload on my mystery solving senses. I would enjoy it more if the moment he realized that he didn't have the keypad, she is seen boarding a plane to vacation with her grandson and his fiance. Boom, end. And who uses those kind of keypads anyway?
  2. in all fairness, I was half asleep when seeing this. the accent that D Craig used was more annoying then not and the subposition to establish the whole crime was cool, but not that any detective could find it, rather the detective recites the cool premise of a plot from the script, they were making a cool story resolution, without setting it up.
  3. I enjoyed this film. the trailers ruined something in that I expected the theme of dirty cops to be the ones that killed all the cops in the very beginning. It turned out that dirty cops was merely into the forefront after the bad sharpshooter was killed. The actual depth of the film was hidden and made seeing the film a surprise. I would have sold the film as Chadwick does cop film in new york and all I know about the story is that they close 21 bridges. I am coming to hate trailers and overspoiling of a film. this one was less enjoyable because of the deceptive trailer. still a great film
  4. like the Alien franchise, every new installment needs to add something to the mythos, the idea of a super enhanced human that gets drained standing up to a robot for so long, is this films major revelation. that the robots can split into two is another. Those are risky additions to the terminator canon universe, and it detracts from the film keeping par with the first two amazing films.
  5. It was a tough story to tell, and they kept going back to the painting as if it represented the heart of the film. I found that emphasis to be the source of why it didn't work for me. I get it, and didn't have to have it spelled out for me. Focus on the characters and show don't tell. Still great acting, great story. Won't win any awards.
  6. gosh I am the poor soul that could only find One film that would start and end before work that day. I call this a macho comedy, in the same vein as Tooth Fairy was. Put a guy with big muscles in a funny situation...frolic ensues. Half of the laughs were added/forced, seeing all the macho men dance, or serving Spamekfast (spam quisine). Half are expected/situational, use a firehose to make bubbles fill the room, kid flies in air but won't let go of hose. And as I drove home I thought about THE (spoiler alert.....awe, no one will see this or even read this) WEDDING at the end. She was his therapist from a childhood trama. That is so uncool. "From the drive home, it now occurs to me I liked the film even less and less with each passing day. Pretty soon I will hate it, but not before its DVD release.
  7. I didn't know the story that this film was based, and so I enjoyed it more. I know that this film did an impressive job capturing the southern accents, the acting was spot on. I just found the film to drag on a bit too much without really raising the stakes. And it didn't really have the sports' victory ending that makes this sort of film satisfying. It was a well crafted work, and I did enjoy it.
  8. They have youth coming of age in every country at every time. This one is hard to do but it was done with risk.
  9. I gave this a B and I was hoping to score it higher. I really felt let down. First of all this film follows a superhero formula, as a child discovers powers and evil power people come, and the classic showdown. I suspect that Shiners (fans of original) and Horror fans, would not like that. I liked Firestarter, and Dead Zone, so I am okay with it, but I didn't expect it. Second, it was a bit long and wasn't paced perfectly. I felt it could be shorter but also needed more in some areas to explain certain things. We are led to assume that the evil hotel works better on shiners and will affect the bad girl more than our heroes. Why? we conveniently move locale to the hotel but it is only of convenience that we go there, the previews said we go there, the fans will expect it. But wouldn't the evil force there make it the worst choice? I never bought the connection, and releasing the boxes for an epic showdown was more of a cinematic letdown. I see what they wanted to do, but it just didn't work for me. Now the baseball boy stuff was dishearteningly amazing and the cast was incredibly amazing as well. It all added up to a B. I really wish it earned an A.
  10. I think this was a risk taking venture that came together and became a memorable film. I agree with the review above that there are hints of Wes Anderson merged with Life Is Beautiful. I think the comic use of Hitler is the initial draw to see this film, and the dramatic themes override the comic ones. Still, with heart at its core, this film will make people leave the theater with a dance step in their heart. I bet it will be on the wildcard list for an oscar nom for best picture or director. I would also consider best supporting actor or best screenplay as well.
  11. I was glad to see that J Cameron was involved with this production. He really knows how to build an action movie. This one delivers. The story line is easy to just go with it,better than Salvation or the TV show. The action and effects were great. And the superfight choreography was top notch. I agree that this is a gift to the fans.
  12. cute at best. I would have been better as a pg 13 film since its audience will be mostly teens who read reviews like this on their phone. Again, Wanda Sykes was the best part of the film.
  13. I wondered if this film could live up to the hype. Oscars anyone? better than Jack Heath Jared? Now going for a statue their are actually possibilities here. I won't say he did better than the others Only because this film has him the lead and the other films merely a side character. But Joquaine did a mesmerizing job. The story is dark, and it need to be to truly set up a tragic character like Joker. He got noticed as the city falls apart, and he is the host of his own show. and he painted his shoes with the blood of a non-listener, who apparently didn't remember they were connected once.
  14. my mom saw it with Abbyists. She liked it, but isn't per se interested in following the show. At least the movie was complete for someone who never saw the show. and her friends who love the show loved the movie. I think Abbey vs zombies would make a great film.
  15. this film has a few scenes that area among the best in the business. "father to a murdered son' speech alone is one I never get tired of watching. All the performances are great. And I didn't expect that going in.
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