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  1. I thought the character arcs as friendships change and evolve was the best, if not the only, surprise not found in the trailers. The comedy was great, though I saw most of it in trailers, so how the pieces fit together was refreshing. While the young actors did great work, the screenplay that shows us how little they know while thinking they know so much gave an added level of pleasure. This was so much like many of us at that age. This comedy only suffers from having most of its moments spoiled from trailers, and I should have avoided them knowing from the teaser and the cast, that I would see this opening weekend. A lesson we all need to learn me thinks.
  2. you must be on vacation right now. I hope you are viewing Good Boys, since you can review it before me. Just post it and other currents so we can do it before the molly wears off. thx
  3. If they sell it to Disney, we can see some amazing crossovers. All films not in production will cease and a new phase one integration will emerge. That would be worth violating antitrust.
  4. I think teens will like this one. Like all Horror films, once you, or the characters understand the magic and how to defeat it, then the film is less scary and more action. That makes this kind of horror film anti-climactic for me. But watching each teen get what's coming, and the variety of monsters that each on faces was nice. these were teens that I cared about. And between you and me, I like to have fluoride and zinc in my system for optimum health. so who is the real villain here.
  5. I liked this film and found it to be an entertaining Formulaic summer blockbuster. The banter between the two stars was humorous and the action scenes were well choreographed. I did find some of the action scenes laughable, for example when characters are not wearing seat belts during high speed chases involving jumps. There was so much unrealistic action needed to allow the film to show us an exciting never-seen-before summer action scene that I couldn't suspend my disbelief in order to get sucked in to the action. I enjoyed laughing at this and still came away pleased. I bet it will make money, and have a sequel. Note to studio. Have Ryan Renolds' character visit the same bar used in Deadpool. You can even put Hobbs and Shaw on someone's pool to be killed on the chalkboard for an amazing easter egg.
  6. I liked this film. there were enough jokes and plot kept out of the previews for it to be unexpected. It will have a strong shelf life since it was greatly missed in theaters. I didn't have it on my must see list, but I am glad that I did.
  7. I give out a lot of B scores when I like a film. to get an A is much harder. this film got the A as I was completely immersed. I watched this film in wo ways, as a stand alone Sony Spiderman sequel, and as a finishing phase 3 Marvel film. This film did more to tease phase 4 than Endgame did, imho. but I might be missing things that are a part of comic lore and such. As a spidey film, there were a few minor problems. the comic banter between happy and peter was more miss than hit, but comedy in an action film is always like that. GOTG got it right but they were aliens that had alien relationships. here we have people. that whole plane blows up/ new plan to escape scene from the trailer turned me off a bit, and I was glad there wasn't much of that lame joke level. I've since watched a few youtube vids that explain all the easter eggs in this film and make solid predictions for what is coming next in phase 4. I am hoping Marvel can sustain momentum as it diverges into new territory. Hoping new heros and storylines will be like GOTG. something everyone hooks onto and continues to follow as much as cap a and spidy.
  8. my favorite part of the original movie was the celebrity quips and Enquirer jokes. Michael Jackson was an alien? Who could they pick for this film? they didn't mock anyone current. I thought that Chris kept his overweight intoxicated character from another film into this one. It was mostly bland and unmemorable. tommy Lee Jones was by the book and spot on. The characters in the original were much crisper. Every time I see Liam Neeson on the screen it looks like he was put there with cgi. it was distracting, but the effects were for the most part fine for the film. the previews suggested that this hive would copy all of the MIB and take over from within. I was disappointed with that absence. the accounting agent with suspicions was not enough to make this feel complete. I am surprisingly at a loss for words, but I just did not like this film. I am at least glad the reviews above tend to agree with me.
  9. I liked it more than I thought after reading some lame reviews in the papers. One review talked about the ethics on/off switch that is depressed by mr suicide in the beginning. That was accurate, as I found it to be weak for setting things in motion, still better than voodoo. The film should have set up more with mr basement creepy who has hidden cameras and brings the doll back for his tech connections allowing greater creepiness. My favorite moment in these films is where the ones who know no longer need to convince anyone because the bad guy shows himself in full force and wrecks havoc. This film does that splendidly. The acting was great and the puppet was definitely not cgi, which helped a lot. This was different enough from the original and a solid homage to the original source. Perfect blend.
  10. it is horrible. By now it is probably leaving theaters (opening week) and you should not worry about missing this, nor should you waste 1 mg for streaming it. There is gore, bad jokes, slow and dull plot, and an unsatisfying ending. They even discuss the script of the movie In the movie. This was going so badly they didn't even spend the 100,000 needed to fix the script and repair and thus finish it. I would have liked it more if Selina Gomez were lying there half eaten on the screen for a few seconds. a close up of her would improve this. so would a cameo by Harold Ramus, though not by much. And none of the characters that die say something funny as they die. What a missed opportunity. This film will cure insomnia, and any work-related stress since it is so much worse than my job.
  11. Thematically, that was necessary. Not well executed, but reminiscent of Woody and Buzz' first conflict too. And a girl liking the cowpatty in not unexpected.
  12. I know that kids will enjoy many elements of this film. but, they will not like it as much as kids liked the first one nor will they like it as much as other kid films coming out. (presumption there) For a child there are too many characters arguing about incomprehensible things like the feeling a toy has when she is away from a kid free to join the sandbox and make oodles of children happy being compared to the feeling of purpose when your child has grown up and you now sit on a shelf having fulfilled your purpose. To a child so much of this film is meh at best. To me, it was drama that was not developed well. As a writer, I am a time traveler. If my character will chose to stay with an old friend over a new one, I can go back to the beginning of the story and add a scene where the character debates this choice. Now when they decide to stay, it is a resolution to an established problem. This film wanted to surprise the viewer and leave a mess of no-depth heart-warming sentiment that does nothing. Adults will enjoy this one the least too. And it was off to a great start, with Forky wanting to be trash. That was nice, and somehow abandoned to worse storylines. And the idea of toys adjusting the brakes on a car, and the voice for GPS not kicking in when the toys mimic that voice for a counter direction, the film simply loses credibility. My problem is not seeing this with kids, so I could just get up and leave. It wasn't bad enough to ignore my $10.00 ticket, but it was not good enough either. Like the Marvel Universe, they leave us wondering how the series will continue. Frankly, I no longer care.
  13. The Dead Don't Die. I have to give it an F as soon as possible to spare anyone else from seeing it. Please add this quick as lives are at stake. I was this close to offing myself when I realized that I could write a scathing review and live another day. (I now remember family friends job and upcoming releases to keep me positive indefinitely) Still, this film is so bad I need to share it. The characters in the film actually discuss (in the dialogue) how bad the film is and how the script says it is not going to end well. Tilda Swinton at least escaped Total ridicule (leaving partial ridicule) when an alien shipped picked her up. No alien subplot. no alien action scenes, And no I'm not kidding. It was That bad. At least Bill Murray lost some weight
  14. Resetting things is one thing, but this is different. They could have new Patrick/Ian stories set in the new timeline created through time travel in DFP. that would be nice in print (actors age out). Their story was that Jean Grey mutated her powers and had them contained by the prof. This story claims an alien force (that created the universe and destroys worlds) did this to her. Like the origins of the Fantastic Four, this is total mind messing for fans of comics. I was a fan of original films (cannon?) and feel messed with. If she doesn't want to do more movies, just replace the actress as her ability would allow that easily. add one pithy line of dialogue: "I like that new look" and respect the timeline. Every actor in this kind of franchise should fear replacement and stop squabbling over how many million they are worth. .
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