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  1. cute at best. I would have been better as a pg 13 film since its audience will be mostly teens who read reviews like this on their phone. Again, Wanda Sykes was the best part of the film.
  2. I wondered if this film could live up to the hype. Oscars anyone? better than Jack Heath Jared? Now going for a statue their are actually possibilities here. I won't say he did better than the others Only because this film has him the lead and the other films merely a side character. But Joquaine did a mesmerizing job. The story is dark, and it need to be to truly set up a tragic character like Joker. He got noticed as the city falls apart, and he is the host of his own show. and he painted his shoes with the blood of a non-listener, who apparently didn't remember they were connected once.
  3. my mom saw it with Abbyists. She liked it, but isn't per se interested in following the show. At least the movie was complete for someone who never saw the show. and her friends who love the show loved the movie. I think Abbey vs zombies would make a great film.
  4. this film has a few scenes that area among the best in the business. "father to a murdered son' speech alone is one I never get tired of watching. All the performances are great. And I didn't expect that going in.
  5. Yes the film was rich and the character portrayed by Brad Pitt was nuanced and worthy of recognition, but that couldn't save me from focus on the many glaring issues with this film. First we had a gratuitous action scene with shooting in space chasing each other with dune buggies. It was big in the previews, un necessary in the film, and poorly executed. It did tell us that comandos can't see the enemy approaching in the future, Astronaut and science geeks can still shoot and drive best to save the day, And when the whole world is in peril, we still fight each other ad nauseam. From that scene and throughout the film, space suits are apparently supersuits. They never run out of air, and even when punctured, all you need to do is hold the tear tight with your hand and then it is fixed. He even lets go of the tear and walks safely into the base. I guess duck tape (not seen) does have more uses than Nasa imagined. Now the premise I caught from the previews was an estranged father's experiments now threaten humanity. Turns out he is as estranged as ever, cooperative as ever, tried but failed to save us, and the son, talked to, forgave, and gave himself 3 hours to get out. Meanwhile blasts from Neptune continually bombard Mars,Moon, and Earth and they are unaffected right there. And with no discussion about food reserves, air reserves, and fuel, I guess we can ride the nuclear detonation all the way back. It took him 71 days to get there, yet he is the only one who remains clean shaven during the affair. Everyone other big name, Donald and Tommy Lee go beard. With all the phych. evaluations I wonder why they get razers. And they jettison bodies so their families can not have a proper burial, yet our protagonist hopes to be retrieved some day. and all they found in space is that we are alone? That is almost as anticlimatic an ending as Contact. Give me an alien baboon, anything. I was led to believe this film was going to be an action film. Now the idea of prying off a door in zero g to jump off and still get through the asteroid belt unscathed is what scifi is all about. suspending disbelief. Like when he fell off an orbiting satellite and stayed conscious and survived re entry. I knew from the beginning I would hate it and I was right. don't give me a sequel with baboons and Donalds estranged daughter.
  6. I liked it much less than the first one, and even less than many other recent horror films. First of all, young adults getting eaten and scarred is more interesting than adults. None of them felt natural. They each had to 'come up with their artifact'. where did the film makers come up with that? Each one goes on their own, has something that personally scares them from a past memory, faces that fear, retrieves the artifact, Do all the artifacts combine to release a giant turtle? I don't know nor do I care. I guessed that the dude that called them back to town created that to help them conquer their own fear, but it has no other value. That process made this film a predictable formula, where the only shocker was how the evil-influenced bad people would play into this. That was not as prevalent in the story, leaving the predictable formula to carry us for too long. Of course I knew the ending could allow a sequel. This eternal thing doesn't die, and kids in 27 years meeting 60 y o survivors might make an intriguing continuation. I liked how children are tougher than before, the girl doesn't go off with a stranger, yet gets lured to her demise eventually. And that boy should have called his dad for help with a baseball bat. That theme was overkill. Was that the same kid from Toothfairy? he is aging well if he is. The worst part was the cell phone / flashlight viewing that needs to stop. I fear a clown will someday eat you. Everyone deals with the films boredom differently. sigh
  7. I loved this film full well expecting some unorthodox storytelling. the mad family, the secrets in the house, and a twist at the end. I was never sure which brother in the story matched with which brother from the prologue. I knew it would end back in that room where it all began. Onstar sucks worse than everyone's aim. My favorite 'unexpected' moments: early on when the couple are in bed and the old grump is watching them, and when the bride slaps the boy who proved himself to a lower power.
  8. I like the films by the Kendrick brothers, and chose not to be too spoiled before seeing this film. It was the right course as I really enjoyed the discovery of this gem. This is a faith based film, so there is going to be dialogue that may distance you from the characters. I try to sink right in. I think this stand alone story is very down to Earth and uplifting. I will put it on this summer's top ten. A pleasant change from superheroes scares, and sex comedies,
  9. I thought the character arcs as friendships change and evolve was the best, if not the only, surprise not found in the trailers. The comedy was great, though I saw most of it in trailers, so how the pieces fit together was refreshing. While the young actors did great work, the screenplay that shows us how little they know while thinking they know so much gave an added level of pleasure. This was so much like many of us at that age. This comedy only suffers from having most of its moments spoiled from trailers, and I should have avoided them knowing from the teaser and the cast, that I would see this opening weekend. A lesson we all need to learn me thinks.
  10. you must be on vacation right now. I hope you are viewing Good Boys, since you can review it before me. Just post it and other currents so we can do it before the molly wears off. thx
  11. If they sell it to Disney, we can see some amazing crossovers. All films not in production will cease and a new phase one integration will emerge. That would be worth violating antitrust.
  12. I think teens will like this one. Like all Horror films, once you, or the characters understand the magic and how to defeat it, then the film is less scary and more action. That makes this kind of horror film anti-climactic for me. But watching each teen get what's coming, and the variety of monsters that each on faces was nice. these were teens that I cared about. And between you and me, I like to have fluoride and zinc in my system for optimum health. so who is the real villain here.
  13. I liked this film and found it to be an entertaining Formulaic summer blockbuster. The banter between the two stars was humorous and the action scenes were well choreographed. I did find some of the action scenes laughable, for example when characters are not wearing seat belts during high speed chases involving jumps. There was so much unrealistic action needed to allow the film to show us an exciting never-seen-before summer action scene that I couldn't suspend my disbelief in order to get sucked in to the action. I enjoyed laughing at this and still came away pleased. I bet it will make money, and have a sequel. Note to studio. Have Ryan Renolds' character visit the same bar used in Deadpool. You can even put Hobbs and Shaw on someone's pool to be killed on the chalkboard for an amazing easter egg.
  14. I liked this film. there were enough jokes and plot kept out of the previews for it to be unexpected. It will have a strong shelf life since it was greatly missed in theaters. I didn't have it on my must see list, but I am glad that I did.
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