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  1. Previews multis this summer have been very weird, so I'm gonna wait til we have the true Friday number to call a possible 65M-75M ow.
  2. maxscape

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    AM&TW Wednesday / with 'Incribles 2' holds/drops: Tuesday: $7,996,478 (+14.5%) / Wednesday: $5,829,432 (-27.1%). Actual number is better ($5,852,591) with "JWFK" holds/drops: Tuesday: $8,722,796 (+24.9%) / Wednesday: $5,818,105 (-33.3%). Actual number is still better. AM&TW Tuesday: $10,042,976. SO even when this scenario (-42%) looks awful, it's way better than with the "normal" summer blockbusters drops.
  3. maxscape

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    AM&TW is doing well, dailies are over Solo already, this weekend probably is gonna be over Solo's second weekend, and I expect next week daily drops to still being better than Solo's ones. I know is a bad comparison but for AM&TW that would mean 215M+ total gross. x2.75 seems good to me.
  4. My hopes are 115/300/800 I know it's way too optimistic but I think it could happen if the movie has good WOM and good reception from the critics... fingers crossed.

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