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  1. Here’s another interesting theory to cap the evening!: https://twitter.com/angelacrims/status/1010407537785688064?s=21
  2. Hey Y’all! I’m new around these parts! If you guys don’t know about Susan Sipal, you should check her out! Me and her collaborate on Fantastic Beasts theory videos! Check out her latest video on the possibility of Jinn in COG: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu6B1GExEAg On the subject of buzz and marketing, I currently work at an AMC in the Pittsburgh area. I’ve realized that the movies that tend to do well (aside from having noteable marketing outside the theater) tend to have their trailers exhibited frequently and with the biggest movies, and they do so leaving enough time between the start of exhibition of the first trailer, and the film release. FB2 has had its trailer play in front of all the following films, reliably, at my theater: Ready Player One Isle of Dogs Beirut Rampage Avengers: Infinity War Solo: A Star Wars Story Oceans 8 I’ve also heard that the trailer has played with Deadpool 2 and The Incredibles 2 internationally. Therefore, awareness in both the domestic and foreign markets should be stronger this time around, as its trailer is playing with more films, and bigger films, more often. For FB1, my manager told me that there was a failure to market it in a similar way because people thought it didn’t look commercially viable enough. It didn’t have trailers play with any of the films it was supposed to. For example, though it was recommended for play in front of Suicide Squad by WB, AMC decided to play the FB1 trailer in front of Nine Lives for those weekends in August. And despite all that, it still made 800 million + Worldwide. How well a film does depends in large part on how the film gets marketed in front of other films. FB2 is being marketed more consistently with some of the biggest films of the year in movie theaters. Our branch is expecting it to pull big business.
  3. De Rosier

    Crowd Reports Thread

    The Incredibles 2 June 22, 4:00 PM, 55% full AMC Waterfront 22, West Homestead, PA Trailers: The Grinch How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Christopher Robin Ralph Breaks The Internet Standard subdued weekday family reactions, though I was surprised at the lack of children’s tears! I thought some parts were creepy and intense! EPILEPSY! I loved it. It was so...”high brow” and complex for an animated film about a family of superheroes. “She doesn’t normally drip this much” 💧

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