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  1. Can't wait to see the 2nd trailer !! Probably 29th August, the Judgment day.
  2. Very mediocre trailer...... By the by 2005's Stealth had the same story line and did it better.
  3. In my country, 2019 ticket price is 3 times more than 2009 ticket price.
  4. You should also mention the 10 years' ticket price increase. Shouldn't you ?
  5. Disney has done a very costly blunder with pushing Avengers for the biggest box office worldwide. Because by doing this, they are losing the opportunity to use 'the sequel to biggest movie worldwide' campaign for Avatar 2 marketing and at least $500 million less box office (if not more) for Avatar 2. Instead, they are only getting $40-50 million box office for the Avengers box office record push. Very bad decision making..... Very unlike Disney marketing brain.
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