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  1. I understand the point being made here but I don't think that Batman v Superman aligns precisely with Spiderman. The precedent for Batman v Superman was that only recently Batman was in a trilogy of movies in which two instalments had just grossed over 1b. In addition to the character that had done this was added the most iconic superhero in the world. Both characters together, on screen, for the first time*. (*In a mainstream blockbuster release) Spiderman: Homecoming was a movie based around a character that, yes had proven himself a major box office draw in the past, but had just had an underwhelming box office with generally bad reviews and public sentiment and was fighting an inevitable public perception in places among the more casual moviegoer of "What? Another different one?". In terms of world box office, Spiderman is also a lot more US/parochial centric than Batman and especially Superman - and the "local/neighbourhood" aspect of Spiderman was particularly emphasised in the marketing for Homecoming. Batman v Superman didn't 'flop' in outright terms. And Spiderman: Homecoming could perhaps be considered a mild underperformance if one leans exclusively on the first two Raimi films as precedents and ignore that it was clearly positioned as a lesser contributor to the MCU. I suppose I also note that at a time that I wasn't going to the movies as often at the time - I didn't see either of these films in the cinema. I would suggest that to some extent neither of them really appealed to people who weren't automatically inherently interested in the idea of them. Which is born out by the legs of especially BVS.
  2. That's really great UK business for the Favourite. Nice to see Stan and Ollie having a reasonable opening as well. I have seen people talking about these movies on my casual social media as well so they seem to have got a bit of visibility. The Favourite will almost certainly outgross Into the Spiderverse and has an outside chance of outgrossing Bumblebee and Halloween. I would maintain that these are relatively disappointing numbers for Poppins. While it has made a lot of money, it probably won't reach Paddington 2 and it might not reach Peter Rabbit.
  3. As I suspected that Bumblebee figure is significantly higher than the one reported as the first estimate. It happened the previous week as well.
  4. The thing that makes the Hart's tweets issue difficult is that they weren't "anti-PC" or "Pre-woke" in the least. Nor were they attempted humour gone awkward. They were just mean spirited pieces of nastiness, that at the very least *appear* to be simply authentically held pieces of unpleasant personal belief. But everyone is capable of nastiness, and the unpleasant personal belief is one that lots of people apparently have, so it isn't something that will significantly impact my own perspective of his career. But implying that people who are genuinely changed in their opinions of Hart are being oversensitive in this case........mmmm nah, I kinda get it. The Upside looks like a decent film and it seems to be a good collection of personalities on screen. I'm probably going to check it out before I do Stan/Laurel, OTBOS and other movies that open this week in the UK.
  5. Because: - Guy Ritchie has a very distinct style, which has historically sometimes rubbed viewers up the wrong way. - Lots of people have a very close attachment to Robin Williams in the genie role, and some may simply be offput by anyone else doing what they see as sacrilege. - Certain musical set pieces that dominate perspectives of the animated movie will be very difficult to transition to live action (Never had a Friend, Prince Ali) - Traversing any snarky responses to a visually caucasian Jasmine. - People increasingly having it in the neck for Disney outside of their most banner releases. - Just a sliiiiiiightly odd release date that indicates that while it's not NOT being prioritised, that it isn't exactly BEING prioritised either. - Generally massive year for Disney meaning that it isn't even in their top 7 or 8 biggest name launches of 2019, so might get lost in the shuffle marketing and visibility wise. None of which is to say that I myself think it will either be bad or fail, but I certainly get that if one was going to stick one's neck out and call a surprise Disney flop/underperform this year, this might be the one you'd choose.
  6. I agree about the resiliency. But I'm not sure MPR goes in the bag as a "live action remake". It's a sequel, and a sequel from a film so old there wasn't really any box office format to go on. So I don't think it provides a template for the other three to that much of an extent. I think at present these remakes are going to be taken very much as their own individual beasts. I really don't like the live action remakes, but I think realistically if something as horrendously made as BATB made a huge amount, it pretty much establishes a floor for the Lion King, which is an even more beloved movie from the same time period. I can't honestly see TLK not ending up in the highest 20 grossers of all time, and probably top 10. I wish that weren't the case, but I just can't see any other eventuality. Aladdin I think could go in a lot of different directions. It's certainly the one that might actively receive the strongest backlash, and might legit flop. Dumbo I think is something of a different kettle of fish. It's going to be less close to the original than the above two and time means that there's much less of a nostalgia factor. I think this will be one where the reviews and immediate reception will actually make a difference.
  7. If I remember correctly, Bumblebee shifted quite significantly from its estimate last weekend. I may be wrong, though. Seems a bit on the low side and would be surprised it if doesn't finish above OTBOS.
  8. What do you mean by this? 3 more what? Because if this is an insinuation that MPR doing tepid box office means that Lion King isn't going to make a fortune then I'm not sure how to respond to that. And I say this as someone who really, really wishes Lion King wasn't going to make a fortune.
  9. Looking forward to this movie. Looks like the production team is a strong one and DC may well have some real momentum by then. Hopefully it can be the film that Suicide Squad should have been. Also, am I alone in thinking that it's perfectly reasonable to think that Lady Gaga did a good job in A Star Is Born and is a charismatic screen presence who I look forward to seeing more from whilst simultaneously thinking that her performance was neither complex nor nuanced enough to have any business being in awards consideration? It feels like one either needs to think that this non-actor is suddenly of world class calibre OR that they are awful and have no business being there, both of which is nonsense. As an addendum I haven't seen Glenn Close's performance yet, but Olivia Colman and Toni Collete's performances would definitely be comfortably worthy. Not that deserving anything makes any real difference at the Oscars but there is at least usually the one actually reasonable category among the dreck.
  10. Interesting since the film takes so many liberties with the original material that a down-the-line version of the actual stage show would almost seem like a completely different movie. I don't think you'd be touching Minelli's performance specifically since she doesn't play anything like the actual Sally Bowles as she's written. I think it may put off some Americans who are attached to the original, but actually WW I would agree with you that this would be a good idea in terms of Blunt and she would really pull it off. Don't know about Miranda's non-naturalistic chops though, not many actors in the US are trained that heavily outside of the Stanislavski system other than in some specialist courses, and a proper version of the Emcee needs an outstanding gestic performer. EDIT: Though if I could pick any Sally Bowles I'd go with Isla Fisher. That lady has been so appallingly underserved relative to her skill set.
  11. To be honest I suspect whatever happens these types will be convinced they're vindicated. If it's actually undeniably successful they'll simply retrofit that it's because it "wasn't" SJW-ey that it succeeded as happened somewhat with WW. Or that it was because they "bought" the success. Don't forget we're talking about a subsection of people here who will happily conflate people working for multinational corporations with 'Marxism' at the drop of a hat. I'm not sure they even have a consistent political ideological description at this point because I certainly wouldn't insult the average conservative by lumping them in with them. As for the trailer/look itself, it's clearly an improvement. It distances itself much more from the "Superhero: the Superhero movie" issue that the previous trailers have had given the brainwashing storyline and the seeming desire to be careful with giving away plot points, and the mixture of buddy road movie combined with space epic will certainly make it tonally unique. I'm reasonably optimistic, but it's still difficult to tell.
  12. Aside from anything to do with Singer. I just don't think that facsimile biopics* of the nature of Bohemian Rhapsody have any business being in the conversation for awards. And I would say the same thing if First Man was in the conversation. And I felt the same way about Gandhi, The King's Speech, The Queen, The Iron Lady, Ray, Ali, Lincoln, The Theory of Everything and several others. We are used to and seem to simply accept the idea that comedies and blockbusters don't/rarely get in the conversation, ostensibly because of the limits they have in exploring deeper concepts or themes but you can double or treble down on this for the facsimile biopic. By their nature they can be well made, enjoyable, successful, popular but to me there's just a fundamental limit in what they can ever actually try to achieve artistically. If you're accepting that's the case for blockbusters, comedies, horror as the awards bodies usually do, surely these limits apply even more to these biopics. They are just fundamentally artistically unambitious by their nature. *By "facsimile biopic" I refer to any biopic film that represents some kind of replication of the real life of a famous person, albeit with some artistic license to either simplify the person represented or more likely to make the film more digestible for the wide audience. This would contrast with biopics that attempt to use the person as a metaphor for the age in which they existed or a wider concept such as Wolf of Wall Street, Zodiac, The Social Network, Amadeus or The Favourite which aim much, much higher artistically.
  13. Ipickthiswhiterose

    Best Actress Predictions 2018

    Technically speaking having separate Actor and Actress competitions is indeed pointless. The same skill set is being evaluated and neither sex has a particular advantage over the other. But I think marketing and PR means that the merging really isn't a serious possibility. If anything the academy would probably want more high profile awards, not less. This is the first time in a while the Actress side of things seems much more interesting. Olivia Coleman's performance was brilliant. So was Toni Collette's, Saoirse Ronan's and by all accounts Glenn Close though I haven't seen the movie. A developing actress like Lady Gaga really has no business in the conversation, even though she did a really good job, but it would definitely pull in some public attention and she's clearly in the mix.
  14. Yeah, I was going to note that one. It's one of the best demonstrations of how ridiculous award season is. It was seemingly nominated entirely to save some embarrassment for everyone involved.
  15. I don't get how crusty some are that not everyone loved Aquaman. And I say this as someone who loved Aquaman. Like, maybe people just have different opinions. And I'm sure that most people are going to be just fine with Aquaman making 1b. Heck, even if someone hated it the chances are that between the 2 sets of Minions crap, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Michael Bay's nausea-inducing robot fights, Beauty and the Beast and the Jurassic flipping World movies it wouldn't get into anyones list of the 5 worst movies to have made that much money.

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