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  1. One of the greatest Box office performances of all time. Possibly even the greatest. Outgrossed Platoon, Aliens, Ferris Bueller, Rambo First Blood p2, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Three Men and A Baby and Lethal Weapon in terms of film released a year either side of it. Would have been the highest grossing film of the year if it had been released in either the following 2 years, as it was it was second to Top Gun. In fact after its release in 1986, the only two films that would outgross it during the rest of the 80s in the US would be Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Batman. Crazy.
  2. I think I'm right in saying its release has been late in 4 of the bigger East Asian markets: Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia. Certainly it's only just dropped in Indonesia. Those 4 markets are usually good for 40-50m for MCU films. Hasn't done particularly well in South Korea. Has done pretty well in HK and Singapore by standards of pandemic (ie. quite a bit better than Widow), but those nations are well below normal still. It's doing about the same as Black Widow in North Western Europe: UK, Fra, Ger, Scandi but last time I checked was doing quite a bit wors
  3. I was expecting the worst for DEH, but that's even worse than the worst I was expecting. Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Kaitlyn Dever. The waste of premium talent, sheesh.
  4. Worth noting Paw Patrol has gone over $100m worldwide and is now at around x4 its budget. Probably excites not many folks on here, but I know it was 100% on the radar of my parent-of-toddler friends. A reliable brand has been well built up there and the mums, dads and kids showed up very reliably. Here in the UK its going to finish close to both Cruella and Croods. Done great in France and Germany too.
  5. Agree to a degree. I think Scott Pilgrim's biggest issue - as with the recent TSS - was that its creators (and its critics) didn't notice how narrow the film's target demo was because everyone involved, plus both online and print critics, nearly all fell in that group as it's the most visible and vocal demo. The marketing got blamed, but I don't think that was fair. The film just had a ceiling. That wasn't the same for Baby Driver which had universal appeal. Last Night in Soho doesn't have the same roadblock as Scott Pilgrim when it comes to character (ie. If you don't
  6. I think more likely an example of a film that has a hardwired, dedicated core audience of people who are already committed to loving the material. The people who like this show find it VERY important to them, and they are likely to be a large proportion of the first day audience, but there is also a very limited number of them. Not sure we can read anything into the wider reception yet.
  7. Might as well put on a list as a provocation since it might help discussion and I already had a list from a different environment a couple years ago. Just made a few sketchy changes, might come back to it as there are a few things here I've not seen in a while. Any publishing of this sort of thing is opening oneself to critique, nay ridicule, so feel free to taken open season on this or ask any questions. I may come back and change this. I do study horror, albeit mostly live/theatre rather than film, but there's always the balance between importance, objective quality and then just what outrig
  8. Really looking forward to this, the last one was before I joined the forum. Obviously lists of horror will be affected by category-issues and the bigger names, but hopefully we'll get some nice surprises.
  9. The previous two comments are excellent and I wish I'd written them. To slightly address filmlover's point though: I don't think that it's so much film's propensity for naturalism that's the issue, rather how contemporary filmmakers simply don't strategise around the change from that live environment to screen, regardless of how than manifests. And even when they do strategise - such as Rocket Man - the audience only goes with it for as far as they're inherently bought into the material. Indeed two recent-ish transitions from Stage to screen that didn't work are History
  10. It's an incredibly strange phenomenon. Especially given how many genuinely good shows there are, versus the ones that become significant and successful. Seems like an arbitrary toss of a coin as to which shows get deemed 'good'. Theatre culture however is very slow moving and operates as an insular bubble because it kind of has to given the size of the demographic matched against how much money the big shows cost. Once the pieces move in on a show the culture kind of feels it has to go all in in order to get the mainstream to then buy in to enough of a degree. As such you get sho
  11. I'm extremely excited about Dune and really hope it does well. But not getting any buzz over here about it, don't know what basis the idea it would be huge here is based on - doesn't come across to me as being aligned to mainstream British audiences. Maybe I'm wrong. The late opening here really, REALLY won't help. Should have got in before Bond, not waited for after.
  12. Yeah, looking up the numbers for films that just aren't even on the radar today like Golden Child is bonkers. Although I don't think anything can beat Crocodile Dundee for almost-impossible-to-communicate-to-young-people-how-big-this-film-was ness.
  13. The trailer for Copshop baffled me. Genuinely baffling as to how this was commissioned. I'm sure for all the world that it might be a perfectly good film with perfectly good performances but nothing about it communicated an even vaguely commercial prospect in the year 2021. Or indeed any year since around 1995. Just came across as a humdrum episode of a TV series with a few extra famous people in. Huge congratulations to Candyman since 50m is a pretty great return. I disliked the movie despite great visuals and performances since I found the narrative and treatment of themes to be
  14. Seems at this point Simu is just getting in some quarters the treatment that Brie Larson got here. Just any chance for a character assassination will be taken no matter how tenuous. Nothing will be good enough, nothing will be acceptable, just an ideologically driven faction. But at the same time, as with Larson, likely only to be a specialist niche noisy bunch of the Very Online not necessarily attached to the general public. It has become wrapped in an agenda not of its own making and not under its control. At this point it will be little skin off noses. I'm just sad for the Chin
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