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  1. Ipickthiswhiterose

    US WEEKEND THREAD l Us 29-30 Friday, CM 9 (Asgard p. 18)

    Is there a chance of Us OW > Solo OW? That would be insane. Certainly looks like > Ant Man and The Wasp OW, > Aquaman OW and > Mi: Fallout OW
  2. Ipickthiswhiterose

    Biggest Box Office Disappointments of the Decade

    I think it's Justice League, since it's the one with the least mitigating circumstances. To me anything that's an original property hasn't previously been a film should get a free pass from this convo. (Passengers, Pixels, Mortal Engines) Other films simply looked like a bomb from a distance, can't see how they should be counted (King Arthur, Robin Hood, Joh Carter) Other films have the excuse of the time between instalments being misjudged (Lego 2, Alice, Scream 4) Others have a general negative sentiment towards a franchise or genre coming to a head (Mockinjay 2, Transformers TLK, Pirates 5) And finally some films have at least the excuse of being a property that doesn't have true worldwide coverage. Solo being the most obvious here, but also things like Christopher Robin, Mary Poppins. None of those were true of Justice League. Even compensating for negative responses to BVS that it made do little worldwide is just barely conceivable to me. I mean, Suicide Squad was the worst film I've possibly ever seen be released in a major capacity and THAT made money, so how JL didn't from the same label is just beyond me.
  3. Ipickthiswhiterose

    Wednesday Numbers Thread | VERY EARLY:CM $8.5-9M

    That How To Train Your Dragon number is up on last Wednesday ($1.48m). It also had a low Tuesday to Tuesday drop of 14.9%. Monday to Monday was also lowish but certainly more normal at 21.3%. It dropped 51% last weekend so these weekdays seem incongruous. Anyone with an idea what might cause that dynamic? Is this great mid-legs or a holiday-somewhere related thing? EDIT: I also see Lego Movie 2 is also up this week, so presume it's a holiday somewhere. Never mind.
  4. I'm afraid the goalposts will always change when some people are dedicated to the idea a movie will fail. Especially for those for whom it's ideological. There have already been a pile of youtube videos that pretended that there have been 'projections' of 180+ for the movie so were crowing that the actual projections of 100-120m when they came out were evidence of some collapse. If it makes 750m+ it will be a 'failure' that it didn't make 1b despite being a big commercial success. If it makes 1b it will be a 'failure' that it made less than Aquaman despite being a huge commercial success. The failure (and perhaps the "it's only done ok because it was marketed to....") game will probably go all the way up to about 1.3bn. Then, if it makes, say, 1.5b it will be retconned as having 'heeded' all the 'warnings', just as Wonder Woman was after release and having 'obviously' benefitted from Endgame. As for the movie, I'm more optimistic with these last few spots. I'm certainly really looking forward to seeing it myself, which I probably will at the start of next week. I still want to be a little modest with the predictions though. Maybe it's difficult to see less than 110-120 though, now. More would be great. A bit less would still be fine. The China numbers look very encouraging. And the buzz here in the UK seems pretty good.
  5. That's a truly astonishing performance from The Favourite. Going to go over 20m and beat Christopher Robin, Alita (probably), Quiet Place, Bumblebee, Spider-Verse, Kong:Skull Island, and Glass among others. I know historical UK-focused movies tend to do well here (Mary Queen of Scots and Stan and Ollie have had good performances too), but for a notoriously 'weird' director and barely linear film this has taken off wonderfully. Lego Movie 2 seems to be doing well here relative to other places as well, have noticed good WOM and it may be the musical factor also. Might well finish above HTTYD3, which certainly doesn't look like it will be the case in most places. Lots of people at Fighting With My Family at an afternoon showing yesterday, will be really interesting to see how it plays over here. Also has a lot of showings up here in Preston. Don't know if that's the same across the country. Similar pattern happened last week with Instant Family, which had way more for an afternoon showing than would be expected and has posted really strong numbers since. The Kid Who Would Be King has had a shocker. Must have expected more than that from the UK Box Office, surely. And like others have said, it's not like the UK market can't take a lot of kids movies simultaneously, it has just been rejected.
  6. The Lego Movie 2 was brilliant. Saw it yesterday and having not been as enamoured by the first film as some I was pretty shocked by how much I enjoyed it. But it not doing well financially, especially at launch, is just not that much of a surprise at all. They tried to have their cake and eat it with the two non-sequel sequels, simple as that. I thought late on that the timing would help it somewhat but....hmmmm.
  7. Apropos of nothing I do think it's a little inaccurate/misleading to talk about Captain Marvel in the the terms of "there have 21 MCU movies before getting to a solo female led movie" since that includes the Avengers, sequels and GOTG. I think "there have been 7 solo properties before the first one led by a female character" is a more pertinent statement. For better or, arguably, worse.
  8. Ipickthiswhiterose

    "Generational" Classic Movies

    I disagree with there being anything like the number of movies that fulfil the OP's description. In fact I think there is one one definite and two possible candidates: The Wizard of Oz (Definite) Jaws (Possible) Star Wars (Possible) The Wizard of Oz is the undoubted winner and all-pervading answer for this question, because it is the only movie from before 1950 that anyone in modern discussion can just assume that anyone they are talking through has watched. The other two movies I think are arguable as films from pre-1980 that almost every adult will have seen and the vast majority will feel positively towards. But even then: they are really close together themselves in terms of release. Outside of that there is simply not a classic movie that is isolated enough and has been viewed by enough people to count. Snow White and Casablanca are enormously famous, but nowhere enough people have actually seen them for them to count. Gone With The Wind may have once been a valid choice, but now it is neither held in high enough esteem nor have enough people seen it. Anything post-1990 is far too clumped and surrounded by other massive movies to be even remotely considerable. It probably isn't even possible anymore.
  9. I mean, I understand a lot of perspectives in this particular issue, but I don't get what angle gets somebody to "national hero" status in all of this. I mean the radar seems to be an oscillation between "Didn't do anything wrong" and "Did lots of things wrong". At no point does "Did loads right and is an example to all" seem like it is on the cards. Am I missing something?
  10. It says a lot that the box office for this movie will probably increase now. The trailer is pretty unconditionally awful and it would almost certainly have bombed. Now it probably has a chance. As for the issue itself relating to Neeson, as the person above me indicated, there are just too many dynamics at play to write anything shorter than an essay about it. It isn't something that can be dealt with by a simple dismissive statement of some kind, in whichever direction that statement goes. All I will say is that I'm surprised and maybe a little disappointed that the only majority focus here is the racial aspect, and not the aspect that relates to why the societal expectation for this kind of incident is vengeance and anger rather than looking after the victim and making sure they are ok.
  11. Ipickthiswhiterose

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    Us Happy Death Day 2 U Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel Arctic It Chapter Two Pet Cemetery Doctor Sleep Shazam Captive State
  12. Because other people are proffering alternative casting for a role, so discussing their merits and previous achievements is a thing that seems reasonable to do within the context of defending the movie's casting without heavily downplaying the others actors being proffered? It's not like I was evaluating which of them had the nicest backside or anything.
  13. I don't understand the slight overpraise that Emily Blunt gets. I like her but people have started to go way overboard on her. Until Poppins there was a heavy tendency to play relatively reactive roles and roles that don't have much in the way of nuance. Now Blake Lively I must confess I think would lead a superhero movie really rather well, especially based on A Simple Favour. There's a real charisma factor going on there, no question. Margot Robbie is a good actress and has an amazing look, but I don't get the same level of raw screen presence of Lively, nor the technique of a Larson, an Anya Taylor-Joy or a Portman. That said, I still don't see any reason not to put faith in Brie Larson. Meanwhile I'm still seeing around 750 WW and thinking that would be a really nice success. 850 if the wind blows the right way, 650 if it blows the wrong way.
  14. I know the chap above talked about tumbleweed coming out of their theatre in the UK, but I watched it mid-afternoon Friday in Lancashire and it was a good half full in the biggest theatre, which doesn't sound great but honestly is pretty rare for that time.
  15. Very enjoyable movie, maybe not the strongest of the franchise but the capping off of the series was excellent. One of the very strongest movie trilogies.

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