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  1. I have a feeling Secret Life of Pets 2 is going to do incredibly, frustratingly, well. Like, $45-55m well. I guess it will easily outdo HTTYD3 and Lego 2 and probably cruise past Dumbo as well. Throw cute animals at British families and they will nearly always respond positively. Might be an interesting mini-contest with Aladdin though. Though the UK market tends not to have too many problems sustaining multiple family orientated movies.
  2. To be fair to Katherine Heigl, she didn't say anything about Knocked Up that wasn't entirely accurate. It's not that it was sexist so much as it was a late example of a RomCom in which the female lead didn't actually do or say anything funny and was just the straight woman to complain about the male shenanigans. See also Teri Polo doing the thankless in the Meet the Parents franchise. I suppose you shouldn't bit the hand that feeds you though. And what happened to her was fairer than the punishment meted out to Isla Fisher for having the gumption to expose the mediocrity of Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson in what was meant to be their movie by outacting Vaughan into humiliation. Naomi Scott is a young actresss finding herself among her heroes and she is a little eccentric. Nothing wrong with a bit of distinct personality. Looks like it'll be a close thing between Pikachu and Endgame. Going to see DP tomorrow in the UK but would be really interesting if Endgame could hold this.
  3. I think that's the case to a certain extent. But I also think that Seth Rogen is at the same point of Michael Cera around the time of Scott Pilgrim: not sure it matters how good the film is, how good his performance is, how good the reviews are or even how much he deserves it - audiences have just decided they're kind of done with him. (Of course far more can be said about Scott Pilgrim but this isn't the place)
  4. Presumably The Incredibles isn't on the list because it isn't live action as stated. As for Batman, to be fair the OP was taking it from a list of 'best second weekend drops' which may itself had had qualifiers. Certainly going back all the way to 1989 is a very different era in terms of the concept of 'opening weekend' and how box office numbers built up.
  5. Has Pet Sematary been misreported today, or is there some reason why it has had such an enormous apparent boost?
  6. This film has generated some of the worst criticism I've ever heard. The kind of films the people whining on about the time travel want would involve teeny-tiny-only-this-big stories (by today's standards) like Terminator or Back to the Future that simply would not work for the epic in scope comic book bonanza that was called for here. I was cynical about using time travel. I am fully aware of the storytelling pitfalls it carries. But they nailed it in this film. Especially emotionally - to say that there is emotional hollowness because your own future can't be changed by your work in the past misses the point entirely, because that plot thread is only relevant if there aren't already stakes - but there WERE stakes in this movie, stakes that were massive and pre-established. The writers did an amazing job on this film. To see them described as 'lazy' is beyond comprehension. As a simple sample: - The moment the Caps fight is perfectly managed and timed. It is barely something you think about, but the fact that the 2012 Cap has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why there's a doppelgänger of him in front of them and his actions subsequently hold up is plotting delight. Not only that, but the moment highlights very clearly the evolution in this character over the last few films and indicates why despite still being physically in his prime, his time as "Captain America" is coming to an end and he needs to find his rest at last. - The rant Ant-Man throws at Tony following the plan going wrong is beautiful. His complete lack of wit undermining his anger and his repeated appeals to his hero Captain America going unanswered as Steve Rogers comes to a mutual understanding with Tony. At that point Ant-Man goes from the driving force of the action and the mastermind of the plan to the simple bystander that as an only occasional superhero he actually is in that context. The unit shifts in that scene are subtle and really beautifully managed. On third watch, the Sandwich scene remains impeccable, the Thor/Frigga scene gets better and better with each watch, and Tony's interaction with his family becomes more moving. Rocket and Rhodey are used impeccably and over multiple watches it is clear they are the absolutely glue of this film. The writing for these characters is superb and they do seriously heavy lifting throughout without ever coming across as the exposition conduits and support characters that they are.
  7. Life gets in the way sometimes, but right now I don't believe for one second that Feige right now intends to spend less than 20 years total doing this. He'd still not even be 55.
  8. Yeah, in the UK they got cute and thought they were clever adjusting it to the World Cup but paid no attention to the fact that Mamma Mia in the UK plays like a blockbuster. It didn't get totally walloped, but it threw at least $10m on the floor.
  9. Perhaps. It has a couple of weeks' extra difference but the timing is reasonably similar. However Antman and the Wasp also suffered from a horrible staggered international release due to the World Cup and featured a less prominent character. These bit worldwide launches are massive marketing boosts. Also, it wasn't placed in between two parts of an ongoing story.
  10. Kevin Feige is still only 45. He's the architect of all this, movie-wise. He seems to have no intention of stopping. I'm very excited about the oncoming start of the next chapter.
  11. Continues to confirm that Captain Marvel may have had one of the best release dates in history, Continues to suggest that Disney completely hashed the release date of AntMan & The Wasp. The two months later element was bad enough, but the staggered World Cup release now surely has to be acknowledged as a terrible call. Thanksgiving or Christmas release and surely it could have had a slice of this pie.
  12. Hi there, and welcome. Just to clear up a couple of things: - I wasn't criticising the character elements in IW. But as you yourself state, only one character actually has a completed self-contained arc in that movie. Thanos. That is a significant contrast - by design - from Endgame. - The two movies have different rationales. I was not proffering that one was specifically better than the other. I was giving a reading as to why, given what to most would be a self-evident rough similarity in objective quality of the two movies, some people seem to significantly prefer one to another.
  13. At some point is there any point in a debate or conversation regarding.... MCU 2019 > Star Wars Adjusted MCU 2019 > Gone With the Wind Adjusted For reference MCU 2018 was at $1.604b compared to Star Wars' $1.608b and GWTW $1.827b. That was of course with the juggernauts of both Black Panther and IW, but with the limited success of AM&TW. Is that a conversation and comparison worth having?
  14. My apologies if it came across as me criticising IW or implying the character work in it wasn't strong. I enjoy both movies very much and myself wouldn't want to venture after only one viewing of Endgame which was stronger. It just seems based on my experiences that those who prefer one to the other *by a significant distance* seem to have those tendencies.
  15. I'm gathering that the "Not as good as Infinity War" folks generally prefer narrative and pacing to character work. If you prefer character work to narrative and pacing then Endgame will come off as better for you. These are generalisations of course, but they seem to be the pattern. I suspect you have little to worry about so long as you like getting invested in characters.
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