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  1. The first time I watched The Birds I picked up on it straight away. I didn't know the real life story, it just stood out to me immediately that the only reason the entire movie was a framing device for an old man to perv on a young woman. It's why I find it so confusing that it still gets good repute, the birds element is just - from my perspective - totally tacked on and Hitchcock isn't interested in them. I can understand separating the artist from the art, but in this case the art IS the artist. Watching it feels like looking at a 2 hour upskirt shot.
  2. Delighted to see Peeping Tom, Mouth of Madness, Devil's Backbone and Prince of Darkness make it onto the list. Not films I would have expected to see but absolutely deserving - and as far as I'm concerned in the case of Peeping Tom, essential. Reappraisal of the apocalypse trilogy as a whole has been a long time coming, one day it'll happen with Ghosts of Mars too. The Omen falling in notoriety is a pattern I've noticed in academic circles as well. Might be due to the increase in status of Rosemary's Baby potentially. It was a bit hit with significant cultural impact at the time an
  3. These are really good examples (Us and King Kong) of critics pulling punches. I'd add It:Chapter Two and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark got bizarrely generous reviews for the horror genre - It Chapter Two because of the first, and SSTTITD due to nostalgia for the books. But I think that other dynamics can happen as well that lead to different forms of slight groupthink in the other direction. Horror's the obvious one, which is why the outliers above are so distinct. From the late 90s to late 00s horror films couldn't buy a good review for love nor money unless it was a pre-exist
  4. The Others and The Invisible Man I both enjoy a lot. Excellent leading performances in both movies and tension managed effectively. Still find it humorous that classic Brit physical comic Eric Sykes managed to be in a huge box office triumph just before he passed on. The Host isn't really for me, don't know why, I just found it duller than it makes any sense to be. Yes Little Shop!!!!! Just goes up and up in my estimation over the years. Perfect stage to screen adaptation which is so difficult with any musical. It is so hard to appraise since the quality of the second
  5. More films that I didn't include but have plenty of time for in Ready or Not, any Gremlins film and Under the Skin. Really enjoyable movies. Wan's formula isn't my thing and the Conjuringverse is to the supernatural-jump-scare era what Friday 13th was to the slasher era (ie. I largely pretend they don't exist and just let the kind of people who like it get on with their business) but I appreciate that the Conjuring series has done effective things for its fans. Always find DeNiro an absolute car crash in horror. Indeed I find pretty much any of the 'great' American natu
  6. I remember it well. Entire friendship groups and office groups - especially of women - were going multiple times as whole parties. Extremely similar dynamics to what happened with both Mamma Mias and Bohemian Rhapsody, but even more so. Sort of like Black Panther in the US in terms of becoming driven by organised viewings by collective groups. It's phenomenon was forgotten quickish since Titanic came along so soon after. That was a wild back-to-back for UK cinemas.
  7. I should probably add my thanks to WrathOfHan for doing this. A big ol' undertaking and appreciated. I didn't include Jennifer's Body, Eyes Without a Face, Dracula and Baby Jane but I think they're all great and worthy inclusions to the list. Must rewatch EWOAF since it's been a while, might have made my list if I'd seen it in the last decade. Not seen many Crimson Peak defenders. I love Del Toro but this isn't for me and I found really disappointing. Would love to hear someone wax lyrical on it though just to hear what they get from it. Scream 4 is a pretty
  8. I made a whole ballyhoo about horror fandom having all sorts and being generous to movies to that aren't for me. I really, really want to be generous to films that I don't inherently enjoy or find scary. I want to embrace the breadth and scope of what horror is and can be, even when it doesn't intersect with my own tastes. I accept that people have different life experiences and different qualities they look for and times they are exposed to films. But even with all that. With the best will in all worlds. Old being in the vicinity of
  9. I wouldn't hesitate in calling Coraline and COTW horror. Hellboy I would agree is not horror. I understand nobody else is ranking The Devils and I've ranked it very highly. I would proffer it as a masterpiece, and also would suggest the below article and the fact it has been on Shudder as evidence it is sufficiently within the horror genre to be classed as horror more than any other genre. Witchfinder General is generally considered horror and it, like The Devils, contains no supernatural horror elements beyond the stylistic overemphasis of genuine historic traits and e
  10. Halloween Kills is getting the most slating on my social media timelines of anything for a long time. Which, I suppose, means that at least lots of people are watching it. People who I never see write about movies are commenting on how awful they think it is. Which is inherently indicative of great success. I don't know what people are expecting though. Like, there's a very, very narrow range of things that can happen in a Halloween sequel. Last Duel is a worrying development. Looks like there's a whole genre there that's going to be TV only for a long time.
  11. I can't think of anything in the Brosnan era that isn't just "Hot man meets hot girl and they're horny for each other and have sex that they both enjoy, then a period of time later hot man meets another hot girl...." Which doesn't strike me as particularly sexist. The women don't seem devalued or without agency in those films, which was the case in some earlier entries. It might be repetitive to you and therefore not the sort of thing you want in your blockbuster movies (they aren't the sort of thing I want either) but not sexist per se. By the way: just to be clear ev
  12. Reread. I was making a whimsical joke based on your typo, not proffering an actual commentary on any Bond movies. For what it's worth I am not a fan of Bond simply because I'm not a fan of action movies in general, but I find any and all popular long running franchises interesting and worth of study regardless of whether I enjoy them, whether that's the MCU or the Carry On films. Also for what it's worth I find the only truly 'problematic' moment in terms of gender dynamics in a Bond movie is the scene with Honor Blackman in Goldfinger. I find that genuinely uncomfortab
  13. I think a Bronson Bond era would be pretty extreme, even for Bond.
  14. My argument - which seems to have been misinterpreted - was that the nature of the last three reinventions were very similar to each other, and predicated on the same contemporaneous perception of the franchise. Whoever comes next will be the first person to be launched into the role since 1973 whose debut will not be able to be positioned as 'grounding the films compared to what came before'. Even if you dismiss the idea that this is going to be difficult, or represents a challenge for the producers, can you not understand the notion that this dynamic is - at the very
  15. I think it's going to be very difficult to move Bond forward from here. Not because of the BO of this film because that international market is excellent but because the gritty-reboot factor is going to be impossible to enact and they're gong to have to think a bit more out of the box in terms of where they take the tone from here. All three of the last New-Bond launches have been done as a 'gritty reboot' of the franchise on the basis this represents a deviation from what came before. With Dalton it was true, Brosnan got away with it because Goldeneye came after a considerable hia
  16. I'd argue Dune is pretty fundamentally different from the era of TDK and Skyfall. Yes, the adopted tone of those films was serious but that was the trick. They weren't actually. The genius/trick of both The Dark Knight and Skyfall was to make the audience feel as though they were watching something with weight and complexity when they were actually experiencing a far more standard cartoon/spy film than they thought they were. Both the central conceits that make TDK and Skyfall supposedly complex (that the former acts as a robust crime thriller with more verisimilitude than the aver
  17. Really great stuff, and aligns with my thoughts on the film very well. It manages to be somewhere between spiritual and cosmic horror without being definitively either, and the sense of smallness is absolutely hammered home. There's nothing else that's ever done that, to my knowledge, and there are very few viable claims of true uniqueness in horror. Maybe, MAYBE the closest thing to an equivalent would be the Doctor Who episode Midnight. That's the only near parallel on those two fronts.
  18. Thanks friend. Inside is a very well made piece. I have a big of a bugbear about films from the 2003-2015 era that have a bleak tone which telegraphs a downbeat/gutpunch ending to the point that IMO it actually removes the tension since one knows the worst possible thing will happen. I think is a really good example of this - an otherwise well made film but that tonally seemed so determined to be miserable any stakes were removed for me. Inside (and Martyrs) manage to bypass this issue for me by retaining stakes and tension all the way through, . The phone
  19. Discourse around horror films by horror fans is fascinating. And sometimes very frustrating. If a horror fan doesn't like a horror film they are prone to hyperbolic dismissal of it. Because horror films you don't like become functionally purposeless and as such are kind of annoying. Just like it's affective sibling of comedy - nothing more annoying than a comedy film you don't find funny. Dramas and superhero films don't have that issue, since they aren't so mono-focused in their purpose. And where comedies at least have only one purpose that we all agree on, horror films have dive
  20. This weekend really comes across as shackles coming off in both the US and the UK. Albeit with different titles. The general public needed this catharsis clearly. Among other things, I think keeping Venom 2 short was a genius move.
  21. I'm really going to hone in on this because this is what betrays the issue here somewhat. Who wanted more of that? LOADS OF PEOPLE. Women (demographically speaking, don't want to stereotype but it's true), edgy teens, young people figuring out the whole romance thing, people who have a strange attraction to toxic relationships, people who are into fashion/style/aesthetics and just love the whole imagery of the thing. Oh and anyone who's into the Joker, if the alternative is Joker being removed from the film. So not you. Certainly not me. But among cinemas many recent lessons in the
  22. I think the lack of visible fandom with the Cameron material is part of the effectiveness. Of course theres a dedicated fandom to that Avatar world and to Cameron in general, but as you say they're quiet and aren't prone to specific demands or expectation, it won't be them who make the films massive - it'll be the people who haven't even thought about Avatar since 2008 other than the Disney theme park. There's no expectation in many quarters for what Avatar 2 is. So when it hits, it'll hit like a freight train. Probably. Not definitely. There's a chance in there that it's
  23. Happens weirdly often with actors where it just works out like that. Similar things happened when we had Hailee Stenfeld ruling Christmas with Bumblebee and Into the Spiderverse and with The Summer of Brolin with Deadpool 2, Sicario 2 and Infinity War. Hugo Weaving has had some major overlaps too given his tendency towards minor roles in massive franchises.
  24. Interesting takes on the MCU rankings for next year. I'd have gone with MofMadness Wakanda Forever Marvels Thor 4 But that's a prediction for worldwide. I'm not in the US so can't get the flavour there. Though yeah I suppose there's a good chance BP2 tops it. I agree with the poster above that is predicting Avatar 2 as biggest overall. It will find a way to distinguish itself and be an event. I have no interest in the movie myself but I'm not betting against Cameron. I get the feeling Batman will do well in absolute terms, but will
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