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  1. Vo near Venice has trialled a system of testing EVERY resident and totally cut new infections doing it. One key finding: Only one in 11 positive for Corona show any symptoms. Sample/town size of 3,300. Source: Sky news
  2. There are so many people with symptoms, and indeed those without, who aren't being tested that at this point mortality rates are almost completely impossible to discern. In some countries like the UK they are going to look huge, but that's because basically positive tests are now just coming from people in hospital. In addition to which, any dynamics such as tendencies towards immunity or passivity caused by former viruses/genetic dispositions/smoking and other living behaviours/medication are all virtual guesses, even unknowns - all of which have the possibility or raising or lowe
  3. We tested loads early on. That's what makes the whole nonsense so staggering. We weren't ahead of the curve, necessarily, but we were doing okay and were ahead of it relative to others and, outside of London at least, were quite precise in knowing where the risk areas and cases were. Then we screwed it. Those tests are indeed a lot overall, but they've only gone up a little in the last two days.
  4. Starting to look like UK is separating into London and everywhere else. Only a handful (allowing for the nonsense about only testing severe cases, but its still data) of new cases in North West and other regions in the last few days. Some areas are expanding quickly but London is at a hugely different level to anywhere else. Uk would be better with a border inside London probably than its actual coastline most likely.
  5. This is where it's going to be really difficult to interpret the data, maybe impossible. If Europe (especially UK) is going to be using the young as a meat shield to protect the elderly, and especially if the young are also going to act more recklessly on the basis that they are less likely to be affected by the virus, then the young going to be infected in larger numbers to the point that even with a low probability of needing intensive care, the ones that lose that probability game will still stark making up large numbers of people. And that's before taking into account the young
  6. If, eventually, there will be something positive to take from this. It will be that it has exposed the enormous flaws in the reckless individualism that as a philosophy was starting to really gain traction in the western world and restore a sense of balance that we, or at least most of us, are all living in an increasingly connected society. The above is simply a symptom of a pathological obsession with deluded and irresponsible notions of "freedom" that refuses to even acknowledge the existence of other people. In other comments I can't even start to imagine the state Iran
  7. This will be news to Denmark, which is in Schengen but just announced border shutdown. I'm not saying the UK strategy isn't on the advice of medical scientists. But it's not a full consensus of medical scientists either. It's not a Tory-specific policy, I'm not doubting. Again, I think there is a chance they know - or at least think they know - a little more than they're letting on either regarding the number of cases in the UK or the extent of knowledge they've acquired about the virus (eg. Whether herd immunity even works for Covid-19). What I will say is that while I
  8. There is literally no other reason it could be. The UK has much more cases and a much higher rate than many countries that are included in the travel ban. That's what we have been reduced to in our leaders. NB: There IS a chance. Not a likelihood, but a chance, that given the UK's policy, the USA's policy regarding the UK and the various, there is a sincere belief that the UK government low key thinks they've located most of those who have the virus and has things relatively under control. It would be a very odd and not very credible belief, but it might be there.
  9. China has done a heck of a lot of testing. They may have been doing things behind closed doors to deal with the spread as well, but enough info is likely to have been getting out via various communication channels if the provinces outside Hubei didn't have the pretty decent levels of infection that is being reported. Iran is a disaster. Probably has the most cases right now, likely far more than Italy. Who knows whether because it's under reported or because they have no management on the data right now.
  10. Anyone left standing by him by the end of this is the definition of brainwashed. There is no help for anyone left supporting him after his malfeasant, damaging and ultimately treacherous performance the last two weeks. Sadly this will still be a tonne of people, he will frame it as a foreign virus, that all deaths are ultimately the fault of foreigners and when the death toll starts being too big to ignore he will probably eventually start pointing out that most of the more affected areas are democratic strongholds full of dirty liberals (ie. cities will be the most affected, because of course
  11. I don't disagree regarding the incompetence of our government but at least we're testing enough people to have a vague sense of how many cases there are in the country - and the relatively high rate of negative tests given that high-risk people are the ones being tested is something to be at least a little positive about. The US on the other hand literally has not the vaguest clue how many people are infected.
  12. If you dont sit within 2m of anyone and wash your hands before you sit down a quiet movie theatre is one of the better places other than your house to be right now, there aren't many metal surfaces knocking about and theres no need for face to face interaction. Just mentally register whenever you come across a counter or door handle and either dont use your hands/skin to interact or wash them afterwards.
  13. Genuine libertarians and survivalists will be doing just fine. Modern day Jorden Petersen-worshipping fauxbjectivists, prone to using libertarian pretence, on the other hand have/will be experiencing a well deserved ideological beating as the facade of their denial of worth of centralised governance and paper thin definition of socialism crumbles. Turns out living in a society is a communal act with communal ramifications that need some communal actions, who'd have thought? Just like here in the UK 90% of moaning about the BBC and having a national broadcaster ended ov
  14. Emma (wins) First Cow Wendy Colour Out of Space History of the Kelly Gang Would already make a half decent nominee list. Seriously though Emma is an absolutely beautifully shot film. Which is hardly surprising since its directed by a photographer.
  15. I don't know if this is trying to be a serious answer but he was in a move that was virtually the exact same as the Joker the year before and it made no money whatsoever. None of his movies before Joker had made money for years and years. And if Joker was exactly the same but called 'Arthur' it would have had the same fate. Also, are people ignoring the fact that Ford V Ferrari wasn't actually a hit?
  16. I just think taking a fantasy concept but then plonking a seemingly mundane family-drama road-trip element on it just is a weird thing to sell. Very oxymoronic. If I remember correctly Brave kept the extent of its mother-daugher family plot very quiet and mostly sold it on badass Merida doing cool stuff in a pseudo-medieval environment. Maybe this should have done something similar and emphasised a more generic fantasy quest scenario in the marketing. I think this was well on its way to being a huge misfire well before Corona came along. It's made it worse but the rest
  17. First Cow doing much better than Wendy, but only around half of what Emma did per theatre in its super-limited week. Still, $7,500 per theatre day one doesnt seem bad for such a super niche idea. Looks a really interesting little film.
  18. He isn't. Hes an extreme right wing fundamentalist polemicist who writes a series of extreme right wing fundamentalist polemics that are kind of vaguely tangentially related to movies that comes out. There's no taste involved, just a rigid political pseudo-intellectualism that only really exists in a certain corner of American society. All right leaning films get praise, regardless of quality, anything else (and I dont mean left leaning films, just pretty much anything) is painted as Marxist, various shades of immoral, "woke" (without any sense in the qualification) o
  19. I can't think of many horror performances, especially not the kind that we're referring to, in which "being frightened" is the extent of the performance. In addition, 'Frightened' is a particularly misrepresented word that actually covers a number of different actual emotions. In Invisible Man, Moss covers a wide range of emotional notes - comfortably as much as the standard awards performance. One could easily dismiss performing Hamlet as "Acting confused", Juliet as "Acting in love", Stanley Kowalski as "Acting Angry" and Wally Loman as "Acting Tired" if one wanted to be glib an
  20. Indeed. Hoffman winning the Oscar for Rain Man rather than Cruise is a good example. Both roles were equally integral to that film's success, and indeed Cruise played the character that actually changed over the course of the movie, but the less subtle "character" role won out.
  21. This is simply not true. Every role is evaluable on the requirements of that role. If anything makes something more impressive or impactful it's dexterity of thought - which is down to the individual actor and how they work with the director, not the genre. In addition to this, subtlety is not inherently better than boldness. Manchester by the Sea and Fences are two movies that due to the cultural backgrounds of the characters require performances to be delivered at differing scales - both feature outstanding performances - one is not inherently better than the other just because the
  22. Inivisible Man with £2.2m opening weekend. (per Screendaily) Parasite now overtaken £10m and beating out Passion of the Christ is pretty much guaranteed. Amazing achievement. Sonic has overtaken Detective Pikachu with £14.7m ($18.8m). Call of the Wild collapsed pretty badly second weekend and is at £2.3 Emma, at £6.2, with a genuine chance of out-grossing Birds of Prey, at £8.4, in the UK. Made about twice the latter this weekend. One-off evening screening of The Lighthouse in Preston (handful of days expansion with most of them in the morning -
  23. Lead actress Morfydd Clark was excellent earlier this year (UK release, pretty sure not out WW or in US Dom yet) in double roles in The Personal History of David Copperfield - played both his mother and his love interest. Really promising actress.
  24. Hollow Man was a poor film, but it has a latent exciting idea in it. The line I always remember paraphrased was "Imagine what you could do if you didn't havs to look in the mirror afterwards". And this movie takes advantage of that greatly, with some stunningly directed and tense scenes (the attic sequence ia a standout) and some excellent dynamics between those who llve the central character but are afraid of her responses with Elizabeth Moss caught between fear and not wanting to appear paranoid. As a recovery and domestic violence movie it is excellent - one of the better scenes is before
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