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  1. It feels like with the use of Say My Name in the trailer but they're trying to do what the Us trailer did for I Got 5 on it, but it's not really working for me.
  2. what? that's not a spoiler that's the premise of the movie. the trailer doesn't exactly make it look like that reveal comes late in the movie. go to the first page he was announced to be playing candyman when he was cast.
  3. didn't want to say it because i thought i'd look like a knob if i was wrong but that nine guy that just got banned had already been banned before. jessie maybe? v. similar posting style. a pretty easy tell its a previous account is going "hey i remember when you guys were wrong about this thing from four years ago" when you're a week in.
  4. yeah no way A24 can get two films nominated. they lost their main awards publicist to netflix two years ago which maybe explains why they've kinda flopped at the last two oscars. Joel Coen is easily the biggest director to make an A24 movie, Denzel is easily the biggest actor to do an A24 movie. so on name recognition alone they can push that one easily. but still i won't predict it until it's confirmed this year
  5. I think The Last Duel is probably a likelier Adam Driver nod than a Leos Carax movie
  6. it was kinda cute. jim carrey was funny, it was good to see him with his old school energy. gotta admit i zoned out a couple times though. basically exactly the movie i thought i was gonna get. sure.
  7. expectations don't seem that high to me. they're basically at "don't fuck it up" level from anybody who cares.
  8. my early feeling is that in the heights will be a bigger contender than west side story. WSS will be knocked for being pointless and dated and will be unfavourably compared to Heights. people forget about the story of spielberg going to Puerto Rico for advice on how to do it respectfully and their advice was "don't make this fucking movie" lol. although maybe it'll play like green book and "pointless and dated" will be it's strength.
  9. no i didn't make a prediction until the summer lol. I called it winning the palme d'or after the cannes line-up was announced tho.
  10. Michael Fassbender, Next Goal Wins Tom Hanks, News of the World Anthony Hopkins, The Father Gary Oldman, Mank Anthony Ramos, In the Heights also looking out for Will Smith in this King Richard movie but so many of his awards plays have flopped but i've read the script (was on the blacklist) and think that could be a thing..
  11. first ten. not gonna predict movies that i'm not sure of a 2020 release Ammonite The French Dispatch Hillbilly Elegy In The Heights The Last Duel Mank Minari Nomadland News of The World Tenet maybe Soul if it's top tier pixar.
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