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  1. 1) it took me a minute to spot him 2) i feel like he should be looking at richard jewell? y'know if his character's whole thing is that he's suspicious of him. but he's just looking in some totally random direction. like he's not even there for richard jewell he was just taking a stroll when this crowd of reporters suddenly got in his way.
  2. it's funny the theatrical version is already longer than the version shown at Cannes. I hope Tarantino just keeps releasing gradually longer and longer cuts. just add a couple minutes on every time until it gets to four hours.
  3. horrible person is a bit overreactive. he's said some weird stuff in interviews but i've not seen any real evidence that he's actually a piece of shit like you're saying. seems like a pretty regular guy.
  4. i can see why any director or creative type would flip for fountainhead. it's a (dumb) story about purity of artistic vision in it's way
  5. finally a whole subforum for Okja like i've been campaigning for
  6. The other option is to change it to ScorseseTheory so we can weed out the deplorables.
  7. we'll just have to go full mask off and call it ComicBookMovieTheory.
  8. seems like you can only get weekend numbers in the international section though. like i can't find any sort of page for yearly grosses in the UK for example.
  9. i think it looks fine. the imdbpro branding all over it makes me wonder if they're gonna eventually try to move all of it over there though.
  10. Score: 1. 1917 2. Marriage Story 3. Little Women 4. Joker 5. Parasite Cinematography 1. 1917 2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 3. The Lighthouse 4. A Hidden Life 5. Parasite Production Design 1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2. 1917 3. Jojo Rabbit 4. Ad Astra 5. Parasite Costumes 1. Little Women 2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 3. Portrait of a Lady on Fire 4. Dolemite is My Name 5. Downton Abbey Editing 1. The Irishman 2. Ford v Ferrari 3. Marriage Story 4. Parasite 5. Jojo Rabbit Sound: 1. 1917 2. Ford v Ferrari 3. Star Wars 4. Ad Astra 5. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Sound Editing 1. 1917 2 Ford v Ferrari 3. Star Wars 4. Ad Astra 5. The Aeronauts
  11. Ken Loach is known and well liked enough in britain but his films have never crossed over stateside (like i'm sure we won't see a self-pitying james gunn instagram post about this cos he's probably never seen a Loach film). doesn't surprise me because they're very british not in a wanky the crown/downton abbey way but actually british. but yeah his films like Cathy Come Home and I, Daniel Blake have actually impacted and shaped british politics. it's a bit ridiculous to do the "lol he hate us coz he ain't us he's just jealous" routine with him. it's not what he's after with filmmaking. asking him about marvel movies is like asking dracula about garlic bread.
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