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  1. CoolioD1

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    the one matthew broderick performance i like tbh. it is the best performance of all time so i guess i can forgive him for everything else.
  2. CoolioD1

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    is 10 things i hate about you in that section? what a great film. easily the best teen flick of 99 (unless you count election which i don't)
  3. if bias against superhero movies didn't exist some of these movies would actually get lower scores because they'd be held to a higher standard rather than the dismissive positives of "oh it's fun i guess" that some get.
  4. CoolioD1

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    mfw he's done this three nights in a row
  5. doctor strange is cool. it's up there for me. even tho it's a little awkward she's playing that role tilda is great in it. one of my favourite performances in these movies.
  6. wow looked it up and the episode of game of thrones set to air specifically on the weekend this comes out is titled Detective Drogon!!! talk about a blatant attempt to try and cut into this movie's audience!
  7. t'challa was way better in civil war than black panther tbh. i like angry t'challa. i guess the arc of civil war is that he learns to be chiller but in BP feels like he never rises above kinda annoyed at the villains.
  8. jesus christ i'm sorry i didn't check in with every single person here on their thoughts on the demographics of the target audience of the Detective Pikachu movie. my bad for just assuming everyone thought the movie where the pikachu solves crimes was for kids. i'm altering the narrative because the trailer was always wedged in between wonder park and the secret life of pets for every cartoon i saw.
  9. two things are true: 1) this is a movie for grown ups, and apparently that was the consensus here in a conversation i totally missed. my bad for not reading all 175 pages 2) no one will see this opening weekend because they'll spend three days working on their jon snow cosplay to watch GOT in. we all know these things.
  10. Lol instead of taking it up with me @ them next time you wanna whine about it.
  11. it's like you're trying to call me out as a hypocrite for stuff other people are saying. who argues like this?
  12. oh, well i can't be responsible for other people being wrong.
  13. has anyone made the argument that this... isn't a kids movie? i've only seen the trailers for this at the cinema before cartoons and dumbo and stuff like that. and people have been overstating the impact game of thrones will have on the box office for weeks now just because they wanna talk about game of thrones. whatever.
  14. why is there a picture of mysterio blocking my view. what the hell is this?

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