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  1. just finished When They See Us. thought it was great, probably the best work from Ava DuVernay so far.
  2. the odd couple dynamic is one of the best parts of the original men in black. so this time it's... two attractive young stars. and the odd couple element is that she's american and he's british i guess. ha she thinks the steering wheel is on the other side, that's fun. will smith and tommy lee jones already had established personalities which made it an easier sell as a buddy movie and tessa thompson and chris hemsworth don't really have that beyond that they were in a thor movie together. just one of the elements that made the movie look like it has totally no personality from the trailers.
  3. i dunno. this doesn't read like a dump to me but them trying a different strategy. maybe after netflix actually got nominations last year they've realized they don't need a full release to contend. i wouldn't count it out cuz of this.
  4. damn all this news about jessica biel being an anti-vaxxer. if her kids didn't get vaccinated that probs means JT is cool with that crowd too. another L for @MrPink
  5. mfw i see someone shooting on digital mfw i see a well-developed female character who's not dead mfw the actor in my movie gets cast as batman so i'll have to spend another press junket answering questions about a franchise i haven't been involved in for nearly a decade it's good!
  6. no there were definitely articles during when the first one played at sundance that said pattinson was gonna be in the sequel. maybe it was just a verbal agreement at that point idk.
  7. anna kills elsa to save everyone from being frozen confirmed. and then errr... olaf becomes king.
  8. i think the best way to go about this is to tease everyone that this movie has WDAS's first major gay character and then make the snowman a flaming homosexual.
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