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  1. "wow this server verse is crazy. Are you telling me i can see all these incredible characters and more on HBO Max?" - Lebron in this movie, probably.
  2. No. Watching big buildings get smashed is a core tenet of Kaiju cinema. Doing it underground that's lame as fuck.
  3. Enjoyed this a lot. the last half hour was godlike. I'm team Kong but I'm still happy with the way that this played out. You follow him through 90% of the film because the filmmakers know he's more inherently interesting to watch than boring Godzilla, you give Godzilla the W in their match up because you know his fans are the type of nerds who care about power levels and shit but you still give the big hero moment to Kong at the end. Satisfactory. Did think this movie missed some of the grandiosity and scale that Godzilla '14 totally nailed though. Both of them are just kinda introduced with such little fanfare here. They don't feel HUGE like the monsters do in that movie.
  4. I read the leak. People are gonna hate the scenes where all the eternals get jobs at amazon.
  5. I just watched it today. now there's a 5 star film. better than this whole line-up except maybe never rarely.
  6. Promising young woman was mid too. these 2 were at the bottom of my ballot. you guys flopped this year.
  7. i thought wolfwalkers was pretty bad but i dunno. I haven't been here much people must've gotten weird.
  8. Thank you Eric, I haven’t been anywhere we are still in lockdown travel would be irresponsible.
  9. what I've got so far. still stuff to see. I'll figure out the techs later. obviously there were no good movies in 2020 but FYC these films nonetheless
  10. it's mank. a bunch of critics saw mank this past week. don't overthink it.
  11. watched the haunting of bly manor as well. it's whatever. waaaay dragged at 9 episodes. should've just been a movie. oh wait it was. much like Hill House its sixties counterpart is much better.
  12. oh i didn't know rahul kohli was in it. me and that one other izombie stan on here ought to check it out.
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