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  1. watched the haunting of bly manor as well. it's whatever. waaaay dragged at 9 episodes. should've just been a movie. oh wait it was. much like Hill House its sixties counterpart is much better.
  2. oh i didn't know rahul kohli was in it. me and that one other izombie stan on here ought to check it out.
  3. jennifer hudson having two oscars would be pretty wild when she's probably the worst actor to ever win an oscar. at least bottom 5.
  4. if the schedule stays as it is right now (lol). probably just spider-man i guess.
  5. Eh, Universal have their AMC/VOD deal. They've already announced that the croods 2/freaky are coming out on VOD a couple weeks after whatever theatrical release they can muster. i think the same thing can happen here. it's probably not too expensive like your bonds/fast and furiouses.
  6. Every movie is new mutants now (except new mutants)
  7. Wonder Woman One was, domestically, the highest grossing WB movie of the last eight years. Sure, they'll throw the sequel under the bus just to see what happens.
  8. I am looking forward to seeing Tenet again w/ subtitles when they have to release it on VOD in a couple weeks.
  9. no, seems like this is a pretty fresh decision but i know you're a big fan of the "legal obligation" arguments.
  10. Ah now it's up to *searches down the list* ...... The Croods 2 to save the cinemas.
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