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  1. anyway i'm enjoying this new muppet show but 2 episodes in and no sign of rowlf my favourite muppet. something rotten going on here gents.
  2. yeah, i doubt they'll release actual numbers, but you'll know it performed well when they announce they're taking Black Widow and Soul the same route.
  3. It’s not a 24 hour window. You buy it you keep it. And yeah I assume everyone on the account gets to watch it. It’s not like it’s hard to just switch profiles and watch it anyway.
  4. so did he forget Days of Being Wild is a thing? wasn't that always the start of the "trilogy"?
  5. the sequel is one of the weirdest follow-ups ever. also very solid tho. and robert wise's first film. My personal favourite Val Lewton picture is The Seventh Victim which has Tom Conway reprising his role as dr. judd and he does refer to the events of Cat People, despite his being mauled to death in that film.
  6. Ok that’s for sure ineligible.
  7. actually his friend is a talking peach. that's the fantasy element.
  8. it'll be nice to finally get a good version.
  9. Though, again, the director of the movie said a theatrical release was originally planned. I'm sure they can prove it but i don't think the academy will chase them too hard about it if there even is an oscars.
  10. The director said it was in an interview. Pretty sure it's eligible.
  11. have to imagine the other studios will chase a similar deal? seems like a win/win on their end.
  12. hey this time next year they might win since all these shows (except the crown) haven't shot their next season and Mandalorian 2 is already in the can.
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