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  1. Disagree. I’m looking thru the list and Alice in Wonderland is maybe the only movie I’d argue is worse.
  2. i still have faith that an actually good movie can be the first one day.
  3. never seen it but i'll watch based on your recommendation for sure.
  4. I generally like Bergman but i remember when I was a teen and binging through his films cries and whispers stopped me dead cold I didnt go back to him for a couple years. Awful.
  5. i can't be bothered to find the posters and do a whole FYC thing so I'll just throw a bunch out Yi Yi Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, Happy Together, 2046 (itmfl needs a revisit) Nights of Cabiria, La Strada, La Dolce Vita Z Raise the Red Lantern, The Story of Qiu Ju, House of Flying Daggers, Shadow Tokyo Story, Early Summer, Late Spring, Late Autumn Three Colors Blue and Red The Killer, Hard Boiled Black Orpheus any of these movies:
  6. i would say watch at least 4 more foreign language films to get cries and whispers bumped off that list.
  7. handmaiden and intouchables rounding out the top 3.
  8. Happy Feet 2 (2011) - 7/10 The Conversation (1974) - 10/10 The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) - 8/10 Things to Come (2016) - 8/10 My Favorite Wife (1940) - 7/10 Angel Face (1953) - 9/10 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - 7/10 good week no duds.
  9. nolan must be a Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit fan. asked him to bring the character back for this.
  10. i feel like even if there weren't a pandemic on this would be the lowest grossing Nolan in a while. there's some x factor missing from the trailers here.
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