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  1. watched the new invader zim movie on netflix. i really enjoyed it. basically got what i wanted out of it. whatever your opinion on the show was will probs be your opinion of the movie kinda thing.
  2. disney are kinda screwed if they take any sort of side on this one tbh. if they distance themselves from her they'll piss off china which is the last thing they want. anything else will just piss off... everybody else. the best play is just to wait it out for now at least. let's see how it all develops.
  3. no i don't think anything's gonna happen. from disney's perspective the best thing they can do is ignore it. at worst maybe you won't see this chick doing much promotion in the US
  4. i've been seeing about that. it sucks. many chinese celebrities have been posting the exact same statement, so i wonder if there's someone telling them to toe the party line.
  5. if taika wanted to actually be subversive he'd have cast ScarJo as hitler. that would've printed thinkpieces for months.
  6. The Handmaiden has probably the best score of any movie from the 2010s but i always forget there's a track on the soundtrack that's literally just two minutes of sex noises. not to be played in the car...
  7. my official prediction: she had a heart disease, this dude is the ghost of the guy she got a new heart from. movie ends with him saying "last christmas i gave you my heart" and everybody cheers.
  8. I'm sure Little Lady Bird is gonna be good but doesn't look like it'll top the '94 version for me.
  9. That makes no goddamn sense. The performances couldn’t be more different aside from the fact that they’re both period movies i guess. That’s like saying Ronan’s performance here looks like a knockoff of her work in Atonement.
  10. honestly the movie this most reminded me of while watching it was Agent Cody Banks.
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