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  1. halfway through the rewatch. For your eyes only was the only one I remembered absolutely nothing about. and yes after rewatching it i can see why. still not as bad as thunderball though, that's still at the bottom of my ranking so far.
  2. The transfer of ott praise to "wait what the fuck?" when the wider public discovers it happens with so much broadway shit. theater nerds are just different.
  3. If Artemis Fowl had been the one delayed to 2022 that would make sense as a Norbit comparison. Branagh got lucky there.
  4. I've just seen the second season is leaving streaming here next week so i might give it a go soon.
  5. why would armie hammer being cast in a different movie way before any of that stuff came out about him affect Kenneth Branagh's awards chances for a completely different movie? That makes no sense.
  6. didn't realize these were on. just googled the nominees so i can give my takes on the shows i've seen. drama series The Boys - good probably should win but won't The Mandalorian - enjoyable but idk about best tv. even at it's high points it feels like a fan film with a larger budget Lovecraft Country - some good standalone eps but also kinda bullshit. terrible ending. hope MKW wins though. The Crown i watched 3 episodes of the first season and dropped it because boring as hell and peter morgan sucks bro find a new subject. handmaid's tale i dropped after the end
  7. a star is born is technically a leo leftover as well i think he was in talks for that at some point back when it was a clint eastwood movie. overall not a bad career strategy to take what he throws away.
  8. just got through on her majesty's secret service on the rewatch. I always thought it was a bit of a hipster pick when people say it's their favourite but i get it more now. Big level up in the filmmaking from the previous ones, especially love the kinetic editing of some sequences. not sure i can call it a favourite because i do find lazenby bland and it's a little overlong but definitely a lot better than I've given it credit it's like a real movie. there isn't going to be genuine emotion in these again until casino royale.
  9. i see the cry macho trailer and it makes me think Clint Eastwood looks like he's reached a point where he's actually too old to play old people.
  10. just seen tickets are on sale at my local. looks like 8 out of 12 screens are showing this for the whole first two weeks.
  11. I've started rewatching all the bonds. most of these i haven't seen since i was like 11. already hit a wall rewatching thunderball jesus christ what a fucking slog.
  12. it's kinda funny that Daniel Craig's run is the four longest Bond films + the shortest Bond film.
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