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  1. i don't think there's any "#metoo'd celebrity trying to start a comeback defends themselves in the media" attempt that ever went well. this one is a pretty epic flame out though. the Justice League 2017 of comeback attempts.
  2. it should honestly just be ott incomprehensible deep fried dank meme youtube poop bullshit. just go all out with it full avant garde.
  3. it's honestly pretty funny. it has exactly one joke (old timey thing happens - cut to martin lawrence mugging reaction) but i had a good time. passes the six laugh test.
  4. they should do black knight 2 would be huge. black knight nostalgia is at an all time high (i just rewatched it last week. first time someone has done that in years).
  5. his cameo in resurrections is the best performance in the movie.
  6. it's not surprising the reception is more positive on streaming. i imagine the movie plays a lot better while you're doing stuff and it's on in the background. screensaver movie.
  7. it's funny i haven't been following the awards super closely this year and i keep seeing "these are crazy!!" reacts to these noms and then i look and it's... the same films people have been talking about just arranged in a slightly different way than the last awards show. you'd think the rock and ryan reynolds got nods for red notice or something.
  8. 3 rules. better than 2 not quite as good as 4
  9. finally this is playing at my local on friday. i was starting to think it would never come. in the dreaded screen 7, the worst in the house, but it'll have to do.
  10. a)there is no magic casting choice that saves west side story from flopping b)ansel is very good in the movie (was honestly close to putting him on my BOFFY ballot) c)spielberg 100% would not have cast him if he had been cansel'd before production began. this is the man who got mad about tom cruise's couch jumping overshadowing the WOTW press tour and never worked with him again. doesn't strike me as a filmmaker who wants to attract controversy at all.
  11. wow passing titanic, tobey must be gloating in the pussy posse group chat.
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