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  1. all with female directors as well (+ eternals, which i think has a female lead?) pretty cool.
  2. my actual guess for who'll do the theme tune is lewis capaldi. i'm not a fan of his music but he's blown up in the UK this past year. he does the kind of ballady singing they like for this sort of stuff.
  3. Critics awards frequently do multiple citations like how Brad Pitt won the New York award for Moneyball and Tree of Life and Jessica Chastain won supporting actress for like 4 movies she was in that year.
  4. i definitely think the next take will be lighter since that's what's in right now. the bond movies always follow trends and craig was such a Jason Bourne/Jack Bauer riff to start with, that's not really relevant anymore so he's changed a bit. but yeah the next guy will be full quips
  5. i'm talking about those that probably haven't even seen the pre-craig flicks. he's been bond for such a long time at this point. those familiar with the franchise i think those last two especially are infamous for their goofs. (you only live twice easily the best bond song though)
  6. the mission impossible movies are also becoming more serialized but that's working for them so it's not an inherently bad idea. it's just that here all roads lead to spectre a bloated corpse of a movie. i don't think exploring his psyche has worked because he's always been a thin character and trying to dive deep into him just reveals that even more. when the next actor reverts the character back to quippy goofy brosnan/moore mode do you think young fans who are only especially familiar with craig's more brooding take will complain about Bond being "marvelized"?
  7. that's kinda the problem for me. i would've preferred if they just dropped the thread but this looks like they're working a bit too much to salvage it. i guess i knew lea seydoux and waltz were gonna be in it but i didn't expect them to get that much emphasis in the trailer. malek coming in feels like a totally unrelated afterthought.
  8. i would guess Ad Astra Avengers Irishman Lion King Star Wars with spider-man as an alt.
  9. I agree with the others but i'd switch out the crossed out ones for captain marvel (space shit, which usually does well, plus Sam Jackson got some of the most praised de-aging so far), gemini man (they're not against getting flops at least on the shortlist, Marwen was on it last year and gemini man's solid work) and spider-man (i think the mysterio sequences are gonna put it in there)
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