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  1. That's good they remain set on it for now. I just don't have faith in Americans taking the Virus seriously. Honestly the worst thing the Vax has given me is a sore arm and fatigue.
  2. Bob Chapek just called Eternals a 2022 movie. Movie theaters are no longer profitable especially for big budget films. Severely front loaded then you're looking at a 70-80% drop the following week. Not a good sign.
  3. BUt I THOuGHT AuDIEnCeS woULd HatE THe mOvIE! What a shock that audiences love a movie critics hate.
  4. Out of the characters that died I see these people returning for the sequel.
  5. Mortal Kombat did it's weekend projection in one day. Holy crap.
  6. I can't wait I'm watching both Kimetsu No Yaiba Mugen Train and Mortal Kombat today. It's my first time going to a movie theater since February of 2020.
  7. This may not mean much at all but it's hella impressive that Mortal Kombat is still trending in fact it's the #1 trend as of this moment. It's the only thing still trending from the top 10 that aired yesterday. Not anything from Falcon and the Winter Soldier nor Skull and Bones.
  8. For me going to the movies before cost about $40-50 in just tickets so owning a movie for $30 at home and which I can then use for family viewings with others just seems like a huge steal. So I like Disney +'s model and at this point even with their Marvel movies they need to just rip off the band aid and release the films on Disney + under a premiere access. Holding on to the movies at this point is just dumb.And it's costing them more money holding them then releasing them.
  9. Just imagine that this is considered a successful opening weekend. And people think that Disney is actually going to release any Marvel movies with anywhere remotely close to these returns is out of there minds. Are these numbers great for what movie theaters have now become, absolutely. But if this is enough for Disney to release Marvel films or any company to release big budget films in theaters is insane. That's the whole problem, no matter how long you're holding on to the movie, you're going to lose money. That's just the truth. Now the question is how
  10. Nolan should be quiet because WB did what he wanted with Tenet and he payed the price for being an ignorant moron. Any director thinking we'll be back to normal and they'll be making a profit in a year is a moron. Movies won't be making anywhere close to what they made pre-pandemic till maybe even 2023 esque.
  11. Yeah movie theaters aren't gonna be able to last a year at this point and who knows how much movies will make in Summer 2021. Definitely won't be anywhere close to what they'd be making pre pandemic.
  12. I think this pandemic has changed the landscape of Cinema for the next decade. I don't think we'll see another billion dollar gross in a movie till maybe 5-6 years from now. Even when a vaccine is found, people just won't feel safe. Holding these films hostage for who knows how long is dumb. At some point you're gonna have to just release it because even if it's released in May of 2021, you're no longer guaranteed to make the amount of money you would pre-pandemic. I don't think studios understand that and just assume if they push and push the date then it means their film has
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