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  1. Who could have predicted 5 years ago that the finale of the Skywalker Saga would struggle to cross the billion dollar mark, and no Bob Iger this is not franchise fatigue.
  2. There's something wrong when the finale of the entire sage makes less then the one off film. I mean yikes.
  3. Yet it was Rian Johnson's film that proved to be the most divisive and fan dividing film of all. JJ was tasked with the impossible, he couldn't clean up Rian Johnson's mess. This isn't JJ's fault. This is Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy. They revived it with no plan at all.
  4. ...The finale of the entire saga is grossing less then both parts before it. The franchise is not dead but it's delusional to think it is not damaged.
  5. Look when the director agrees with the fans about the criticisms of the film then even he knows it's trash. He tried to salvage it after Rian destroyed it and that was an impossible task.
  6. Literally go see it a infinite amount of times. Papa Mando and Baby Yoda on the big screen and Mando playing Santa Claus for his son, take my money.
  7. Can Disney just give future SW films to Jon Favrue. The Mandalorian is amazing and the best thing since Disney purchased SW. With him and Dave Filoni and Deborah Chow there's no reason that SW cannot be as a big as Marvel.
  8. Oh I'm sure they expected that and if they didn't there idiots. The film that reunites the audience with the original characters, plus adding new ones to the story. Who wouldn't expect that to break records? What they did not expect is what TLJ would do to the value of the IP going forward.
  9. This is just sad. The finale of the entire saga is being compared with a spin off/one off entry in terms of box office. I'm pretty sure Disney did not expect this when they bought Star Wars.
  10. The reason why I said that is because it's the end of the entire saga. 40 years and they've made that point known in their promotion for the film. Why is this film not making Endgame numbers? That was also marketed as a finale film. The answer is very easy to understand but there's no reason at all that 5 years ago we'd be skimming by a billion after TFA.
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