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  1. You could also watch some great anime as well. For example One Piece is 1000 + episodes and well it's perfect if you're quarantined.
  2. I think the studios have to just bite the bullet and put their movies on streaming. Have a $30-40 pay wall and call it a day. Cause all these postpones are getting crazy and it makes me kind of cringe that Disney is using Mulan as an experiment into whether or not to move Black Widow. A movie that's budget is over 200 million dollars solely being used as an experiment is really a weird move on Disney's part.
  3. You'd be surprised how hard that is for humans. I went to Disney yesterday and I was disgusted to notice that when I went to the bathroom I was the only one that washed my hands. The only thing not being reported is when people recover from the virus. It's truly screwed up that the only things worth reporting are cases and deaths. Never the recoveries which drives the fear amongst all.
  4. The score not even being as epic as this during that moment is an huge fail on Disney's part.
  5. Yup this. I still think everything about this film signifies a bomb. Just look at this scene from the film. We all know this iconic moment in the original animated film. This feels as emotionless as Hakuna Matata in TLK live action.
  6. I do think Coronavirus is definitely an influence at the box office domestically. Movies that only made a million dollars over the course of 3 days made it into the top 10. That's not a good sign of theater attendance.
  7. I will say at least in my family we usually watch all the Disney new releases together and I asked them are we gonna go see this one and they said absolutely not. They don't want to go anywhere with large crowds. We also live in Tampa where there are confirmed 5 cases of the virus. Instead we binge watched Love is Blind. The streaming services must be doing great numbers thanks to this virus.
  8. In all seriousness I think it's time for people including the president to see that this magically will not go away in April. This is not going away any time soon and the only way you can protect yourself is by washing your hands. The impact this has made to our global economy has already been seen. Look at the stock market crashing and in a positive way look at the significant decrease in pollution in China. Until a cure is found, nothing is going to change. The movie theatre business is just one of the many businesses having to deal with the situation. I do hope though that many countries lead by what China, Japan, and Korea are doing. They pay the people they quarantine a living wage.
  9. This doesn't make any sense. Trump said the cases would go down to zero by April, how can he be wrong!?
  10. How much do we estimate Heroes Rising is tracking for? Especially cause WB came out recently and said they want to do a live action version of MHA. Granted it is limited release.
  11. It's lower then all 3 of them critics wise and audience wise it hasn't even reached half of both of these. It's still way too early to judge reception.
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