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  1. Yall ready for the bullshit Disney and Marvel are gonna build if Birds of Prey is successful? Probably greenlight an A-Force movie in February.
  2. I could have sworn I read somewhere that Kennedy said this won't be the last we see of the sequel trio aka Rey, Poe, and Finn.
  3. I am actually very content that it was already revealed in interviews that Pattison will not face Phoenix Joker.
  4. Honestly people think this is violent do they not know this character. I mean heaven forbid if they ever show in cinema what Joker does to Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd. This is child's play compared to that. Return of the Joker animated film almost was Rated R because the flashback sequences and The Killing Joke was trash but R rated as well.
  5. I liked Captain Marvel and I would never give that movie an A. That's a B-/C+ film.
  6. Joaquin is gonna get an Oscar nom for this, of that it's almost a certainty. The film getting nominated would be a bonus but it's his show. The trailers showed that.
  7. This screamed a character study film and by the end of the final trailer it was clear this was gonna be a complex character with relatable struggles that drove him towards this point. A complex study on the effects of mental illness in a society that still treats mental health as a stigma. Which unfortunately is what we as a society do till this day. It still makes my blood boil that mental health is not included in company health insurance packages. Mental health is just as if not more important then physical health. And should be accessible and affordable to every human being.
  8. It's a movie centered around freaking Joker. WTF movie were people expecting? The content from the trailer made everything crystal clear about what this movie is. Read the room next time, nothing in the trailers looked like this was gonna be a fun time in the movies. The trailers gave the sense this movie is a psycho-analytical film on the journey of one man and how "just one day can drive anyone to madness" as our serial killing clown has said. With an Oscar-worthy performance in Phoenix. This film clearly does not have a happy ending, and it was never the intention of giving it one.
  9. October means officially Hocus Pocus time! This movie is iconic, a sequel would do gangbusters.
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