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  1. I think this pandemic has changed the landscape of Cinema for the next decade. I don't think we'll see another billion dollar  gross in a movie till maybe 5-6 years from now.


    Even when a  vaccine is found, people just won't feel safe. Holding these films hostage for who  knows  how long is dumb. At some point you're gonna have to just release it because even if it's released in May of 2021, you're no  longer guaranteed to make the amount of money you would pre-pandemic. I don't think studios understand that and just assume if they push and push the date then it means their film has a chance to gross more. 

  2. I think the studios have to just bite the bullet and put their movies on streaming. Have a $30-40 pay wall and call it a day. 


    Cause all these postpones are getting crazy and it makes me kind of cringe that Disney is using Mulan as an experiment into whether or not to move Black Widow. A movie that's budget is over 200 million dollars solely being used as an experiment is really a weird move on Disney's part.

  3. 1 hour ago, DAJK said:

    I do have to admit, at least at the domestic box office, I wonder how much of an effect COVID19 really had on Onward's performance. BOM's write-up pretty much sums up what I had been thinking before, that while Onward sorta underperformed this weekend, pretty much everything else posted numbers that were in line with, if not slightly better, than expected. 


    I don't think we can attribute fear around a virus as the main cause of 1 movie's underperformance when it doesn't seem like the rest of the (domestic) box office was affected too much. Sure, could Onward have done 41-42M under normal circumstances? Sure, but I don't think this would ever have done 55-60M+ OW honestly, virus or no virus. 

    I will say at least in my family we usually watch all the Disney new releases together and I asked them are we gonna go see this one and they said absolutely not.  They don't want to go anywhere with large crowds. We also live in Tampa where there are confirmed 5 cases of the virus.


    Instead we binge watched Love is Blind. The streaming services must be doing great numbers thanks to this virus.

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  4. In all seriousness I think it's time for people including the president to see that this magically will not go away in April. This is not going away any time soon and the only way you can protect yourself is by washing your hands.


    The impact this has made to our global economy has already been seen. Look at the stock market crashing and in a positive way look at the significant decrease in pollution in China. 


    Until a cure is found, nothing is going to change. The movie theatre business is just one of the many businesses having to deal with the situation.


    I do hope though that many countries lead by what China, Japan, and Korea are doing. They pay the people they quarantine a living wage.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, marveldcfox said:

    Could Sonic end up doing as much as Detective Pikachu or more at domestic and ww boxoffice?! Impressive. The release date really hurt pikachu else could have done much much more.

    I don't think Sonic will perform well OS.  It's not a big property at all not to mention Asia is dealing with a serious health crisis and nobody is preoccupied with going to the movies. 


    Maybe South America may help but that was supposedly a big place for BOP and that didn't help jack.



    Bro your film has already had about 20 different director changes. And Detective Pikachu lifted the curse of video game films. Seems the only goal Uncharted has in mind is not to get made.



    Also his quote...


     think what Uncharted offers that most video games films don't is that it's an origin story to the games,” Holland told IGN. 


    Tom check your source material again.





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  7. 22 minutes ago, MCKillswitch123 said:

    Did you not see what happened to Birds Of Prey last week, a movie that had zero competition to deal with?

    Birds of Prey is entirely different situation. The marketing for that film was atrocious and led to many controversial headlines that turned people off from the film. They also screwed up entirely by making it Rated R when a lot of Harley's demographic is teens. Many poor decisions resulted in Birds of Prey's poor box office performance.




    Who's to say it wouldn't perform just fine amongst that crowd of competition anyway? You act as if this Valentine's Day/President's Day frame is the film's savior.

    History and what actually happened. Sonic is looking towards a 45 million opening weekend. 55 with Presidents day added to that. Pikachu did 55 million on it's 3 day OW. Without President's Day Sonic would be opening at 45 million.


    The following week if Sonic was in Pika's slot was JW3 followed by Aladdin followed by Godzilla. It would not have survived.


    The other savior of this film is the poor release slots around it. The worst grossing DCEU film, a pixar film with barely any buzz, and a movie that is targeted at a country that doesn't care about going to the movies at the moment cause of a health crisis and it's turned off a lot of people domestically cause it's erasure of many things that made the original film what it was.

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