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  1. So we got a lot of sequels greenlit from last summer in May. 1. Detective Pikachu 2 2. John Wick 4 3. Godzilla vs Kong and now Aladdin II.
  2. The books are not going to end, the dude is going to die before he finishes them. He so far has made zero inclination that he's even done with the next book.
  3. Don't we have franchise starters already. Pokemon is still in development likely for a release in 2021/2022. Mario is coming as well. Maybe if Disney sees that video games are successful on the big screen they'll wake the hell up and adapt the goldmine they literally are sitting on. I know it's hypocritical to be like man other studios besides Disney need to be successful when I want Disney to wake up and use Kingdom Hearts to it's fullest potential.
  4. They need to do a complete rewrite cause The Cursed Child is massively controversial, did not sell well compared to the other novels, and was very poorly written.
  5. I don't know a single Harry Potter fan that enjoyed The Cursed Child. Like it's almost universally despised in the Potter fandom.
  6. I would say it's more about the gender politics in the film. Not a single male in this film is portrayed in a positive light whatsoever. Every single male in the film is either portrayed as entitled, conniving, incompetent, very violent, not smart, a rapist, or all of the above. They also unnecessarily made Black Mask gay for no reason at all. I'd understand if they wanted him to have a romance with a male character but that didn't even happen. They kind of hinted at it but never made it clear, which could be taken as queer baiting which is unfortunate. It also didn't help that the marketing for this film was borderline f*ck men territory. IDK if that makes it woke, but I can see why male comic book fans wouldn't be excited to see that on screen. I myself didn't care. I had a good time with the film. I thought it was entertaining and leagues better then Captain Marvel. At least Harley has a personality.
  7. They still promoted it as such prior to the films release that you should watch Captain Marvel before watching Endgame.
  8. The only reason Captain Marvel survived was cause of the brand and massive promotional aspects to Endgame they said were in the film. Otherwise I think that would have met a similar fate. Star Wars I wouldn't even say survived as well. Like the brand film wise is down the tank not to mention the film barely made a billion which I know a film making over a billion dollars is never a failure...the grand finale of Star Wars should be making a lot more then what it made. However I'm not sure that this really does play such a huge part in it. Although Charlie's Angels and Terminator Dark Fate also fell victim to these kind of things as well. So this pattern is troubling.
  9. Maybe Margot should have chosen actresses that are more well known then the ones she chose for a lot of the roles here. Maybe that would have helped ticket sales? Making Black Mask gay also didn't do much for this film aside from cause headlines and make people not want to see it. They didn't even need to make him gay. If you're gonna make a character gay make it explicitly clear they are. What was done in the movie was dumb especially when they never made it clear what was going on, where people can define it as queer baiting. Ewan is great with any material he's given cause he's just that damn good. I love Cassandra Cain and let me tell you that was NOT in any way shape or form Cassie Cane. I thought Margot was great as Harley and Juliet was also awesome as Dinah Lance. I posted this in the weekend thread but this film should have never been marketed as politically correct because that will turn off a lot of people especially nowadays. I honestly do believe there's some merit in the phrase "go woke, go broke". I still stand to this day that the only reason Captain Marvel survived after all the wokeness that film was marketed as was that people wanted to see how she would be incorporated in Endgame as well as seeing how this connects to Endgame. I think what saved Brie Larson and Captain Marvel was the established brand.
  10. So it's safe to say if this Harley returns it'll likely be on HBO Max? Not sure Margot would go for that. Serious question everyone. Do you think the "go woke, go broke" mindset is accurate? Do you think that people saw some sort of SJW ness in this film and that's why they didn't give it a chance?
  11. Who could have predicted 5 years ago that the finale of the Skywalker Saga would struggle to cross the billion dollar mark, and no Bob Iger this is not franchise fatigue.
  12. There's something wrong when the finale of the entire sage makes less then the one off film. I mean yikes.
  13. Yet it was Rian Johnson's film that proved to be the most divisive and fan dividing film of all. JJ was tasked with the impossible, he couldn't clean up Rian Johnson's mess. This isn't JJ's fault. This is Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy. They revived it with no plan at all.
  14. ...The finale of the entire saga is grossing less then both parts before it. The franchise is not dead but it's delusional to think it is not damaged.
  15. Look when the director agrees with the fans about the criticisms of the film then even he knows it's trash. He tried to salvage it after Rian destroyed it and that was an impossible task.
  16. Literally go see it a infinite amount of times. Papa Mando and Baby Yoda on the big screen and Mando playing Santa Claus for his son, take my money.
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