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  1. It's down to a 88% and audience reception was just opened. Oh boy. Remember media has been saying how this is a film for the fans and the fans will love it. Lets test that theory.
  2. A lot of people are posting on Twitter about how they cancelled their reservations and showed their refunds or cancellations on phone caps. Wow man, this movie had so much potential.
  3. Even if this movie does not do well, it can still be commended just because the studio went back and did what was right. I'll watch it because of that reason.
  4. Pikachu is still cuter though, but compared to what he was Sonic looks like a diety now. Don't worry when Pichu is revealed in the Detective Pikachu sequel, that'll be the king of cuteness.
  5. SOMEBODY GET THESE ASSHOLES AWAY FROM STAR WARS! This panel left me furious, they have no idea what they're doing and even admitted that. What a disaster.
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean this is not. This has Tomorrowland written all over it.
  7. Yall ready for the bullshit Disney and Marvel are gonna build if Birds of Prey is successful? Probably greenlight an A-Force movie in February.
  8. October means officially Hocus Pocus time! This movie is iconic, a sequel would do gangbusters.
  9. Literally everything but Disney + and maybe HBO Max will fail. Like this is a no brainer. The ones already around will do fine and adapt but every new one from Peacock to Apple TV will flop badly. Streaming Wars may be going on so get ready for The Rise of the Pirates.
  10. oh god eveen the media is reporting on the leaked trailer saying WB released it, they didn't. This is the second time one of their DC trailers leaked.
  11. I mean it's literally out there on YT for anyone that wants to see it. This also happened with Titans S2 trailer as well.
  12. Birds of Prey trailer leaked in HD and it's been up for 7 hrs yet WB has not taken it down, what the heck is going on at WB.
  13. I would add not only did Avengers suck up all the attention it also sucked up the theaters. Pikachu had to make a lot of it's gross in matinees and it lost a lot of evening showings to Endgame. The DP sequel won't have to deal with any of this so it's already likely gonna be a better box office result.
  14. I was expecting them to do a chart again to reveal the next live action films, ala phase four chart. They did it last D23.
  15. So the biggest trending thing from D23 was not The Mandalorian but Lizzie Mcguire reboot. Trending topics for D23 aree still Hilary Duff, Kit Harington, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, and Gordo. The last one is especially interesting cause Gordo was not even mentioned it's just people want Lizzie and Gordo on the show.
  16. This is the true selling point of Disney + and will make it a must in every household.
  17. It's a series and it's about the high school putting on the musical.
  18. Lizzie and Gordo need to be married or instant cancel.
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