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  1. I hope they realize Lizzie Mcguire was successful not just cause of Hilary but the trio and her brother. Like Lizzie and Gordo better be married in this show and Miranda better be back from her vacation.
  2. I saw on the screens online that they're definitely putting in the cartoon marvel series like the new Spider-Man that show on Disney XD plus Ducktales. I also saw Kim Possible, Raven, and Lizzie Mcguire will be on there which sold me completely. The sell for Disney + are the nostalgia properties. The old Disney movies and TV shows from old school Disney Channel.
  3. Adam Warlock could also be a good choice. I'm sure Game of Thrones fans want him to be in Eternals alongside Richard.
  4. Her comic sure as hell wasn't. Not even close, in fact it's sales numbers were abysmally low. Not America Chavez levels but yeah...
  5. Honestly Streaming is the new thing, and it's basically gonna be an 8 hour movie and I'm sure this likely means Kamala is confirmed for Captain Marvel 2.
  6. Boggles my mind why Disney would create as their main attraction for Marvel land a character they do not own. Iron Man would have made the most sense. You can basically do the same things you would do for Spidey's ride with Iron Man or hell even Captain Marvel.
  7. D23 poster with Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and oh...
  8. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/mortal-kombat-movie-adds-fistful-fighters-1232599?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral Raiden, Jax , and Mileena. Glad Mileena is in the film...unlike the latest game which was just stupid of them not to include her.
  9. Wow Netflix really wants people to cancel their subscriptions.
  10. I'm sure there's more on the way and will be announced at D23. You can bet with the money these soulless films make, they're definitely gonna greenlight more films.
  11. LOL and to think in the 80's and 90's that was the norm.
  12. Disney has a special deal with theaters to hold their films for 3 weeks in their biggest screens. This is their way of making sure their movies stick to the screens while new films from other studios get relegated to second hand screens.
  13. Would prefer they skip Return of Jafar and go to The King of Thieves, much better film.
  14. Aladdin's probably heading out of theaters very soon I imagine.
  15. Imagine Disney making a shot for shot soulless live action remake of their most beloved animated film and it grosses well over a billion dollars. These live action films will never end. If I was Disney I'd find a way to meld them all together ala Kingdom Hearts or some other kind of Disney Live Action universe cause the money and interest is 100% there. Even with two rotten scoring live action remakes back to back audiences just don't seem to care what critics have to say.
  16. Who the hell cares? It's gonna make over a billion, Disney sure doesn't.
  17. No doubt this will not perform as well as the original. For all the reasons you listed and it breaks my heart to say this but I think the same of Scooby Doo. It's just not as big as it used to be and that's entirely on the fault of terrible cartoons for SD after Mystery Inc which was amazing.
  18. Songs are not the only thing that matters. Aladdin added on characters but never replaced them or cut them. Mulan is cutting multiple characters and replacing Mulan's sidekick whom I argue is just as popular as Robin Williams Genie, Mushu.
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