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  1. There is alot more to Avatar than "beauty of nature", which is literally the most superficial thing you can take away from that movie. And I dont agree, Avatar and Star Wars are very different movies that require very different characters. Both Star Wars and Avatar have characters that are perfect for the movie they are in.
  2. Uncreative people always say something is impossible - until a creative person comes around and proves them wrong. And you are wrong.
  3. The "anime will never appeal" discussion is pointless. Almost any concept, if executed well enough and marketed well enough, can become a huge mainstream hit and find mass appeal. The best example would be the Transformers franchise. Critical reception nonewithstanding, who would have thought that a goofy 80s show that was mostly forgotten in the 2000s would spawn one of the largest movie franchises on the planet that would change blockbusters forever? The same can happen with anime adapations. Im not saying it will happen with Alita as I do think it kinda looks like a mixed bag from what we have seen so far, but there is no inherent something that keeps anime adapations from beeing successful. Infact, looking at the success of the MCU, I do believe that really well executed anime adaptions could be huge money makers, as the appeal of anime and the MCU isnt really that different. And I dont even like anime myself.
  4. As a Venom fan, I dont think this movie would benefit all that much from an R-Rating. Venom isnt known for swearing or alot of sexual jokes and R-Rated violence can only add so much. A venom film can work perfectly well on a PG-13 rating, he isnt Deadpool, he doesnt need the R-rating.
  5. I love the Transformers movies by Michael Bay, but Transformers: The Last Knight was not a good movie and it received alot more negative attention than the other movies, which outside of internet forums were mostly viewed favorably. I do think it damaged the brand. Im curious to see how Transformers: Bumblebee will perform, personally I think it looks quite terrible. Also didnt Justice League make less money than any other DCEU movie?
  6. I agree, the lack of self-awareness many fans of the MCU display is hilarious. Its perfectly fine to like the movies, but it really becomes obnoxious when they act like these movies are the objective definition of quality, when most of them are nothing more but perfectly mediocre movies that have very little to them.
  7. The fun thing about discussions where Marvel stuff is involved is that it brings people into the discussion that dont really care for anything but MCU movies and as such have very little idea about the movie world on a larger scale. With that said however, the strength of the Marvel brand is undeniable and despite Camerons and RRs talent, I see Alita beeing a tough sell. I really think right now noone can say what will happen with this movie, its a total wildcard.
  8. What Ive seen so far from it looks pretty good. To make Alitas eyes big like in the manga is a really daring decision and I commend the filmmakers for it. It has the potential to really give this movie a really unique flavor. I could perhaps even see it setting off a new style of "live-action" movies if this movie is a huge success. I dont really agree with the talk that this is basically a Cameron movie, though. Sure, he might have had a ton of influence on the project, but theres a big difference between an artist creating their vision and an artist telling someone else to create their vision for them. The results are never the same. Still, his influence is surely something positive and Im really really curious how this project will turn out in the end.
  9. Wow, he looks amazing. Sweet slight redesign aswell.
  10. MC is indeed the lesser evil of the two, but I simply disagree with the concept of ratings in general, which is why a site devoted to it will always be a joke to me. RT on the other hand is a site that seems to be actively at odds with actual critical, worthwhile analysis and appreciation of film and I despise it for that.
  11. Both Metacritic and Rottentomatoes are jokes of a site and I dont think their scores should be taken seriously when considering the quality of a movie. To say that a movie is the best picture of the year just because it has an arbitrary high number on a site that equates movies with spoiled fruit is ridiculous. Especially seeing how trying to boil down a piece of art into a number is complete nonsense. The oscars have many flaws, but not listening to scores isnt one of them.
  12. Considering the voting base of the academy, I dont think that would have been a concern, theres no way they would have given the Oscar to Black Panther. Your latter point makes alot more sense.
  13. I dont quite follow, what does this change have to do with Black Panther? I´d argue no Marvel movie so far should be anywhere close to a "best picture" award, oscars or not.
  14. What a terrible idea for a category. I have no respect for the oscars, its pretty obvious that they only have a very limited view on movies as art and their system is flawed from the ground up. This category sounds like a stand-in for saying "We think your movies are worthless but heres an award just to make you happy". What a joke.

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