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  1. This is my take away from this aswell. Wow, what a move to go with this kind of visual style. If nothing else, this will be a very unique movie for sure...
  2. Disney has certainly perfected that with the Marvel movies, thats true. Not sure if Lucasfilms had a hand in that, though.
  3. Yeah, lightsaber fights are so non-violent now that in TLJ a preatorian guard got a hole punched through his skull by one. You guys are like a rabid pack of dogs, nothing that you say makes any sense at all. Your opinions on Star Wars have been so twisted by echo-chambers that they are not worth anything anymore.
  4. Only because you can link 3 bad youtube videos here doesnt mean the trailer wasnt received positively overall.
  5. Yeah, they dont always get it right. Godzilla 2014 is a great movie though, so they did get it right here.
  6. Why are you guys blaming Sony for the terrible posters? This is mainly a Marvel made movie, is it not? Especially seeing how Marvel posters have almost always been terrible.
  7. As someone thats sorta an vfx artist, what he´s saying is that if you composite together vfx and real-life footage, you will never achieve the same kind of accuracy that you get by shooting on location, even if a greenscreen is in place. And thats true, a vfx artist could try his best to perfectly emulate how the light scatters off the sand and onto the real-life actors, but it would never be the real thing. But yeah, the way he phrases it definitely is abit inconsiderate, seeing how if it were a fully CGI shot, stuff like this is definitely things that vfx artists think about and can capture perfectly.
  8. Be right back, gonna shitpost in all the Marvel related threads how Captain America from 1979 is a more worthwhile piece of cinema than any movie in the MCU.
  9. Your avatar is actually a perfect reaction to that post.
  10. Godzilla 2014 is a great movie. Its also one of those movies that really gets enhanced by seeing it in a proper cinema. Im really looking forward to this next installment and I hope it can match the expressiveness of Gareth Edwards film.
  11. Just watched this one last weekend. And I have to say, man, what a terrible movie.. I never liked the Marvel movies all that much, but I always thought that each of the Avengers films were good movies in their own right, but this one just falls flat. And I went into this one thinking it would be good. The plot is a really convoluted mess and it just completely fails to create any tension. Unlike Infinity War, it also just doesn't take itself seriously enough in regards to its themes and subject matter. It actually reminds me somewhat of Transformers: The Last Knight in how disjointed it is. For most of this movie I was just bored and thinking to myself what the hell I'm watching. The ending is decently done and might stick with you if you are invested in these movies, but it also feels alot worse executed than it could have been. The final fight is sort of fun, but more in a "these are some pretty lights" kind of way and doesn't hold any emotional weight. I'm glad it's looking more and more like this movie won't overtake Avatar WW, as I would hate for this to be the highest grossing movie of all time. Infinity War deserved the gross that this movie made more than Endgame does.
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