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  1. I pretty much agree with this. I actually think its pretty sexist in itself when someone would argue that "women" or "men" can only be written in a particular way. That itself could be constricting how that gender is written, which is the exact opposite of what you want. If someones a bad character, thats fine, but people dont have to make everything a gender issue. And yes, Alita probably isnt a great portrayal of a "typical" modern woman. She shouldnt be, she´s a fantasy hero character, their character traits are never accurate to reality, just like all the superheros and stuff you see everywhere are not acting like real people, either. Its just not the point of these characters at all.
  2. Except that starring in a Rolex ad has nothing to do with artistic purity, its not affecting his art if he makes money by starring in this ad.
  3. God, I remember when this thread first popped up. Its such an incredibly stupid sentiment and shows how limited reddits (and of large parts of the internet in general) view on culture actually is. Whats so aggravating about reddit to me is that the people there so happily cultivate their incorrect assumptions like its some sort of badge of honor.
  4. Great post. These days it feels like many people are more interested in bitching about films than actually watching them and enjoying art.
  5. How the box office for this will go is gonna be so interesting to watch. Im still unsure about how this movie will go down, however, every single sneak-peek of the movie seems to be better than the last and anticipation for the release seems to be increasing at a steady rate. At this point Im leaning more towards that it will be a box-office success, perhaps it might even really break out. In any case, this movie beeing big at the box office would be a great success for unconventional filmmaking.
  6. Only because you write something on the internet doesnt make it the truth, you know? Theres more evidence to suggest the contrary, that James Cameron is unusually deeply involved in this project for a "mere" producer. All evidence points towards that Alita is a shared creative project between Rodriguez and Cameron.
  7. Also, I would say treating Pokemon purely as a videogame property is misguided aswell. Pokemon might have started as a video game, but its definitely a cross-media franchise, with the things surrounding the actual games (like the TV shows) beeing just as big as the games themselves. There are many people who are huge Pokemon fans and have never actually played a Pokemon game. It was more than a video game franchise from the very start. As such, I dont think Detective Pikachu can be compared to other video game movies because I dont really agree that Detective Pikachu is a video game movie adapation. Instead, its the adaption of a cross-media franchise into movie form.
  8. Did people seriously expect this movie to be some bombastic action movie finale? Thats not Nights deal at all and not the impression I got from the trailers, either. I havent seen the movie yet, but if thats supposed to be the "bait and switch" people are talking about, then ooooh boy. From the trailers and the movies this is a sequel to, I fully expect this to be a slow, methodic and emotional drama.
  9. And why is that? Marvel fatigue isnt a question of if it well happen, but when. As is the same with all franchises, they cannot keep their audiences interested forever. Marvel movies arent the first movies to release a very successful string of very similar movies and make a huge amout of money with each one before then slowly beeing forgotten and they wont be the last. And Im not even making a statement here about the quality of the Marvel movies, its just something that will happen and that you doubt it is the actual thing thats hilarious.
  10. The way Paramount has handled their franchises has been really weird in general. The Transformers franchise could be in a very different position now if they changed their strategy after the completion of the first trilogy. Both with Star Trek and Transformers Paramount has these incredible juggernauts of movie franchises, they just dont seem to plan far ahead enough and dont know what do to with them after the first couple of movies.
  11. If this is meant to be a reply to my previous post, then I tell you that its not about Alita. Its about beeing respectful to movies and users alike.
  12. I can give a potential reason: Marvel fatigue. It could be argued that in the minds of the public Infinity War is the culmination of the Marvel movies and that all following movies will gross less. However, thats grasping at straws. I think Marvel fatigue has a good chance to set in after Endgame, but not before. Even though I could see Endgame grossing less than Infinity War, but it will still be very big. Out.
  13. Well yes, but they dont feel the need to post their negative opinion in the same thread a hundred times like they are a know-it-all, trying to pass it off as a fact, which you certainly did. When someone is as inquisitive about it as you were, its obnoxious to the people that look forward to the film. I really despise this behavior of dismissing something right out of the gate and beeing overly negative about it like its some sort of cool life-style choice and acting like your negative opinion is fact, which is the exact behavior you showed previously in this thread, which is why Im calling you out on it.
  14. I shit you not, the third (or was it fourth?) time I saw Avatar in the cinema, there was a guy bragging in the front seats saying he could see that the dragon-creatures in the movie where just bats in a costume. Come on people, how disconnected can you be from media.

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