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  1. Let me correct you right there: "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is not a childrens TV show. Its a TV show for all ages and from what I have heard (I havent watched all that much of it actually) an excellent piece of media. Anyhow James Camerons dope yo.
  2. Nah I dont see it happening. If Cameron directed it, maybe. But not like it is now.
  3. It looks no worse than your post history. Anyhow, this movie sounds really intriguing. Though I suspect the MCU crowd will be in over their heads with this one.
  4. This is a really disingenuous post you are making and its not cool. There is nothing wrong with people beeing excited for a movie, beeing a fan of a director and/or them celebrating/anticipating that movies performance, both artistically and at the box office. Nobody bats an eye when this happens in every single solitary MCU thread to a much larger degree, but you are used to that and dont bat an eye, but if another franchise does it you suddenly call it out as a dick measuring contest. Infact its even worse with MCU fans because alot of them also seem to feel the need to trash talk every movie project that doesnt fit into their niche. But I havent heard you complaining about them (or similar behavior by other fans) pulling a dick measuring contest. Back off with that mindset.
  5. Nah, doesnt every generation take what they have known before and reshape it to something that fits into their culture, while also creating new things? Its just a natural cycle thats always been like that and you can be damn sure that 50 years ago they remade and repurposed things that were made before that time. Its no different today than it was back then. You just happen to remember the outstanding stuff, while forgetting all the unremarkable, copy-cat and derivative works of that time.
  6. Mmh I dont know about this one. Dont get me wrong, I dont really care for most superhero movies and I adore Avatar, but this quote seems to imply that cultural icons arent capable of evolving with the times and changing to be more approriate for current generations, which they definitely can. And I mean this century has evolved a large amout of their own culture, while also drawing and expanding upon the culture of the past. Theres room for both and I think we can consider us very fortunate to live in a time where culture and meaningful art are thriving to a degree that is seldomly seen.
  7. People still have this mentality that "R-rating = better". It sounds cool to say, which is why people say it. But it doesnt make much sense once you think things through, which alot of people arent willing to do.
  8. About the PG-13 thing: There are some movies who say fuck and some who doesnt. This one doesnt. Im looking forward to it. I really hope its great, the trailers hint at alot of potential.
  9. Yeah I wouldnt draw conclusions based on the second hand opinions from people who saw individual scenes. Every movie has some funny scenes in it, doesnt mean the entire movie is like that. We will see. I expect it to be mostly an action thriller with some Marvel esque comedy thrown in for good measure.
  10. I dunno 88 Million seems like a reasonable budget for a movie of this scale in this day and age.
  11. I really dislike IM3 aswell, I actually think its one of the worst movies I ever saw in the cinema. Its also the reason why Im really unsure if The Predator is going to be a good movie. I like the trailers, but IM3 trailers were also good. Infact, I dont particularly like any of the movies of Shane Black (that Ive seen). But maybe that changes with The Predator, I like what Ive seen so far.
  12. God I hate todays movie review culture so much. What a disgrace to art. Anyhow, gonna see this movie in the coming weeks, I hope its worthwhile.
  13. At the end of the day, all I am really getting at is that the term "sex-offender" is a dangerous generalization and that alot of people are overly zealous to dehumanize people labeled as such.
  14. Yeah I know, but theres a big difference between having that information available and having it be mandatory to inform your workers of that information.

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