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  1. This is my take away from this aswell. Wow, what a move to go with this kind of visual style. If nothing else, this will be a very unique movie for sure...
  2. Only because you can link 3 bad youtube videos here doesnt mean the trailer wasnt received positively overall.
  3. Actually, we do know. The process of how designs are created and translated to CGI on big blockbuster movies is well documented. Theres no reason to assume the CGI artists where any more involved in the design of Sonic than they were in any other production. In other words, they werent involved.
  4. This isnt a CGI issue, the design is just terrible. The CGI artists dont create the design most of the time, they get handed the finished design and then they translate it to CGI. Its the fault of the people that designed Sonic this way (and the ones that approved this), not the CGI artists.
  5. Like the Sonic design is so bad, I could never see myself watching this movie because of it. I simply do not want to look at that monstrosity for an hour and a half.
  6. Man, the trailer actually looks alittlebit of fun seeing how it doesnt take itself seriously at all. Jim Carry looks like he´s having a blast, but its all ruined by the terrible terrible Sonic design.
  7. Did people seriously expect this movie to be some bombastic action movie finale? Thats not Nights deal at all and not the impression I got from the trailers, either. I havent seen the movie yet, but if thats supposed to be the "bait and switch" people are talking about, then ooooh boy. From the trailers and the movies this is a sequel to, I fully expect this to be a slow, methodic and emotional drama.
  8. The way Paramount has handled their franchises has been really weird in general. The Transformers franchise could be in a very different position now if they changed their strategy after the completion of the first trilogy. Both with Star Trek and Transformers Paramount has these incredible juggernauts of movie franchises, they just dont seem to plan far ahead enough and dont know what do to with them after the first couple of movies.
  9. As a filmmaker myself, this is not true. Having a large audience is a great feeling, but whats more important is that your movie is watched by the right audience, because only they will be able to properly appreciate it. If you make a movie purely to generate money your statement might hold true (and even then its debatable), but artists hold other things in higher regard. Though money is great to have, too.
  10. This is spot on. Anyhow, Im not sure when I will actually get around to seeing this movie. Unbreakable is a great movie, but I havent seen Split yet.
  11. Well yes, when a movie is divisive, the people that dislike it often times scream the loudest. But also often times divisive movies are the best of movies, because great art is not everyone and never will be.
  12. There are many people like me that love and appreciate the Transformers movies. As I always like to say, Michael Bays work has a great deal of artistry to it that I think far to few people can appreciate. Michael Bay is a director that has a very specific style unique to him that he uses to tell his stories and his style definitely doesnt appeal to everyone. But thats the thing, art often times is divisive and not for everyone and thats ok. You dont have to like his movies, but you are wrong in thinking that there arent also alot of people who see alot of value in Michael Bays work.
  13. You are terribly misinformed. What happened with Transformers 2 happened because of the writers strike. Yes, the script was rushed and Bay was the first to admit that. He didnt move the release date because he was confident that he could make a quality product anyways and he also made preparations for the writers strike before it happened so the writers and the entire production team had an easier time. That they didnt move the release date WAS an act of dedication and care, in Michael Bays own way (he´s also a director that really cares about staying on budget). This is a terrible example of yours and means nothing. Even Transformers 2 is a movie made with alot of dedication and care, it was just a victim of its circumstances. They build a town in the desert for it just so they have something to blow up for the final act. They filmed on-location in egypt and to my knowledge it was the first movie in many many years that got the permission to film at and ON the Pyramids. Michael Bay flew halfway across the world just for a single day, just so he could personally direct the CGI crew when they were creating the films only (and franchises first) fully CGI animated sequence (the decepticon scene on the crashed decepticon spaceship). They also created the most complex CGI shot of the time for this movie with Devastator taking down the Pyramids. Michael Bay worked on the final cut of the movie personally up until HOURS before the movies initial premiere. That Transformers 2 didnt need to move its release date is a testament to Michael Bays work ethic. I personally think he should have moved the release date as writing the script in just two weeks definitely resulted in a worse movie, but it was not an easy decision. Transformers 2 is a flawed movie, but its still a labor of love. If you want to judge a man and his work, be sure to inform yourself properly first, because what you are saying here is just wrong.
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