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  1. This is my take away from this aswell. Wow, what a move to go with this kind of visual style. If nothing else, this will be a very unique movie for sure...
  2. Yeah. Avatar stayed in theaters that long because it took a very long time for interest to drop in the movie. People just wouldnt stop seeing it in theaters.
  3. Thats one way of putting it. One thing I really dislike about this whole thing is how disingenious it feels. EG couldnt beat Avatar unadjusted and when adjusted for inflation, it didnt even come close. Pretty much all Marvel fans really wanted that record too, but seeing how its out of reach now, SUDDENLY its the admissions that are the most important, even though noone talked about them before? Thats just embarrassing. Marvel fans have to ask themselves, if they have to move the goalpost 12 times over in order to get an edge over Avatar in anything, what is your record even worth, even if you should get it? Not to even mention that when counted by admissions, neither Avatar nor EG even hold the crown so its kind of pointless.
  4. Its a real shame that actual ticket numbers arent reported for alot of countries. I do believe its probably the most valid form of measuring a movies success. Atleast in a certain way.
  5. Gone with the Wind is my bet. I actually think Avatar might have Titanic beat when judged by admissions.
  6. These are all really good points. It didn't even occur to me that when counted by admissions, neither Avatar nor Endgame would be in the first place anyway, even though it's actually quite obvious.
  7. Disney has certainly perfected that with the Marvel movies, thats true. Not sure if Lucasfilms had a hand in that, though.
  8. Yeah, you are just talking bullshit man. Avatar is the bigger movie, both unaccounted for inflation and especially when accounting for inflation, where Avatar is so far ahead that no amount of exchange rate differences matter. What you are saying is just numbers twisting to get to a result you prefer and its meaningless. And yes, adjusted for inflation often DOES account for exchange rates. Infact alot of "adjusted for inflation" lists are often times misleadingly titled. They are less about inflation and more about accounting for all factors that could screw with the monetary numbers. Their purpose is more to get a closer look at "tickets sold" rather than money, especially for older movies were those numbers just aren't available.
  9. Yeah, this doesnt sound right. Show me receipts and I believe it, but its pretty clear from the data that measured by tickets sold, Avatar absolutely outclasses EG and its not even close. Additionally to that, the exchange rates are often times part of the calculations when measuring adjusted for inflation and they show Avatar beeing in a completely different ballpark to EG. Its not close.
  10. I wouldnt say knowing the basic plot outline of a movie qualifies as "everything". Unless your assessment is that Ant-Man turning into a baby is everything there is to it to that movie, in which case we are in agreement. Anyhow, if this re-release is just in the US, I dont think it will matter, I cant see it making another 50 million just in US on one weekend. Its barely a re-release, the movie is still playing where I live. If its WW, then it has a shot.
  11. I remember how bad it was, yeah. It was a very disappointing movie for me to watch and I dont even like the MCU. I guess that could be considered a major achievement?
  12. "And then Ant-Man turned into a baby, Daddy!" "And what happened next?" "All of my favorite heroes went back in time and undid all the bad stuff the evil guy did!" Seriously, what you guys see in this movie is beyond me...
  13. The plot and quotes of Endgame were so forgettable that I barely remembered anything about the movie after leaving the theater...
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