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  1. In the vue multiplexs in the Uk it's already sold 12K tickets in advanced sales only for the first day. It's really really good. It's about the 70% of all his capacity, In some structures all the 3 showings of the day are sold out, they should add some other screening but it's all full already. But I guess universal is counting on its long legs.
  2. when you have 17 people in 8 morning showings it is. Maybe they should do 55 screens for day so he can beat the OW record and then doing the 75% of the total the first weekend. but maybe you're right, i forget disney's marketing core is beating every year an "with inflation OW record".
  3. Just watch the advanced sales on a multiplex in the Uk and there are like 25 screening for a day and they have sold for the first day like 130 tickets for the first 15 of them (so 130 tickets of a capacity of not less than 3300 seats). I mean we are just 4 days to it. Do they think this is Avengers? TOO much overrated. LOL.
  4. Lol it have to do not less than 1.2B cause is the live action of the lion king and they spent 600 m dollars, just because someone watch it doesn't mean he likes it. People are going to see it because of the brand, 1.2B dollars are the tickets of 850M dollars 10 years ago. The movie is not having great legs, this means it's doesn't have an incredible world of mouth (see the incredibles 2). It won't leave any trace like every disney remake, it's not our fault if these movie are irrelevant and nobody talks about them after the first weekend. No problem, frozen 2 is coming and it seems a real possible pop phenomenon.
  5. Tarantino has made like 2500 interviews where he talks about his foot fetish, it's not like you even need to speculate so much about a scene in one of his movies.
  6. I didn't say the double, of course it can't make the double from 1.3 B but i mean there will be a huge or very solid increase everywhere, especially in the Us. Definitely it can do 500-550 M in the us.
  7. Looks like Inception. I hated that movie. I would like something similar to The Prestige, that's a great movie. I laughed for John David Washington's name screamed so loud, Warner bros is like "you don't know who he is but Nolan has a black lead so you can finally shut up".
  8. under 40M third weekend? Wow is dropping fast. Still 4700 copies? To know how many half empty theaters it will have.
  9. Yes, only for the actors and maybe some minor category. I think Greta got already too much nominations for Juno but boring (best director, lol) just cause it was the edition after the Weinstein scandal.
  10. Everyone always talk of how many billions movies disney has when all their releases this year have a cost than not less than 300M between budget and obligated massive promotional costs cause bigger the budget bigger the cost of promotion to make money. If we only see how many 1 billions movie a studio has there is no competion, if we see the biggest 5 movies of the year they all disney but the fact is they all need to do 300M more in the us to be a success. Some of the other studios has different strategies than only big 1 B movies. Bohemian Raphsody did less than captain marvel but it's a bigger success. In 2018 Warner got a star is born with 434M dollar on a 39M budget, Crazy asians with 238M on a 30M bufget, the nun with 365M on a 22M budget etc.. Of course they didn't beat any 300M dollars disney movie (or every disney movie should be a big flop) but they are huge financial success too.
  11. "Hollywood is playing younger than expected, 60 percent of ticket buyers between 18-34" https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/once-a-time-hollywood-box-office-rides-40m-but-cant-catch-lion-king-1227495
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