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  1. diddykongracing128

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    i see no one is bothering to question what Disney is saying about Captain Marvel despite the evidence clearly pointing that they are clearly buying tickets: alot of Youtube videos are talking about empty seats. Maybe, Maybe something weird is going on.
  2. diddykongracing128

    Tuesday - CM 7.6m

    7.6 Million? How much of that is real or bought by Disney? Does anyone actually believe these numbers? Reports of empty seats and the media isn't talking about it. Anyone who doesn't believe that there is something fishy going on is a fool simple.
  3. Prediction 50 million. Tops: 120 Million. Audiences will be fooled by the hype only to figure out it is the same old slasher shit that they shove down their throats and then they abandon the movie. Oh and it loses audiences cause Jamie Lee Curtis couldn't keep her old hag mouth shut about guns. And we all know what happens to actors spewinng out politics before their movie premiers.
  4. I perdict the First Man will also underperform internationally. Good job alienating Americans while trying to cater to China and World wide who don't give a damn Ryan Gosling, you talentless fuck.
  5. The First Man bombing? Should havee put that flag. Can we now just stop making Ryan Gosling a thing? He is a pretty boy actor. Blade Runner 2049 didn't do so well either.
  6. diddykongracing128

    Biggest bomb of 2018

  7. Nobody lost money underestimating the intelligence of American Audience. Bad superhero movie vs Hack musician? Give me a break. Warner Bros must be slipping alot of cash onto Rotten Tomatoes.
  8. UH another reboot? Leave the classics alone and just rehire Ron Pearlman. This will be like Donte.
  9. Russia this. Russia That. All of this Russia hysteria must be so exhausting with Liberals. Also People's college money at work people. Just doing retarded ass studies.
  10. Disney Channel stars in a horror movie remake? Bad news.
  11. diddykongracing128

    Night School (2018)

    Kevin Hart talks loud and obnixious part 6959559
  12. Exactly. To see the Oscars and the delusional Bob Iger reward her for sitting back while Spielberg does his thing or happening to be there while Star Wars Force Awakens came out is maddening. Do you know who deserves an honory Oscar much more? Kevin Feige. He actually helped create something piggybanking on Spielberg.
  13. Lets be honest, if it weren't for Steven Spielberg, no one would have looked at her in the eye. The only reason she is notable is because she happened to produce Spielberg's biggest movies. Anyone could have done that. Take Steven Spielberg out and her list would be yawn inducing.
  14. Put the X-men into the MCU and cancell this. No one wants this trash especially after the travesty that is X-men Apyclopse.
  15. Too bad. Hopefully someone does toss out Kathleen Kennedy. Anyone who greenlighted Ruin Johnson's ego trip deserves to be fired. How about they just ask Kevin Feige to run both Star Wars and Marvel.

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