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  1. On March, Disney is going to find out that when they went Woke with this boring movie, they will go Broke. They did not learn their lesson on Wrinkle of Time. I don't know why they are infecting the MCU with feminism and Wokeness when it is clear it never pays the bills and that it damaged Star Wars. Ask the Video Game Industry how those two are making them money or lack of.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKZGIvLQD9I Watch this be rated low on Rotten Tomatoes by the critics who spent all year long REEEEEing at a election they lost to and that they so crazed that they listen to the words of porn stars and make up fantasy Russian conspiracies when there is no prove.
  3. not being sexist at all. Just telling it how it is. Everyone knows that critics can be bought *Anything made by Disney* or they can be politically motiviated *The Last Jedi and Ghostbusters' high review scores* What is the chance that it isn't also SJWs trying to tank the movie because of the controversy.
  4. Hype is one hell of a drug. Seen it and it is the weakest CCU film since Annabelle. Not many like it either. This is going to drop like a rock this weekend.
  5. When you have Pier Moran supporting you, well you should just quit. Olivia Munn's BS is going to sink this movie. No wonder the others aren't talking to her. She made a problem when there wasn't any. Of course she never said anything about Bryan Singer.
  6. Oliva Munn: Outs someone who has already did their time and goes out of her way to cut him from the movie and cause PR trouble. Also Oliva Munn: Is in the X-men Apoyclpse movie that is directed by Bryan Singer. Hypocrite
  7. Solo is an ok movie, but it didn't make money cause Disney and their media and their paid off reviewers couldn't help themselves by calling every star wars fan who dislike The Last Jedi sexist and racist manchildren and altright babies. Heck even Rian Johnson got into the whole manchild blame game to cover up his poor film. Even blaming us that Kelly Trans left instagram when she never said anything about it. We fans boycotted the movie, simple as that.
  8. Love that Happy Time Murders. Audiences no longer care about Miss Piggy. Better grab the twinkies out Mccarthy, your career is done.
  9. Exactly, but you know Ryan Gosling is a stupid motherfucker. How he and the idiots who suggested it isn't flipping burgers at burger king is a crime.
  10. First Man cutting out the flag is absolutely stupid and just more evidence of Hollywood stupidly pandering to overseas. They won't give a shit about this. China won't get it since it isn't filled with Fast cars, explosions or big robots. They can't really process anything more complex than that. And Americans are going to boycott this. womp womp.
  11. diddykongracing128

    Tuesday Numbers

    Sucked that Spectre outgrossed Rogue Nation considering how dogshit Spectre is. One of the worst james bond movies of recent history. But hey, i guess they got their guieness book of world records, records no one gives a shit about.
  12. I hear Melissa Mccarthy is drowning out her career low with double whooper fried Twinkies

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