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  1. Only reason Captain Marvel is doing so well is cause of Endgame. no one would have cared about this movie otherwise. But if Disney were smart, they would realize that Endgame is now going to act like The Last Jedi since now they alienated a good portion of their audience with this forced wokeness and inserting politics where no one wants it.
  2. Some Random dude vs. evidence of empty seats from twitter and youtube videos. who should i trust...hmm
  3. Lol at anyone believing Captain Marvel's numbers. waves of empty seats and no one here questions that? Cannot wait for a real movie by the real captain marvel. Not some Mary Sue poser.
  4. Hey Disney, look who it is: The real Captain Marvel not your mary sue poser.
  5. I perdict the First Man will also underperform internationally. Good job alienating Americans while trying to cater to China and World wide who don't give a damn Ryan Gosling, you talentless fuck.
  6. The First Man bombing? Should havee put that flag. Can we now just stop making Ryan Gosling a thing? He is a pretty boy actor. Blade Runner 2049 didn't do so well either.
  7. Nobody lost money underestimating the intelligence of American Audience. Bad superhero movie vs Hack musician? Give me a break. Warner Bros must be slipping alot of cash onto Rotten Tomatoes.
  8. UH another reboot? Leave the classics alone and just rehire Ron Pearlman. This will be like Donte.
  9. Who keeps on paying tickets to see Kevin Hart? All he does is scream and that is somehow funny? Give me a break. Deadpool is funnier than he is.
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