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  1. Hi Guys, don't know what happened, but here's some chocolate fudge for you: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt1620981/?ref_=bo_se_r_1 Somehow The Addams Family crossed the 100M mark, so 2019 closes with 31. (Sorry for my rare comments, but at least I read the board all the time, I'm a firefighter from Hungary btw)
  2. we get another one? or is it fake? according to Mojo, Rampage finished with 99,345,950 dollars. according to Movie City News, Rampage is at 100,170,940 dollars. why warner reported that they pulled out the movie from theathers, if it's still playing? hmm...
  3. Thanks for the information 😉 I didn't know. But the Weekend Reports are by Leonard Klady, if that matters. I visit the site only for the weekend reports, cause once in a while they publish the yearly domestic chart, which seems more accurate than mojo's (looks like they tracking the movies longer or they get numbers directly from the studios, dunno.
  4. Hi Ladies and Gents. As a box office freak, this forum is my favorite site, I just never comment because my shitty english. But here we are, I brought some news I want to share, so our man Dwayne doesn't have to be entirely sad. According to Movie City News, Rampage has passed the 100 million milestone. http://moviecitynews.com/2018/08/the-weekend-report-298/
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