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  1. October seemed like such a great date for Batman, that I don't understand why they wouldn't move Dune to the Holidays instead.
  2. Maybe they'll move it up a bit? Early September? If they delay it again, that'll be brutal. Dune could have moved to the holidays, no?
  3. THAT's what that was when I got the invite? haha
  4. It's not. The date is in the description/on the site. They most likely didn't include it in the trailer to give themselves leeway if it needs to be pushed/delayed.
  5. I mean, there was no date given at the end of the tv spot, so they could theoretically hold it as long as they can if theaters open in August/September mostly.
  6. Could be the 6.5M film Blumhouse is trying to shoot over the summer.
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