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  1. It's definitely on paper a homage to it, but it seems it won't take place entirely in the hospital, and that (to me) it won't be nearly as boring as Halloween II actually is.
  2. Filming officially wrapped today! Here's our 'first' look at Nancy Stephens, reprising her role as Marion Chambers from the original, Kyle Richards reprising her role as Lindsey Wallace from the original, and Anthony Michael Hall taking over the role of Tommy Doyle from the original - all in the same scene! Bring on October, 2020! https://twitter.com/Halloweenmovies/status/1191165232753737729
  3. Gonna go with 55m/120 as of right now. It'll definitely be a drop, but there isn't really another "horror" film coming out that weekend. Just 'The Witches' and apparently that G.I. Joe spinoff (I think)
  4. She was still shooting on the sound stages a couple of days ago. Guess she posted that "wrap" picture to throw the audience off. But yeah, this looks great. Glad Allyson seems to be getting more to do!
  5. Kills has definitely grown on me as a title. Feels very 1980s slasher. They're taking a breather after the Nov. 8th wrap. Rumor is they're filming in January for Ends but I really don't know. They did say they're taking a small break to look at the footage and such.
  6. Filming officially begins for extras in Wilmington tomorrow. They've already begun some preliminary filming (they've been filming here and there the past two weeks), and the main cast officially starts on Monday, September 16th. Should get tons more news soon.
  7. Eh, not really. Every "returning" character, for sure, isn't owed anything but they're back because they were already established in the original. DH, to me, don't get me wrong - is a great actress. She's the best parts of all of her films. However, fans have been feeling like she's owed a part in these films, when she just simply isn't - not when she was out there complaining about it like that.
  8. Because she's not owed anything and that's just blatant fan service. Oh, let's not forget the fact that she doesn't even know that H'18 doesn't include H4 lol. Oh, and the fact that she complains about it. She should have just reached out like Kyle Richards did.
  9. HALLOWEEN '18 is absolutely not without flaws, but i still personally loved it. From Green's direction, to the performances, to the characters (even if Allyson is absolutely underdeveloped), it's 100% my favorite sequel - and I adore the original. They're taking over the Swamp Things sound stage in Wilmington, NC and filming starts on September 16th! Exciting!
  10. This surely won't make the October 16th date. Whether it's delayed or moved or not. Not only does it not even sound appealing for that time of month or year, Halloween Kills releases the same day. That's a hot IP right now. G.I. Joe, certainly is not.
  11. HALLOWEEN '18 was incredible. Super excited to see where they go from there with these characters!
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