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  1. With how box office has been, I don't see the cases as the only reason. This easily could have gone to Peacock after 17 days (if it premiered under 50M) or 45 days if it did, ensuring that they maximized their box office potential while also allowing those who couldn't see it to catch up not long after. But it is what it is.
  2. It's quite frankly frustrating to watch people make such a hissy fit (on both sides) about overall consensus when there's literally only what, sixteen reviews counted so far? Considering HALLOWEEN (2018) is at 79%, anything in the mid to high 50s, or 60s is beyond great for a film that completely goes all in on the slasher front.
  3. What in the fucking hell Universal. The reviews are not the reason for this, the film has scored off the charts in screenings, and genre fans love it. This was worked out before that. I just... Wow. I guess.
  4. Website has a bunch of teasers/footage. Really cool how the actors state the exact time you're watching them too.
  5. More curious about how HALLOWEEN KILLS will do compared to Venom. Was absolutely wild to see how the previous entry was on Venom's OW heels back in '18. It's obviously going to drop, but horror has been doing pretty well in the pandemic. And from all accounts, the film is seems to be a huge crowd pleasure so WOM should be really strong for it. Trailer views are not that great, but I'm not sure if Universal has really kicked off the marketing just yet. Should start this week, I assume.
  6. It's a genre film through and through. It's very much in that camp, horror thriller, slick B-Movie territory, so it's going to be fine regardless of reviews. It knows it's place, and it does it very well. People that aren't fond on the ending probably aren't fond of those kind of movies in general.
  7. Really, really enjoyed this. Practically flawless for me, but it does veer to the silly territory in the last act, and is definitely not for everyone. If you can't suspend your disbelief there, the movie will fall apart. 8/10. Could be a sleeper-hit if marketed right.
  8. It is 10000% Dune: Part One. Which is why they should have already filmed Dune: Part II. It will be so stupid if it doesn't get greenlit, and the film will only live as a potential of what the second film could have brung. My only major overall issue with the film (again, I still really liked it!) is that the entire 2:55 seems like set up. Set up for something that might not even come to fruition. 😕
  9. To be fair I was running off a few hours of sleep! BUT!!! I did also say that though it managed to be really un-investingly slow at some parts, it managed to get me invested in the story and characters by the end, which I think is a big achievement!
  10. There's going to be a big difference in reaction from people who have read the book, and people who haven't. People who have are obviously going to love it, it sounds like a very great adaption and that they succeeded. But it is a LOT of info, film, and world building for those who aren't particularly familiar with it, and I'm not sure if it really succeeds in hooking the viewer.
  11. Happy to see it getting good reviews. Definitely interested in watching it again but... man, if Part II is not made... this film is truly just set up for a sequel.
  12. Hmmm... TDS and I were at the same screening. I'll say this. I overall liked it. I watched the big documentary on the DUNE film back in college, so I had a bit of background context. But I absolutely wish they would have shot Part II and released it six months from now because... I have a feeling it might not be made, and that is unfortunate. While the film is painfully slow at some points (and I am one that enjoys slow burns, but man...), I did end up being invested in the characters and the story by the end, which is when it seemed to get started for me. I
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