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  1. Amorphous

    Wednesday numbers

    How is that a bad thing for a slasher film in 2018?
  2. Amorphous

    Halloween (2018)

    Everyone seems to be loving it for the most part. REALLY confused about some of the complaints when the same could be said about the original.
  3. https://deadline.com/2018/10/halloween-record-opening-weekend-box-office-1202485871/ Tonight’s forecast doesn’t come from Universal, so there’s asterisk as they could come in higher or lower by the morning. Showtimes started at 7PM. We heard that the David Gordon Green-directed sequel at one point was tracking at $8M around 6PM, then popped up to $10M after 9PM. Still even if Halloween is in the high single digits at $8M-$9M tomorrow morning, that’s amazing for a horror movie considering that New Line’s The Nun hit a Conjuring universe franchise record back on Sept. 6 with $5.4M. Arguably, the next best horror movie to fare well in previews after It was Blumhouse’s own Paranormal Activity 3 which cleared $8M on Oct. 21, 2011; and that was just from midnight shows. Without a doubt, the Malek Akkad-Bill Block-Jason Blum produced title is easily headed to its best opening in the 40-year old franchise, beating 2007’s Halloween ($26.3M) and it’s poised to be the biggest opening for Blumhouse, besting Paranormal Activity 3 ($52.5M). True, genre fans are a front-loaded kind of crowd who show up first and then disappear the rest of the weekend, but Halloweenis playing like a blockbuster given its multi-generational pull. The drawing power for many is Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her legendary role as Laurie Strode for the first time since 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection. If Halloween follows the gross pattern of It and The Nun, its Thursday will rep 25%-27% of its opening day which would be a $37M-$40M Friday (including previews). Saturday would dip 10%, which would put the second day around $33M-$36M. Sunday would fall roughly 40% from Saturday making it $19.8M-$21.6M, putting the entire weekend between $89.8M-$97.6M. Again, that’s if Halloween plays like It or The Nun.
  4. Caught it at the world premiere at TIFF and just got out of a 7 pm showing at Disney Springs. Audiences ate this up hard. Lots of clapping and cheering. Some big praise and lots of chatter after. As for me? I loved it. It was completely full and so is the 10 pm showing that I am in now.
  5. What's everyone's final predictions? I'm predicting $83 million OW.
  6. https://pro.boxoffice.com/weekend-forecast-halloween/#comments Industry-wide traditional tracking has followed in line with our initial long range report two months ago, citing expectations of a debut north of $60 million. Our average models had increased to $65 million in recent weeks, with an eye toward outperforming that figure as the buzz wave has continued to build. For example, Fandango reports that advance ticket sales for Halloween have already surpassed The Nun‘s total sales generated through Thursday before its opening. We bullishly think Venom‘s recent October record debut of $80.3 million could be within reach based on current momentum and an expectation of strong walk-up sales, with a ceiling perhaps approaching the nine-digit level — although that’s certainly on the more optimistic end of a widening forecast range. Conversely, Universal expects north of $50 million. Actual Prediction: $80,000,000
  7. Absolutely not, but Insidious is nowhere near the name brand that HALLOWEEN is, nor does it have a huge star like JLC in the front lead. It'd be incredibly disappointing if it only managed to do $67m domestically overall.
  8. Yeah, domestically The Last Key numbers would absolutely be horrible.
  9. Does anyone have any idea on how pre-sales are going?
  10. HALLOWEEN really could go one or two ways. It could "under perform" from projections and gross just under $60m, or it could skyrocket this week and gross upwards of $70m. Will be an interesting weekend ahead.
  11. Even though I caught it at the World Premiere, i'm seeing it twice opening night, and once every day of the weekend LOL!

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