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  1. It's not. The date is in the description/on the site. They most likely didn't include it in the trailer to give themselves leeway if it needs to be pushed/delayed.
  2. Word of mouth will be what really keeps this film going, as well as a longer theatrical run.
  3. I mean, there was no date given at the end of the tv spot, so they could theoretically hold it as long as they can if theaters open in August/September mostly.
  4. They only have a month and some change to promote this movie, seeing as there's no promotion out at all. Guess the theatrical window will be shortened if they keep the release date.
  5. In other news: https://deadline.com/2020/05/jamie-lee-curtis-halloween-endemol-shine-bbc-studios-1202932214/ "What makes this virtual event so special? Well, both Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis will be taking part, along with special guests including John Carpenter, Jason Blum, Judy Greer, James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle!? - Per Bloody Disgusting.
  6. Laurie is HALLOWEEN's box office in many ways. Without her, H18's opening wouldn't be NEARLY as huge as it is. I'm sure the studio has kept that in mind.
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