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  1. To those expecting that it would trend higher than Halloween Kills and open better than Scream 3 unadjusted for inflation: Please stop complaining about the Scream 5 number. With COVID still raging and coming off 4 that flopped 11 years ago, this is still a solid number. It only costed $24m compared to the last two which had budgets in the $40m range.
  2. I'm predicting that number for its OW. I hope it's selling better than ITH.
  3. Is that good or bad so far for it? I hope it's not a flop like DEH and ITH.
  4. Thanks for the info. How do you feel about West Side Story's box office potential?
  5. @WrathOfHan also a good comparison for DEH is Cruella (both PG-13).
  6. @el sid was right on target of Copshop flopping. All the new releases flopped.
  7. @el sid When you do Cry Macho comparisons, please compare them to Those Who Wish Me Dead, Reminiscence, and Malignant. As for Copshop, I'm thinking it will open at $3m OW at best.
  8. Great guess for ER2. However, SJ2 did not have any previews. If it did, I would have guessed somewhere around $3m.
  9. Thanks as usual. What are your weekend predictions based on these sales so far?
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