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  1. Thanks for doing this. Anything on A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?
  2. Thank you both for letting me know. Both aren’t the type that are PS monsters but I’ve seen some full capacity for Friday and Saturday previews for KO and assuming strong WOM, it should help its BO. Beautiful Day is one of those films that will do better in walk ups but I can’t see more than $20m ow (unless it gets a Midway-type surge) and there’s a chance FvF will be #2 that weekend.
  3. Regardless of how much it opens, thank you for all you do @keysersoze123!!
  4. If Rush could make it to $65m, I’m sure it will make it to $100m overseas. However, I agree the more, the better.
  5. @keysersoze123 How is A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Knives Out tracking?
  6. If it’s like DF (without previews) with much better WOM, I’m thinking it will be closer to 29-30
  7. Should be a 11.5m weekend, which will lock it for $100m. October is weaker than last year, which will help its legs.
  8. How is pre-sales looking for Hustlers? I'm hoping for 30+ OW with all the positive buzz and reviews it's been getting so far.
  9. Despite Elton John's popularity, Bohemian Rhapsody benefitted from a friendlier PG-13 rating, and a Star is Born had well more-known stars such as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper than Taron Egerton and Richard Madden. Even if it was going to be released during Oscar Season, it would do much worse with tougher competition. The summer release date is still good. If you want to take about bad release dates, it's Ma. While the OW is decent especially for that low budget, it definitely should have opened on Mother's Day (it probably would have opened $25M+) and push Poms or The Hustle and Brightburn to Labor Day Weekend. I think Child's Play would have opened much better either this weekend or last weekend instead of opening very close to Annabelle Comes Home (5 days before it? #ByeFelicia)
  10. Playing to an older audience does indeed signal a strong run for it. The next two weeks should be kind to it.
  11. How's it looking for Rocketman? Hoping for a good Sunday drop.
  12. Hoping for $300m worldwide but $100m overseas is still awesome. Any predictions?
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