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  1. I dont know where you get that from. Not that many asian actors and actresses make them big enough in holywood for people to care about to make comments. Plenty of good looking people on tv shows, they just dont make headlines. And nothing unrealistic about peoplr making comment that he is not good looking. Plenty asians are more handsome than simu, from all walks of life.
  2. First thing my friends say seeing the trailer is why they have to pick and sland eyed guy to be the lead. Stereotyped much? Lol. We are asians btw.
  3. I think Zack Snyder can definitely make a good monster movie. Actually i think he would excel in the genre. As much of a fan as i am of him, he tends to have limited conversations for his characters and who would speak less than godzilla and co. Also, imagine the action scenes, as long as the slow motion is kept to minimal, his monster films would be something to behold.
  4. damn you Northern Beaches. All my friends from other states have cancelled sydney xmas this year :(.
  5. Hard not to start a flame war by dropping some negative comment without valid criticism or explanation? So I would ask what is abysmal about the trailer? The movie could be a stinker and it might as well since there have been leaks on reddit and not favourable reactions but trailers being abysmal is not really fair comment.
  6. I lived in sydney then melbourne and sydney again. Melbournians always take a swipe at sydney if they have a chance. Take this melbourne lol.
  7. I thought it it was only 350 student trial at first, ANU and U of Caberra.
  8. We may never get a vaccine. Are we going to not go to the movie ever again? The virus is not that serious to certain age groups.
  9. Vietnam was more about quarantining as soon as you have suspicion about just any focus group and we moved very quickly in isolating people coming from overseas at early stage. We closed school since lunar new year and only reopend just this week. I do feel it was over kill having done that for a long time but i guess it was very effective lol.
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