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  1. I mean even if no one is available, stark would have told pott a lot about how he cared about Peter, and or even Happy would have. And judging how real billionaires in our world can just do anything, i doubt that peter couldnt just go to Pott and say can you do something about the situation lol. Didnt Stark go to MIT too? But the first person he thought to ask is some wizard to do a spell.
  2. I know the movie is great but anyone thought that the premise of this movie would have been solved a lot easier if it was real life and Peter really knows all the as powerful and influential as the avenger lol. And had he not messed with Strange spell, things would have been a lot easier and simpler.
  3. I was actually trying to make a point for you as in spells can erase everything. Your argument is just making it harder for the movie to make sense. A spell to erase everything, does doctor strange even know the depth of where the data is stored to erase everything lol? But other point about why people do not film anything on the platform for so long because the books started without phones good enough to film anything and database not as intertwined as modern civilisation. The last film was when our phones werent good enough to film proper HD movies. It was the year iphone 4s came
  4. Harry potter actually shows that when you do the spell, it erases everything. Herminone did that spell on her parents and we were shown all the pictures got erased.
  5. And people dont go to the movies on the mel cup. All eyes would on the horses and people party during and after races.
  6. this is no where near the level of DC RT low but now marvel fans get to know the sinking feeling that DC fans have had for almost a decade haha. And this is exactly what DC used to ask for MoS, how a middle of the road review tends to be rotten haha.
  7. Hopefully they allow fully vaccinated people to go to the movies. I have already missed out on Suicide Sưuad in cinema :(.
  8. I sure hope so. Vaccination is great under way here but we wont know for sure how each state approaches thr reality that opening means surge in cases despite high vaccination rates. We are still very much of the mindset of covid 0. We will have to wait and see :(.
  9. I dont know where you get that from. Not that many asian actors and actresses make them big enough in holywood for people to care about to make comments. Plenty of good looking people on tv shows, they just dont make headlines. And nothing unrealistic about peoplr making comment that he is not good looking. Plenty asians are more handsome than simu, from all walks of life.
  10. First thing my friends say seeing the trailer is why they have to pick and sland eyed guy to be the lead. Stereotyped much? Lol. We are asians btw.
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