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  1. Agreed about Bower. Even though I read the book almost 10 years ago, I can still remember how tense it was when the book shifted to Bower (and Bev's husban, which has been taken out of the story here). But I guess, it is long enough already, so the change is warranted, just as how a lot of the story lines from the book are omitted here. I understand the complaint that the movie feels long, and I was influenced by that while watching the movie, but if you are to fairly judge it, you cannot in my opinion cut anything down more than it has already been trimmed. Someone from the other thread mention Endgame as a comparison and it is a really good comparison. Despite It 1 being only 2 year's old, I would bet a lot of people would struggle to follow who is who if not the first act, and the intertwining of the past and present (my friends who watched the first, took sometime to realize all the characters). So that is essential to be that long. Endgame while being a good movie, feels pandering with a lot of their past scenes, but as MCU is a culture now, I guess it is a good thing, compared to it being slow and boring for It 2.
  2. What has one got to do with the other? Point for taking shot at 2 fanbases at once? Or two regular movies that dont deserve your snark? Ok, terminator deserves it a little, since so many different but the same rehashes. Joker on the other hand never warranted such low expectation.
  3. Shay strike again, last time was "statistically smart" and now "script cannot be mathematically good with more characters" lol.
  4. If she truly believes she supports the police, can you really blame her? It is her belief, and you have yours. Chinese government this or that, brainwashing or not, there are chinese (a lot) that do like the system they live under. Keep calling it a regime a bit much.
  5. Thats why i chose my words carefully. You just seem negative in general and sometimes more so with WB movies, as WB movies don't really set themselves up for a lot of support from people.
  6. Well, people wanting to see Snyder cut atleast makes sense. People blaming sony just because they are not getting to see SM in MCU is crazy.
  7. It might work, it might not. We have not seen the movie, but the consensus has been part 1 is perfection, then we should not split it any further. Besides, if we really separated the kid and adult stuff, I would say it would not be it, it would then work as a normal horror movie with a group of adult. It might be a great movie, but it might not be a great finale. Anyway, I am seeing it opening day lol.
  8. The book is long, and the adult bit is structured in the book to be complemented by the kid bit (like Viewer said). Here the kid stuff was separated out and made into part one, so it will always be difficult to make part 2 coherent as part 1, since the kids did not need to be reminded of anything, things just happened. From the reactions, part 2 seems to try to fill in the void by more scares and if people enjoy horror, just decent scares and love part 1, i think this should do well.
  9. Early reactions are always the same. Case in points, every movie ever, most recently Lion King. And what is so bad about Pikachu, it is still fresh on RT. It is not its fault it could not overcome the EG pressure. I don't think people are that much biased, you are just easily swayed.
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