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  1. I never saw the animals in TJB as real animals. I mean letting them speak with human voices already take away the illusion that the movie is trying to portray real animals. But i do agree live actions is better medium to bring magical creatures to life, but because we wont have benhmarks for those in real life. Movie makers can go wild. Also this photoreal tech may work better with cats and dogs. People already imagine their pets doing emotions and stuff. Emotions wont be an issue hence.
  2. How? The only one that has been good is Cinderella. I have seen Aladdin, it is ok, but cant say it is better than the original. The jungle book is better maybe, but because i do not like the jungle book animation.
  3. That just means you already like realistic animals and hence you are pre disposed to like the new lion king, doesnt mean it is cringeworthy.
  4. Again, someone has pointed this out before, but what is so realistic about lions hanging out with other species, not ripping their throats out. Also realistic that a lion conspires to dethrone other lion not using brute force. They are made with human traits, that's not people's fault that they expect to see associative expressions, nuance and such. Too soon to call this beating the dead horse, but my cats are more emotive that Simba lol.
  5. It is refreshing to see really. It is delusional for Snyder's crowd but it is totally justified for this. I am totally serious. lol.
  6. It goes both ways, same for all live action remakes, or CBM's for that matter. Known materials have fanbases, and of course there will be people that are apprehensive of new approaches. The bigger the fanbases, the bigger the love, and the more amplified the criticism may sound. And I think they know that coming into making remake or live action's. Just in the case of Disney, things feel a bit personal from the defence.
  7. Not like Aladdin is anything spectacular, but I watched it and it was a crowd pleaser. Will Smith was Will Smith, but he had its own emotional beat, dare I say it was actually what held the movie together. Everything else was flat, but it had will smith blue genie. Lion king will not have that, or like TJB has Mowgli to divert the attention away from all too realistic animals. Anyway, we will see how the GA reacts next week.
  8. Maybe Disney has earned it, but still, you don't see this much defending for movies from any other studios (maybe except for James Camemon's movies on this site), gosh.
  9. It is so close to 70 now. Please creep up the final 1% just for the sake of it lol.
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