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  1. This is not being done any favor in Aussie land. Second week and i went to buy tickets only to find there were 3 sessions on Saturday at major theatre chains.
  2. Well because it is exactly what you said it is. It is a psychological thriller with tincy horror element, acting mostly as call back to the shining and sometimes to help the plot advance. I have not watched the movie but I read the book, and it is rarely horror, rather intense. Stephen king has moved away from straight horror, for his last few books.
  3. Not good at all, i went on sat to one of the nicest hoyts in one of the busiest centre in sydney cbd and the entire front row was empty.
  4. Joker finally traded the certified fresh for a blown out second weekend lol.
  5. I think at this point, anything coming from the media is just noise, nobody cares anymore. Anything will have been thwarted by insanely good word of mouth. If any impact it would just be people being confused with the constant negative view on such a good movie recommended by everyone. All the people on the fence will drive late demand haha. Before you know it, WB gonna do 10 DC movies a year. All their surprise hits have been DC, WW, AQM then now this.
  6. As many days as it takes for End Game to get award recognition. Not that it needs it but still.
  7. It would have sounded more genuine and objective coming from someone else. And we need to stop acting like revisionists every time a DC film breaks out and people are all like they saw that coming from miles away. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the most recent example. Or just simply Joker which everyone laughed at at inception, a film nobody needed or WB lost it way.
  8. It would be WB's wildest dream that Joker made close to 800M. Not impossible but still I don't think they expect that much.
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