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  1. noname

    Romania Box Office

    One more question and that will be it is I read that in the 90s post-communism era their were one or two films that had one million admissions in Romania because ticket prices were lower, but is it possible in a few years their could be a another film that has one million admissions in Romania?
  2. noname

    Romania Box Office

    It seems like 2018 has been a good year for superhero movies in Romania with Infinity War then Venom and finally Aquaman being the highest grossing in Romania. What do you except for each of the superhero movies in Romania this year 2019 to potentially gross in LC?
  3. Brazil expected to OK Fox-Disney deal without divestment According to Bloomberg Via SeekingAlpha.com Brazil is expected to approve the Disney Fox deal without requiring to sell assets but with behavioral remedies and approval could happen as soon as Jan 30. when they come back from year-end recess.
  4. I plan to check this out on cheap Tuesdays.
  5. I have to say this and this might also piss off some X-Men fans, but I am excited to see this as the last X-Men film and will see it in theaters and saying goodbye to the 2000-2019 era, but I also want to say that I am also a Disney shareholder who voted in favor of the Disney Fox merger and I am glad the X-Men and Fantastic Four are coming home.
  6. I posted this in the Brazil forum this is important:
  7. Apparently, Disney/Fox is facing antitrust hurdles in Brazil because of Cable sports issues:
  8. noname

    The Lion King OS Thread

    I wonder if this will break out in Africa just like Black panther did?
  9. Good news China is set to approve Disney Fox deal:

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