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  1. IW China was $65mn. USA $60mn. It is surprising.
  2. Unless WOM is trash, Sunday ain't going below ¥200mn. 😏
  3. Thing is Previews look to be going that high, but I wanna still balance 307.
  4. It was. It is. It will be. Just need a good WOM
  5. Updated prediction Previews: $69mn Friday: $76mn Saturday: $89mn Sunday: $73mn Total: $307mn
  6. Since I can increase Previews number to $70mn now, I can afford a $5mn less Sunday now in order to maintain $307mn weekend.
  7. Unless WOM is not in favour, Saturday is locked to be above OD.
  8. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. $50mn Incoming. $70mn previews incoming.
  9. Mods. Grow some humor. @iHeartJames is crown jewel of BOT.
  10. @Deep Wang 33 people are waiting from Australia, India, UK, USA. Basically every fucking timezone just because you posted that GIF. Hit us hard with numbers. @iHeartJames please help persuade @Deep Wang
  11. Deadline. Someone posted it here.
  12. IW 60 TFA 105 TLJ 85
  13. Holy shit. 4x La Larona on Sunday. That's $20mn in simple math. I am taking only $8mn. $115mn Approx pre-sales till Sunday.
  14. Post link of story. If you still wanna, upload screenshot at http://postimg.cc Copy direct link and paste.
  15. Yes. Don't take seriously though. Atleast as of now.
  16. Where did they mention it. And BOI said it sold only 5 lac tickets. lol. ffs if BMS is selling 1mn, PayTM & Ticket New would be around 0.7mn atleast.
  17. FF8 1.7mn admissions on 19k shows A:EG shall do 3mn on 35k shows. ¥175-180
  18. Maoyan Prediction 187 547 436
  19. Avengers: Endgame Friday Delhi NCR 85.8% (605 Sh) Mumbai 67.4% (735 Sh) Pune 73.0% (327 Sh) Bengaluru 82.3% (299 Sh) Hyderabad 94.1% (209 Sh) Kolkata 91.4% (159 Sh) Ahmedabad 58.6% (152 Sh)
  20. 3D is still popular in Asia I guess. Atleast in India it is. 3D shows sells much faster than 2D. Anything above 2D is just great.

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