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  1. Ne Zha USA release 29th August. Will release in IMAX 3D.
  2. Well, I thought Infinity War was second 😛
  3. Avengers: Endgame Final 390 Million. Next up: Titanic count.
  4. I won't take UAE admissions seriously, not sure about Hollywood, but for Bollywood these admissions they release are basically estimated from Gross reported. May be for Hollywood it's actually admissions tracked and not estimated.
  5. Middle East boxoffice is basically about GCC. For Bollywood films; GCC account for 95% of Middle East box office. In GCC UAE account for 50-70% of boxoffice depending on star's film. Usually Khans have around 60% from UAE, while SRK that goes to even 50% as he has bigger reach in GCC than others
  6. Continuing with my earlier answer; its distribution that need to change. There is an Indian film in Mojo's top grosser list, Monsoon Wedding, it did poorly in India, not even half million dollar, iirc. It was film made by American studios with Indian actors, something like Slumdog Millionaire. Another is The Lunchbox, which grossed $4.3mn, without diaspora watching that film. The distributor was Sony Pictures Classic, so that managed local audience traction, had a good 30 weeks run iirc. https://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=lunchbox.htm Not only USA, but also other parts of world where Indian films are not usually released at that scale. So if Lunchbox managed to do that; Dangal could do much much better.
  7. Change TA with Endgame. Nothing Changed.
  8. He's pretty huge everywhere, just doing shitty films from last 5 years. His last decent word of mouth film did $5.4mn in 2013, which was 2nd Highest that time.
  9. 16-18 August 2019 Estimates Mission Mangal: $1.3mn (263 locs) // $1.5mn cume Evaru: $250k (96 locs) // $355k cume Batla House: $190k (78 locs) // $215k cume
  10. All Time Highest Grossers 1. Baahubali: The Conclusion: $22 million approx 2. Dangal: $12.392 million 3. Padmaavat: $12.165 million 4. P.K.: $10.652 million 5. Baahubali: The Beginning: $8.75 million approx 6. Bajrangi Bhaijaan: $8.187 million 7. Dhoom 3: $8.14 million 8. Sanju: $7.91 million 9. Bajirao Mastani: $6.599 million 10. 3 Idiots: $6.533 million
  11. UAE Week 34 (15-18 August) Mission Mangal: $690k OUATiH: $625k Dora: $550k Hobbs and Shaw: $475k ($7mn cume) Batla House: $350k The Lion King: $8.8mn cume Wilad Rizk 2: $700k cume Blue Elephant 2: $600k cume
  12. Answering for Indian films; They don't care/dream bigger. Indian films don't even try catering to non-diaspora audience, and when you are targetting only limited diaspora audience, numbers will be limited as well. A film like Dangal, 3 Idiots, PK, Baahubali 2, My Name Is Khan, etc. could have done well with non-diaspora audience, if they had planned it. On other hand, they do try, not intentionally for China, and result is in front of us. There are atleast 10 films over $20mn in China while only one in USA, and that too can be attributed to ridiculous high tickets rate of $30 plus during weekend.
  13. That's some bull-shit. Ne Zha is doing whatever it is doing, not because of Zero-Sum game but a fucking 9.6 Maoyan score for a local biggie. If BO was zero-sum game, we would not be looking at just 1-3 billion dollar films next year, when there will be 8 this year.
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