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  1. Few chains in India cancel show under 5% occupancy or so. Personally had Coco show cancelled since I and 3 other folks were only one there.
  2. I mean AQP2 got away doing that, think a trailer/promo opening ticket sales will do. In fact I think Hollywood do overkill in marketing. 1.5 month of marketing is more than enough. Release a trailer a month before and voila.
  3. 10-16 June 2021 TW Title WIR Week Total 1 De Slag om de Schelde 2 €622,401 €1,243,206 2 The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It 1 €337,105 €522,722 3 Bon Bini: Judeska in da House 27 €322,184 €1,296,483 4 Nobody 1 €193,470 €397,679 5 Spiral: From the Legacy of Saw
  4. Demon Slayer sold 804,079 units ($49.57M) of Blu Ray and DVD on first day of sales in Japan breaking the record of Frozen. BD Limited Edition -268,490 BD - 201,895 DVD Limited Edition - 115,499 DVD - 218,195 Total - 804,079 3 days sales 1,074,170 units ($63.22M). Opening Day Box Office - ¥1.268B ($12.03M) Home Media - ¥5.783B ($49.57M) Opening Weekend Box Office - ¥4.623B ($43.86M) Home Media - ¥6.890B ($63.22M)
  5. I mean critics are people only, and now a days due to internet, critics are no longer largely old men they used to be. I will be going on loop here so will just end at that.
  6. Yes the $ did drop from Mal 1 for Mal 2, but that was more due to exchange rates. The admissions were quite normal drop from 1st one. In Europe's Big 5 (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), Mal 1 had grossed $104M while Mal 2 was just $78M (25% drop). In term of admits though, Mal 2 was 9.8M while Mal 1 was 10.5M, just 6% drop. Similarly in LATAM. Mexico lc$ gross drop of Mal2 was 16% of Mal1 but in USD 45%.
  7. Ultimately its audience reception that matters. Critics can say whatever they want (as @Jamiem pointed with 2 best examples), and hence my whole rant, stop feeding these guys. Let the audience/fans be first one to watch the movies, reviewers can watch just like all us do and then review (like it happens in India, and that is awesome). Studio spend on screenings, give them gifts, boost their egos, for nothing. Sure arty and niche films can get help from these, not the films which already have audiences. Its sad that we don't have a audience score metric in America as pre
  8. Most likely Delhi won't open cinemas in July so quite possibly it won't release there till July end atleast. Also possible that PVR and INOX don't release the movie considering they skipped Raya.
  9. 1. For record, I do think BW will be an average film. So I am not saying Menzel or for that matter anyone saying BW is bad is wrong. 2. What I said is that Menzel has preference for DC films (which is absolutely/perfectly fine, we all are allowed to have preferences). He has some weird (not matching me) takes like FB2 8.5/10, PoTC5 9/10, Captain Marvel 9/10. Due to these "I personally" won't be taking his views seriously. In my original comment I did named FFH as rotten and also mentioned that I actually agree with that.
  10. Yep I missed BP. So 3rd. In my defense I just looked as back as IW forgetting BP was in 2018. Anyhow, I wasn't being aggressive or being offensive there. Don't know what I said which demanded "stop this". All I said "many more quite odd takes, so not someone I will be taking reaction personally." Which was again in line of my previous post that, it is better to read the reaction with history of the person giving reaction in mind. That's it.
  11. The "agenda" (I am missing a word) in case of Mendelson is in his (stupid/biased) box office takes on Marvel and Disney, which is obviously fine, he is entitled to hold them, and so are we to call out those. I don't think I ever read any of Mendelson review of any movie, so it really doesn't matter.
  12. I feel like I need to disavow the word "agenda". It does come bit dramatic. Let's say personal taste/preference I guess. That's bit mild.
  13. Huh. So Scott Menzel guy has like 500 quotes. TBF he was quite brutal with his reaction. Though looking at his history, he does come as DC biased. Was rotten for SM: FFH (I sorta agree personally but general response around film and how he rate films otherwise not match up) and some how 8.5/10 for Fantastic Beasts 2, somehow Captain Marvel is 2nd best MCU movie he rated since 2017 after IW and many more quite odd takes, so not someone I will be taking reaction personally.
  14. Again you misunderstood me bro. I mean sure BW could be actually bad and that person is actually being honest. IDK him so I can't comment on that. What I meant was it is better to know the person before trusting his/her reaction. Like @lorddemaxus shared one reaction which was average one. I looked up other MCU reaction by that critic and her reaction matches with what I felt for those films, so safe to assume that her reaction is more likely to be truer for me than others. Anyhow this is going off, guess I should leave this thread for now.
  15. JFC, context of my comment was to check the history of critic with certain franchise, because sometime they just don't like that certain franchise. But I understand that may have came out wrong.
  16. TBH some of these critics have their agendas, some pro some against. That's why its better to check their history. If he is someone with against agenda like Scott Mendelson, well kudos to my fellow MCU fans.
  17. Even audience one really isn't going to matter much unless it's really great or really bad.
  18. Am not surprised at all. Saw it coming from trailer. My trailer senses are rarely wrong.
  19. Looked up her previous reactions, she seems good enough and not one of those salty fellas. Not surprised by this reaction personally though and much better read than all those "best best best".
  20. $1.3M WED? So I guess TUE wasn't discounted if it $815K. MTC 2 doing 20%, which is possible during weekdays.
  21. YAWN. Share the bad reactions if any. Otherwise all of them are basically same reaction for all films. They are all good. All exceed expectations. All of them have great performances. All of them are "One of the Best" or "the best".
  22. I guess that will impact it in that case. 2.5M is far away but then it needs like 17% weekly drops. With next week looking like may be under 10% drop, would have even even lowered requirement to 19% drop. Can't they just wait for few more weeks for VOD.
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