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  1. F9 opened with ฿54M ($1.6M) in Thailand. Full run may be ฿100M. Dune opened at ฿9M ($250K). NTTD total so far ฿52M.
  2. Shang Chi as on 24th October Singapore - S$6.9M ($5.1M) Indonesia - Rp54.77B ($3.83M) Thailand - ฿53M ($1.6M. Disney reported $1.5M) Malaysia - RM6.3M ($1.52M) Total - $11.93M These shall close around $13.75M. Vietnam and Philippines shall take it over $17M if open in time.
  3. Yeah very bad day. Added 23 reviews. 13 Fresh. 10 Rotten. (57%) Reviewers who reviewed Black Widow BW - 38/48 (79%) SC - 34/36 (94%) ET - 30/48 (62%) Reviewers who reviewed all 3 MCU movies SC - 34/36 (94%) BW - 27/36 (75%) ET - 24/36 (67%) Publications who reviewed Black Widow BW - 54/66 (82%) ET - 45/66 (68%) 48 critics reviewed both BW and ET. 24 liked both movies. 6 liked ET but not BW. 14 liked BW but not ET. 4 didn't like both. Yes. ET is ending in low 60s.
  4. Not great but the film will face local releases, so release will be hurt. In normal times, could have done $10-12M.
  5. Yeah all states are allowed to open cinemas. I think Sooryavanshi can open to ₹25cr+ on 5th Nov & leg to ₹180cr+ total. Eternals probably $5-6M. No Way Home should do $20M or so.
  6. Eternals Cineplex T-9 Days Calgary - 543 (8) Edmonton - 552 (6) Montreal - 1028 (8) Quebec City - 104 (3) Vancouver - 2083 (13) Victoria - 227 (3) New Brunswick State - 143 (5) Newfoundland - 115 (2) Prince Edward - 59 (2) Total - 4854 (50) 91% of Shang Chi in same theaters (Calgary & Endmonton Only) The other cinemas comp I have are for T-4 days i.e. 8019 in same 50 cinemas. Not an exact science, but Calgary & Edmonton grew 62% for SC in the 5 days. If others also grew at same pace, so almost par Shang Chi at sa
  7. Not my generation so I am gonna sit out this one. But thankfully since its YRF, there won't be Kajrare remake.
  8. Naa Naa. SC & BW are best comp, given some mental gymnastics. And I am sure whatever Sacramento tells on final day will eventually be the number. At this moment its dark magic.😁
  9. I am sorry that you are using 95.5% to adjust ON, but that was Pre-CoVID ratio. Currently entire Canada is more like 6%, ON may be 2.5%. However SC overindexed in Canada with opening day of $2.85M (9.7%). And then there was whole East coast underperformance for SC due to Ida. Then there's ATP adjustment to do of atleast 5%. It is coincidence and the good luck charm that Sacramento comp has that it somehow turn up being right to T. BW previews in US were $12.8M, 65% of those be $8.3M, adjusting for 5% higher ATP gives $8.7M, but IDA probably took
  10. I think its late enough to that stop mattering. Also IIRC Sacramento over indexed for BW.
  11. 👍 MTC2 looked like $3M OD, so not out of realm of possibility.
  12. I think (like to think) that last two weeks were sorta depressed by new releases being good sell in themselves for GA to put money on a movie weeks in advance. This week is rather soft and we are getting close to date. The BW comp MUST start increase in coming days.
  13. IMAX/PLF spillover. Overindexing in Canada, which holds better in weekdays than US but has smaller Friday bump.
  14. I love TLJ, my fav SW film but the film end with nothing excited to look for in future. Also I think TRoS tanked mostly because it sucked on its own.
  15. I know most of you think that reading reviews is no big deal but many of us don't. Please use spoiler tag if discussing reviews. Not a mod thing, just a request.
  16. The film is winner. It can have barely average legs in US and it will be still fine.
  17. 50% drop isn't guaranteed yet. I can see it drop 55-60% from this Monday.
  18. 3.2M NTTD as on TUE 17:30. I guess today ends around 3.9M, adding 1.55M today. Thinking 13M final sales, and 37-40M OD.
  19. Can follow the comparison here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRdBLcMlBbASk8R6I6uOoHeBuAX9dFuiRPlTOBT_hNji3pxogLxPkyVW8iQ9h6LF_N_D1MDBJ-YFRss/pubhtml?gid=2061380030&single=true Reviewers who reviewed Black Widow BW - 21/29 (72%) SC - 21/21 ET - 20/29 (69%) Reviewers who reviewed all 3 MCU movies SC - 21/21 BW - 14/21 (66%) ET - 15/21 (71%) Publications who reviewed Black Widow BW - 37/46 (80%) ET - 35/46 (76%) 29 critics reviewed both BW and ET. 15 liked both movies. 5
  20. Eternals Harkins T-10 Days Format Shows Capacity Sold % Sold Gross ATP Normal 189 48,739 1,084 2.22% $12,731 $11.74 Cine 1 16 4,818 1,274 26.44% $19,643 $15.42 Cine Capri 4 1,782 87 4.88% $1,239 $14.24 IMAX 2 890 226
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