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  1. Yeah somewhat close but that guy had a nose and not rectanglish face. La Luna father is more similar but I think I have seen somewhere else too.
  2. not able to recall which other film has this man.
  3. Panama/Central America another 5.5M for a total of 71M in 12 markets. $272M. There's another $4M reported by Disney giving total LatAm a total of $276M, so 72M admits. Mexico - 34% BR - 27% Rest - 38%
  4. These are two I use -
  5. Eternals Spider-man: No Way Home Luca Shang Chi French Dispatch Encanto Mission Impossible 7 Dune A Quiet Place 2 Raya and the Last Dragon
  6. Tomorrow's holiday of some kind, so not sure if Saturday will grow as normal. Probably 30-35M OD, may be even 40. Weekend 120-200 depending on score.
  7. Pixar does three original films after a while and all three messed by COVID. Really really sad. Especially for Onward, which was catching steam before COVID cut it short.
  8. Melbourne Central was one. The Xtreme Screen shows were almost full and they are huge. Other was Blacktown.
  9. Demon Slayer sales are huge in 3 theaters I checked. May be $400K OD. Donno how it will trend, but if normal may be A$2M weekend.
  10. Well none of us here actually watched it or Chinese film have any significant presence on Western social media to see if they are received well. Only refrence is Maoyan and Taopiaopiao score, which were crazy good on day 1 after crashing in following days. Besides we have seen many many local comedies which work only with locals making ton of money. So despite finding the trailer awful, I still couldn't assume that this will get bad reception. Not helping was the fact that trailer of DC1 and DC2 were bad too.
  11. May be term I was pointing was longevity of the event. Theatrical release give weeks of feel of event. OTT release is weekend and done thing mostly. In fact can be made from Netflix shows and weekly approach. Stranger Things is probably biggest show currently. But Netflix dump it all in once approach means it's peak hype last just a week. While something much smaller like Wanda Vision is getting much longer span of hype.
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