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  1. Mary Poppins Returns - $350M Aquaman - $285M Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - $190M Bumblebee $130M The Mule - $80M Holmes and Watson - $70M Vice - $65M Mortal Engines - $45M Single Act - $35M Welcome to Marwen - $25M We still don't information on how wide Once upon a Deadpool will play so I'm not gonna bother with it.
  2. Can we stop saying that its tracking for $100M+ until we actually see the tracking? Anyway, IN worldwide, OUT domestically.
  3. Its still 8 months away from release. Why would it be finished?
  4. It still has Italy and South Africa left to open, and with the crazy holds its having overseas $600M is basically locked. I'd go as far as to bet it'll also pass $650M.
  5. Polar Express was released 14 years ago and had far better drops than what The Grinch is having. In addition, December this year is going to be a whole lot more competitive than 2004, especially for screens and theaters. So really its a terrible comparison. Looking at recent comps for November animations that opened before Thanksgiving (Big Hero 6, The Peanuts Movie, Trolls, The Star), $260M-$270M looks like the best case scenario. Currently I would bet on $245M.
  6. Any early word on how the Lion King trailer is received in China?

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