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  1. So from what i can take, the remake is just a copy paste of the original but with a fresh coat of paint. also wish i had commented this weekend. this would have been approperiate
  2. Only Pixar movie that i can call outright bad is Cars 2. Mater is an obnoxious character, which is fitting since Larry the Cable Guy is obnoxious and unfunny. Spies stuff is lol that doesn't even need to be there. That would be like Toy Story 5 involving a supervillain who wants to take over the world.
  3. This world record thing is just weird sometimes. Like the dude with the longest nails. How do you manage to live with those things?
  4. Hate to admit that i have not seen any of the classic 90s Disney movies in years. I should do it. I still have a VHS somewhere
  5. Dark Phoenix and Fan4stic: Box Fox comic book movies that underpreformed and had bad reception among critics and fans and that got in 2nd place to other sequels. They also collapsed in its 2nd weekend. What do they have in common?
  6. Since this weekend is dead, let us celebrate the one year anniversary of the best movie of 2018 Sadly critics put the hit on it no doubt ordered by Disney since this was ready to show Incredibles 2 whose boss.
  7. Not surprised, when i went inside to see the mib, the theater was empty. i think there was like 10 people there. Place was so quiet you can hear a pin drop.
  8. Sorry to say, but this movie is forgettable. Tessa and Chris seem like a good duo but they are stuck with a blandish movie that it isn't all that funny. No wonder the Box Office is not doing to well this summer. The movies are really not up to snuff. Besides Endgame, Wick 3, Detective Pikachu, and Aladdin there really isn't that many entertaining blockbusters but even then Pikachu i liked was cause i was a fan of the franchise.
  9. Yeah yeah Endgame is not beating Avatar. yeah we know. The most embarrasing thing is an X-men movie getting trashed by Aladdin which mind you is in its third weekend. Apparently street rats are fireproof.
  10. Will anyone still care about this movie when it comes out? It has been delayed so long that any sort of hype for it must have died down by now.
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