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  1. What the movie needs a epilogue where Buzz punches a dipshit for talking shit about him being a coward.
  2. Yeah and they ask us the meaning of whatever random philosophy Ye olde English gibberish that comes out of hamlet's mouth. All and all, these classes do their best to make Shakespeare seem completely boring as shit. At least i remember seeing that weird Leo Dicaprio Romeo and Juliet movie so that was kind of cool i guess.
  3. Can we really spoil Hamlet though? On that note. Schools go and make us read Hamlet instead of showing the play being played and then they wonder why half the class dislikes it.
  4. With movies like that, no wonder Nicolas Cage is doing nothing but trash action movies that go directly to dvd or netflix. Heard Mandy is apparently cool though.
  5. Only Pixar movie that i can call outright bad is Cars 2. Mater is an obnoxious character, which is fitting since Larry the Cable Guy is obnoxious and unfunny. Spies stuff is lol that doesn't even need to be there. That would be like Toy Story 5 involving a supervillain who wants to take over the world.
  6. This world record thing is just weird sometimes. Like the dude with the longest nails. How do you manage to live with those things?
  7. Hate to admit that i have not seen any of the classic 90s Disney movies in years. I should do it. I still have a VHS somewhere
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