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  1. I just got back from the cinema and I gotta say, I was shocked and disappointed that Grindelwald wants to kill Dumbledore. He was so cold when he was saying that. It was the biggest shock for me. Bigger than Leta's death. My mood was very bad after this scene, and for the rest of the movie. I thought he was Dumbledore's friend or something. He felt remorse for his actions and respect (?) toward Dumbledore in DH. Now I know it wasn't love, or friendship. He just respected Dumbledore, because he defeated him. And I think he felt nothing toward Dumbledore before he was defeated. Dumbledore: "We were closer, than brothers" - well, maybe just from his point of view. I wasn't surprised about Queenie switching sides. I didn't like her in the first movie. There was something very suspicious about her. But maybe I'm wrong. If she was under the Imperius curse at the end of FB2... Leta - I was surprised when she died. Sad moment. Really. Poor girl. But she acted like true Gryffindor (my opinion). But yeah, not all Slytherins are bad. That's true. The film was great. Depp was the best, IMO. And I loved Jude Law as Dumbledore as well. Credence is Dumbledore's brother ? I don't know what to think. Is it true, or a lie (Grindelwald's manipulation) ? Honestly, I hope it's not true.
  2. Maybe it's because of Grideldepp's (Depp's) presence in the movie. Some critics make unprofessional reviews. They're supposed to judge his performance, not his private life. But I don't want him to be replaced. He's perfect Grindelwald.
  3. Ohh, that's too bad. That's exactly what I want (darker and darker movies).
  4. Oh, I am so happy! Everyone was disappointed by Depp's casting, and now... ? They say he was amazing/great/perfect/overwhelming. Very good! 👍
  5. Well, I watch FB mainly because of Grindelwald and Dumbledore and their story. But I don't mind Newt and others.
  6. Hmm...🤔 Alfonso Cuarón ? Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite.
  7. You did your own research ? Okay, believe Amber if you want. But bear in mind, that you believe someone, who was arrested for abuse in the past and who abused Depp. Amber is the one, who doesn't deserve the career. And you call him a piece of sh.. . Shame on you, Amber's fan.
  8. (Sorry for my English, but I'm too angry to take grammar seriously) I'm really disgusted by HP fandom. Some people in it are annoying bullies. They're bullying Johnny Depp, David Yates for no reason. They say that Johnny Depp is a terrible choice for playng Grindelwald, they say that the movie will be terrible, because of David Yates. Yates did some things wrong in HP movies, but that doesn't mean that the FB movies will be bad. I liked the first movie, and I think that FB2 is even better !! And about Johnny Depp: I read all pages of this thread. Excuse me, but you are bullying him for no reason. You started to make judgments, before the trailers were released, before the second movie was released (on first fan-screening), because of Amber Heard's lies (the allegations), and because you THOUGHT it was a bad choice to cast him. I'm not a fan of him (but I think I will be, after the movie), but I don't like when people are bullied for no reason. The people who haven't see the movie yet: How do you know it was a bad choice ? I don't care about some unprofessional critics, who hate him, and critize HIM, not his acting. I don't care about their reviews. Once again, I'm disgusted. I'm a huge fan of the HP series and FB series, but the fandom is terrible, full of annoying bullies. (Yes, my English is messy now, I know)
  9. Have you seen the movie ? Depp's performance ? If not, don't criticize.
  10. You see 60% on RT, here it is 57% (Europe). How is that possible ?

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