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  1. Given the series' track record on that front, that's a pretty strong possibility. Connery, Lazenby, Dalton, Craig-none of them were A-list or the obvious choices when they were cast. Brosnan probably qualifies too, seeing as bar Mrs. Doubtfire, his career went downhill after Remington Steele got canned. In my view, anyone who's currently attached to a major blockbuster franchise or has been attached to a franchise in the past ten years in a major role, and/or anyone with an Oscar nomination, should be disqualified from consideration. Which rules out Hiddleston, Elba, Fassbender, Hardy, Firth, Madden, Hemsworth, Radcliffe, Egerton and Ejiofir. Personally, I'd pick Jack Lowden.
  2. https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a28105578/bond-25-rami-malek-addresses-filming-trouble-daniel-craig/ Apparently, Rami Malek's already shot some of his scenes.
  3. According to Empire, it's Kaminski. Weirdly enough, IMDb doesn't have anyone listed as a cinematographer. As for potential replacements for Kaminski, I'm drawing blanks. It can't be Deakins or Lubezki, because they're pro-digital and Spielberg's pro-film. Maybe van Hoytema or John Schwartzman.
  4. I'm still waiting for the live-action Black Cauldron reboot, though I may be alone there. As for Dark Phoenix, the trailers didn't 'catch' my attention or curiosity enough, and the reviews are just hammering it home. I'm sorry to say I'll be sitting this one out, and probably waiting for Feige to reboot it free of all the taints (especially Singer).
  5. For me, definitely. Bear in mind I need to see more movies (that's not an insult towards this film, but more aimed at my own budgetary limits).
  6. Just Mercy's scheduled for January 2020, and I've nothing about plans for a limited release before then.
  7. West Side Story's budget will most likely be only half that of Mary Poppins Returns ($130 million) at the most (I'm thinking $40-55 million range), so if it does as well at the box office as Returns did ($172 million domestically, $177 million overseas, $349 million worldwide), it'll be performing a lot better. And a source material about gang violence and Latino race relations doesn't sound that dated to me.
  8. Dahl also wrote the screenplay for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which was also based on an Ian Fleming novel and produced by Albert Broccoli (and that's not accounting for Gert Frobe-Goldfinger himself-as Baron Bomburst).
  9. I feel bad for him, breaking the ankle. I also hope that this doesn't affect shooting too much and that Craig gets to end his time on a film that's at least repeatedly watchable (the same cannot be said for his predecessor).
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