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  1. Having seen the trailer, my money's on her getting a Razzie nomination just for that godawful accent.
  2. I'm not adding anything until I fill in a few of my own blind spots (I have Always on Blu-Ray, though I've yet to watch it, I just rented Empire of the Sun and Hook is on Netflix).
  3. "Is this claim credible?" is what I'm asking, and what I'd like to know first.
  4. Hopefully Reeves and Pattinson will do better (not that that's a slight against the other two films in the trilogy). I feel it'd be too on-the-nose to have Maguire show up in this film just because Raimi's directing it, so hopefully it's no more than speculation.
  5. I wonder if they're going to make her his daughter in this one too?
  6. Kravitz looks great. I checked out a couple more photos and Turturro looks to be sporting scars on his right cheek.
  7. Oh for God's sake, what are those tools whinings about now?
  8. There's probably a joke in here about the failure of Mulan, but I can't find it.
  9. Fingers crossed for a Steven Zaillian screenplay.
  10. There's a sadistic side of me that's looking forward to the wave of mass disappointment from everyone currently losing their shit over the Tom Hardy rumours when/if (likely when) the new James Bond is revealed and it isn't Tom Hardy.
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