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  1. I didn't see it in front of Aquaman. Then again, I don't think they show the same trailers in Ireland as they do America.
  2. I didn't say that. I said that his score was divisive (personally, I found it bland, forgettable and unoriginal). I agree with you here. Maybe Yoko Kanno?
  3. The problem that many DCEU fans had with that was that it looked like laziness on Elfman's part-why recycle music from a different Batman instead of remixing Zimmer/XL's work? I understand that the lack of prep-time on his part, given Justice League's turbulent production, may have been a factor, but it doesn't excuse ignoring the work of Zimmer and XL or trying to create something new. Given the reception to his work on Justice League, I doubt he will too. You're right that the theme from the Nolan films can't be used in this-they're separate continuities, which is why I don't want to hear the '89 Bat-theme in The Batman, or John Williams's leitmotifs for Superman in future DCEU films. Let them create their own thing. And Giacchino didn't put in the Elfman Spider-Man theme to Homecoming. He used the original Spider-Man theme from the 1960s cartoon.
  4. Sounds like a good idea. You don't need an R-rating to make a good mystery film (or at least an entertaining one).
  5. Campbell was asked about this in an interview and said he'll only come back to the franchise if it's the first film for Craig's successor. It seems he's only interested in doing the first film for each new actor's run. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/1709990/what-would-bring-goldeneye-and-casino-royales-director-back-to-james-bond
  6. You know what? Even if it sinks, I'll go see it. I'm pleasantly surprised that people who've seen it are loving it. And if it does flop, that's not the end of Alita. It might be successful on DVD/streaming.
  7. Not great: Cold Pursuit, What Men Want, Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral, The Prodigy, Happy Death Day 2U & Miss Bala Great: Isn't It Romantic, Five Feet Apart & Where'd You Go, Bernadette? My pick: Star Wars Episode IX, Wonder Woman 1984, Bond 25, Birds of Prey, The French Dispatch, Top Gun: Maverick, Avatar 2, Knives Out & Gemini Man
  8. A $400 million total, with the break-even point being around $375 million at least, isn't particularly impressive, even if it's no flop.
  9. None of those four are big A-list stars (Waltz hasn't done much of note since Spectre; Connelly hasn't done anything noteworthy since Noah and given her commercial track record, I doubt she was ever an A-list star; Ali may only be recognised among a smaller group of people; and Michelle Rodriguez's name isn't strong enough to carry a film to success, e.g. Widows).
  10. With The Lego Movie 2 coming out the week before Alita and How To Train Your Dragon 3 the week after, I'm doubting it'll make its budget back domestically.
  11. Birds of Prey is apparently going to have a budget well below $100 million, owing to the R-rating, so it doesn't really need to compete as hard with Bond (and for this one I pray there isn't any overspending like Spectre).

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