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  1. There's a sadistic side of me that's looking forward to the wave of mass disappointment from everyone currently losing their shit over the Tom Hardy rumours when/if (likely when) the new James Bond is revealed and it isn't Tom Hardy.
  2. And the rest of the Internet is deluding themselves into thinking Tom Hardy's just won the job for some reason despite that story coming from The Daily Express and The Vulcan Reporter. How about we don't discuss Craig's potential successors until this film is in cinemas?
  3. If she can win an Oscar for The Reader, of all films, she can still be in the running for Ammonite.
  4. I wonder if it has a chance at surpassing this record, or would that be overestimation?
  5. It grossed $327.3 million from a $33 million budget and was the seventh (heh) highest-grossing film of 1995. Fight Club is the one that flopped. And The Game. And also Zodiac.
  6. Driver's reportedly set to join Scott's Lady Gaga-led Gucci murder film. I think it's safe to say they liked working with one another on this film.
  7. Yeah. Catch Me If You Can is part of my own "top 10 Spielberg films". And, honestly, that whole 2001 - 2005 period was great (even War of the Worlds and The Terminal have their moments, and honestly they're redeemable).
  8. Last night was Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood. I've never seen or read Macbeth, but from what I know of it, Kurosawa did a great job transporting it over to samurai-era Japan. Toshiro Mifune gave a great performance as a samurai going mad with power and obsession with the prophecy, bolstered by the performance of Isuzu Yamada as Asaji (the Lady Macbeth counterpart), Washizu's cunning wife. Asakazu Nakai's cinematography is also breathtaking, making great use of mist, fog and light. It was also very engrossing - I don't think I felt bored at any point watching it. 9/10.
  9. It's probably not a good idea to jump into this release model straight away with this film. We've no idea right now if Mulan could end up becoming successful this way, so it's best to wait and see what happens. In addition, if it does fail, Disney has the resources to shake it off easily. If a Mulan-type release fails for this film, MGM wouldn't recover nearly half as easily (heck, it might not recover at all if No Time to Die ends up losing money).
  10. The Untouchables (1987) - Yes, it's as historically accurate as Braveheart, but it was still pretty fun and entertaining (and also violent). Ennio Morricone's score is beautiful and memorable (as to be expected from Il Maestro), the costuming and production design are splendid and sumptuous. De Niro (as Al Capone) makes for a terrifying villain, Costner's alright as the clean-cut hero, and Sean Connery does a damn good job as Malone. The Sting (1973) - Holy cow, is this one a heck of a lot of fun. Robert Redford and Paul Newman work really well together (shame they didn't get to do more films together), the production design and costumes are incredible (I've no idea if they shot on location or on sets, but if it's the latter, it looks a lot like the former), the music (even if anachronistic) fits the tone and style of the film really well, and the twists and turns keep it from being predictable.
  11. The Impossible (2012): The visual effects are amazing considering the modest budget, and it's buoyed by great cinematography and production design Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland are incredible (there's a good case to be made that Holland should've been Oscar-nominated for his performance) It's also really bloody and intense, and really pushes the limits of the PG-13/12A rating (it helps that it's light on swearing) The direction is really strong (I can see why J. A. Bayona was hired for Fallen Kingdom) Overall, one of the best films I've seen in a while, and proof-positive that Tom Holland can act 9/10
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