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  1. The best thing about those new posters is the part that says "Music by Harry Gregson-Williams".
  2. It's a makeshift one, but I imagine she won't get the 'proper' costume until later (maybe the end of the film, maybe the second one).
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing Margaret Qualley join in the future.
  4. I suppose the good news about this is that now they don't have to worry about finding a new financing partner before Bond 26.
  5. Having read the article, No Time to Die will likely stay in theatres if the MGM/Amazon deal goes through.
  6. Spielberg's had a few of his films premiere at Cannes*, so it wouldn't be too surprising if WSS became the latest. (*The BFG, Crystal Skull, The Color Purple, ET, Sugarland Express)
  7. The Mark of Zorro - 9/10 Lady Vengeance - 8/10 Byzantium - 8/10 The Italian Job (1969) - 8/10 The Company of Wolves - 7/10 White Hunter, Black Heart - 9/10 Prevenge - 7/10 Sleuth - 10/10 The Collector - 8/10 Clockers - 7/10 The Devil Wears Prada - 8/10 Frenzy - 7/10 The Year of Living Dangerously - 7/10 The Others - 8/10 Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 9/10
  8. Poster doesn't look too bad. Hopefully the trailer delivers.
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