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  1. It's been a while since I saw Skyfall, but I don't remember anything about M giving Silva a code-name. I always assumed he created his alias himself. I'm pretty sure Barbara Broccoli vetoed making the codename theory canon years ago, and I strongly doubt she's going to intentionally do anything implying it is true. So I'd treat whatever actor replaces Craig as playing the exact same guy as Craig did.
  2. She's a totally new character who happens to have been promoted to 00-status after Bond retired and got his old number. That's pretty much it. Barbara Broccoli's been pretty adamant about keeping Bond a man for some time now, and I think Rachel Weisz and a couple of the former Bond girls have said that they think Bond should stay male too.
  3. I doubt it personally, given Barbara Broccoli's recent rebuttals of the 'female-Bond' idea.
  4. Nolan v. Cameron will probably be 2023 at the earliest, considering Nolan's recent work-rate and the scheduling of the Avatar sequels. 2020, however, is shaping up to be one hell of a directors' bar brawl-Nolan vs. Spielberg vs. Fincher vs. Wes Anderson vs. Villeneuve vs. Fukunaga vs. Zemeckis.
  5. I was wondering if he would or not, and that his denials were just trying to throw people off.
  6. We got a composer: https://www.indiewire.com/2019/07/bond-25-composer-dan-romer-cary-fukunaga-1202154760/
  7. Johnson ought to remake The Snowman outright. Even if people don't like him, he's bound to do a better job than the Fassbender one.
  8. Given the series' track record on that front, that's a pretty strong possibility. Connery, Lazenby, Dalton, Craig-none of them were A-list or the obvious choices when they were cast. Brosnan probably qualifies too, seeing as bar Mrs. Doubtfire, his career went downhill after Remington Steele got canned. In my view, anyone who's currently attached to a major blockbuster franchise or has been attached to a franchise in the past ten years in a major role, and/or anyone with an Oscar nomination, should be disqualified from consideration. Which rules out Hiddleston, Elba, Fassbender, Hardy, Firth, Madden, Hemsworth, Radcliffe, Egerton and Ejiofir. Personally, I'd pick Jack Lowden.
  9. https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a28105578/bond-25-rami-malek-addresses-filming-trouble-daniel-craig/ Apparently, Rami Malek's already shot some of his scenes.
  10. According to Empire, it's Kaminski. Weirdly enough, IMDb doesn't have anyone listed as a cinematographer. As for potential replacements for Kaminski, I'm drawing blanks. It can't be Deakins or Lubezki, because they're pro-digital and Spielberg's pro-film. Maybe van Hoytema or John Schwartzman.
  11. I'm still waiting for the live-action Black Cauldron reboot, though I may be alone there. As for Dark Phoenix, the trailers didn't 'catch' my attention or curiosity enough, and the reviews are just hammering it home. I'm sorry to say I'll be sitting this one out, and probably waiting for Feige to reboot it free of all the taints (especially Singer).
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